187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard Review: best skateboard wrist guard

Skateboarding requires a lot of preparation. It takes a whole lot of gear to prepare you for a skating ride. It is even more necessary if you are looking to become a pro-skater. The importance of your security is paramount. One such gear for skating safely is the skateboarding wrist guard. These gears protect your […]

Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels Review

With the steady rise of the appeal of skateboards, the need for quality skateboard wheels is also on the need. The performance of the skateboard largely depends on the wheels. Skateboard wheels also reflect the personality of the skaters. So, if the wheel you are looking to buy has a look you want, purchasing the […]

Simbow Skateboard Backpack: Best skateboard backpack

Backpacks for skateboarding are very convenient gear for skateboarders. As skateboarding is on the rise around the world, so are skateboarding backpacks. These gears allow you to take the necessary things that you need to carry around while skating. As many people use skateboards to go to and from school and work, a backpack is […]

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet Review: The Best Skateboard Helmets

Skateboarding, like all sports, places a high value on safety. Helmets for skateboarding are similar to cricket gloves and guards. Skateboarding is all about having a fun time, but protecting your head will allow you to enjoy yourself even more. The greatest products on the market provide the best and most comprehensive protection. After reading […]

Best Skateboard Helmets for Skateboarders, Roller Skaters & Bikers – A Comprehensive Guide with Reviews

Skateboarders need to have the best skateboard helmet. Helmets shield your head in the event of a fall from your board. Even though you may not be performing any crazy tricks, even a slight fall can cause serious damage. For safety reasons, many competitions and skate parks require that riders wear helmets and pads. It […]

Best Skateboard Wrist Guards To Protect You From A Bad Fall – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best skateboard wrist guards are one of the essential protective guards for skaters today. The paramount importance of safety for the skaters has led us to look into the skateboard wrist guards. Buying the best wrist guards for your skating can be a very hard job. The purchase can be an important purchase because […]

Best Skateboard Wheels: A Comprehensive Guide for Skateboard Junkies!

Skateboard has been a part of our culture for the last half a century, so are the best skateboard wheels. Skateboarding is a healthy and cost-effective sporting activity that should be focused on and promoted more. Today we will discuss the most important part of skateboards: wheels. We have selected the best-rated, highest-reviewed products and […]

Our Reviewed Top 11 Best Skateboard Backpacks can Serve Much More than You can Imagine!

Skateboarding is on the rise again, so is the need for having the best skateboard backpacks. The craze for skateboarding is not just limited to America anymore. It has gained a fanbase all around the world. Thanks, largely to the pop culture and movie references. Imagine Marty McFly without his skateboard! See, now, this image […]

Best Skateboard Wax for Sleeker Looking Skateboard!

Best skateboard wax is a necessary product all skateboarders. We all know that, skateboards and roller skates have had a revival in recent years. Due to the constant need for environmentally sustainable transportation, and health concern that has come up in the recent years, the skateboard and roller skate craze is here to stay. We […]

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