Best Skateboard Helmets for Skateboarders, Roller Skaters & Bikers – A Comprehensive Guide with Reviews

Best Skateboard helmets featured

Skateboarders need to have the best skateboard helmet. Helmets shield your head in the event of a fall from your board. Even though you may not be performing any crazy tricks, even a slight fall can cause serious damage.

For safety reasons, many competitions and skate parks require that riders wear helmets and pads. It is imperative to pick the precise size and make sure it fits correctly. You have many options, but you won’t be adequately protected if the skate helmet doesn’t fit properly.

This article will discuss what to consider when you’re on the hunt for a helmet to ensure you can choose one that will work best for you. Even the best skateboarder will hit the ground at some point, and pavement and concrete can be a disaster when you crash into it at high speed.

Today we’ll review our selection of the highly-rated skateboard helmets on the market in the present. We’ll leave it up to you to cherry-pick which is best for your style of skating. We also incorporated a comprehensive buyer’s guide so that you make an informed decision and buy the best skateboard helmet yourself.

So, let’s take a ride into the world of helmets for skaters!


Best Skateboard Helmets: Our Top Picks Reviewed

These are the top picks our researchers have put together after considering experts’ opinions and users’ experiences.  You will surely find the most suitable skateboard helmet for you from this collection.


Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight Skateboard Helmet is dual certified, as the name implies. The helmet meets CPSC and ASTM safety standards. Moreover, the ABS shell is surrounded by an inner layer of impact-absorbing foam EPS foam, allowing it to absorb serious shocks. It is, therefore, the most secure and best skateboard helmet.

Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet- Best Skateboard Helmets

Triple Eight Skateboard Helmets have a matte finish. The helmets also come in a variety of colors to make them more attractive. Triple Eight Helmet can be used as a multi-sport helmet, such as skateboarding, biking, and roller derby.

Proper ventilation ensures that this dual-certified skateboard helmet is always fresh. The ASTM-certified helmet also features a sweat-saver liner that keeps out moisture and odors.

Proper moisture management and heat control make longer rides more manageable. You don’t even have to stop drying your hair every now and again when you wear this dual certified helmet.

An adjustable chin strap is available with a side release buckle. There are many sizes to choose from, including extra small and extra-large. This helmet should fit most head sizes.


  • Meets CPSC Safety Standards for bicycle helmets
  • Fulfills ASTM safety benchmarks for skateboard helmets
  • Durable and lightweight ABS shell
  • Impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Professional skateboarders love the matte finish
  • Also perfect for biking, scooters, BMX, roller derby, and commuting
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Few users had problems with fitting

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Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skateboarding Helmet

Pro-Tec boasts close to fifty years of experience as a trusted manufacturer of protective gear.

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skateboarding Helmet is one of the finest skateboard helmets on our list. This helmet is one of the cool skateboard helmets available and can be used for any sport. It has an ABS shell for high-impact that can withstand severe shocks. It has been tested to meet modern safety standards.

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skateboarding Helmet

This Pro-Tec Classic Helmet is unique in its design and looks. It comes with 11 air vents that keep your head cool and has compression molded pads.

Adjustable straps can be fastened with buckles. This allows you to modify your helmet to suit the size and shape.

You can get it in different sizes and bright colors, so it’s a great choice for kids.

Pro-Tec has been around for almost 50 years. Pro-Tec is a top skateboard helmet brand. So, you can therefore trust the product’s quality and reliability.


  • High-impact ABS shell with certified EPS liner
  • Meets ASTM F1492 standards
  • Additional padding makes it easier for you to adjust the head size
  • Young skateboarders can easily keep their balance because of lightweight
  • Adjustable strap with secure locking buckle
  • There are many colors to choose from
  • Proper ventilation makes it useful for casual cycling


  • The scratches are more visible due to the matte finish

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Punisher Skateboard Pro Series 13-Vent Helmet

The Punisher Skateboard Pro Series Helmet is a complete product for skaters. It’s among the most stylish skateboard helmets, primarily because of its style. This dual-certified helmet is backed by essential protection standards and can meet your skating and biking requirements.

Punisher Skateboard Pro Series 13-Vent Helmet

Punisher Helmet is equipped with 13 air vents of cooling, which makes it ideal for long rides. Furthermore, the ABS shell is compliant with ASTM F-1492 and CPSC-1203 standards that allow extreme head protection and impact absorption.

The helmet is available in vibrant colors and has a metallic finish protected by a UV-protected sticker to stop color fade. This means that the helmet will keep its style, appearing fresh and shiny throughout the day.

Good skateboard helmets always provide size adjustability. With its versatile chin strap as well as three-heat sealable padding that can be removed, this helmet is suitable for every head shape. The chin straps have been designed to easily slip on and off.


  • Dual certified; conforms to CPSC & ASTM standards
  • Bright colors and UV protection will keep the trendy look
  • Doesn’t wobble and fits well on the head
  • Three-heat sealed removable pads for a perfect fit
  • ABS shell and EPS Impact Absorption Liner
  • Easy Turn-Lock Strap Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Straps which are adjustable


  • Inner lining separates from the outer shell after some time

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Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Helmet for Skateboarding and Roller Skating

The Sweatsaver Helmet by Triple Eight is a stylish and well-known rubber helmet available in two top colors and EPS hard foam. It also comes with Sweatsaver Technology. It’s designed to stand up to any type of impact and fit perfectly to your head.

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Helmet for Skateboarding and Roller Skating

The version of Triple Eight Helmet, which is made of sturdy foam, has been CPSC certified and can be used in other sports, like cycling. This product was designed specifically for those who are into daily freeride. It is a terrycloth eyeliner that helps wick sweat away and keeps it from dripping onto your face or into your eyes.

Furthermore, it’s well-ventilated, and absorbed sweat disappears, and doesn’t create any unpleasant smell.

It is worth noting that the shock-absorbing hard rubber will eventually crack due to the impact. If any impact occurs, it will be less effective for future impacts. Do not worry about it, as you’ll be in good hands to go out on your bike/skate. In addition, this Triple Eight Helmet has been designed to be a multi-impact safety helmet, which means that, in the event of multiple spills, the helmet will still protect your head.

Be sure to select the appropriate size when you purchase this product. Overall, it’s an easy and adaptable safety device with a multi-impact design designed for long-lasting use and fulfills every expectation.


  • Advanced multi-impact design
  • ABS outer shell and stink-free
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Triple eight personalized logo rivets, with a Sweat-saver liner inside
  • Great ventilation to keep your head cool
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • 180-day limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Not tested under CE, CPSC, and ASTM standards
  • It cannot be used as a bike helmet

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JBM Skateboard Helmet for Multi-Sports

JBM Helmet is designed for multi-sports such as skateboarding, cycling, BMX biking, and inline skating. You can rely on this brand in terms of security since it is a CPSC-certified helmet and can absorb all types of impact without breaking.

JBM Skateboard Helmet for Multi-Sports

JBM Skateboard Helmet has adjustable straps and three sizes. You can manually adjust these straps and the side buckle if the size is too loose or tight, and you can skate comfortably.

Its capabilities to resist impact with anti-shock functions are worthy of mention in this article. It also shows how serious the company ensures your security. JBM helmets are made of the high-quality hard shell, robust and tough PVC and PC, and EPS foam lining that safeguards the head against direct hits and effectively absorbs impact.

Overall, it provides a fantastic ventilation system thanks to an aerodynamic design. It has numerous air vents to ensure the proper flow of air throughout your ride.


  • Great for outdoor sports lovers
  • Impact-resistant outer shell
  • Tough and durable PVC & PC, EPS foam
  • Proper ventilation system with multiple vents
  • Breathable foam and aerodynamic design keep you cool
  • Also suitable for Inline Skating, Roller Skating, Cycling


  • The straps must be handled with care, otherwise might break

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Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

The Razor V-17 Helmet was designed for younger skaters between 8 to 14 and is used for cycling, rollerblading, or skateboarding, among other sports. 

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

The younger skater will be enthralled by the variety of colors and designs that these helmets are available in, ranging in bright colors to satin pink and satin orange, as well as geo black gray and blue, and even lucid red. You might find that your child is most likely to put on their helmet when they buy one of their favorite colors. Also, you’ll be pleased to know it’s affordable.

The Razor V-17 features 17 vents on its sides and top of the helmet, meaning you do not need to worry about your kid being overheated all day. The straps of this skateboard helmet are adjustable, along with release buckles making it easy to apply to put the helmet off and on.

It’s a tough helmet and appears quite comfortable, making the helmet more likely to stay in place. It is also in compliance with CPSC standards to guarantee security.


  • Perfect for kids and teens; for ages 8 to 14
  • Cool skateboard helmets for youths
  • Ergonomic interior padding brings comfort
  • Side release buckles with adjustable straps
  • Enough top and side vents for ventilation
  • The multi-sport helmet complies with CPSC standards


  • It might be slightly larger for kids aged 8 or 9

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Retrospec Dakota Skateboard Helmet for Adults

If you value certifications and safety standards, then the Retrospec CM-1 Classic is the perfect skateboard helmet. The model is approved and certified for skating, biking, and skiing. These standards include STM F2040-11 ASTM F1446, CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, EN 1077, and EN 1078.

Retrospec Dakota Skateboard Helmet for Adults


The outer shell of the Retrospec Helmet is constructed of ABS top-quality material. The head protector inside is made of EPS foam. There are two pads you can use in succession for maximum safety and to adjust the size.

Eight vents are present that ensure optimal cooling on hot summer days. Properly regulated ventilation ensures that it stays fresh and dry, and you don’t need to dry-squeeze the helmet’s interior layer.

This classic commuter helmet has an ebony finish that provides it with an elegant and fashionable style. Additionally, it is available in different shades.

It’s made for people over 14 years old, which makes it a great product for professional athletes. There are three sizes to pick out from, which means it can fit the majority of adult heads.


  • Multiple certifications make it a safe choice
  • The interchangeable pads improve the longevity of the helmet.
  • Eight air vents to provide optimal cooling within
  • ABS shell surrounding high-quality EPS foam
  • Accurate measurements and size precision
  • Available in various sizes and colors


  • EPS foam lining makes fitting harder for people with bigger heads

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Flybar Skateboard Helmet

The Flybar Dual Certified skateboard helmet is safe for various sports, such as bicycling, longboarding, skating, and many other sports. This stylish helmet comes in various sizes, styles, and colors.

Flybar Skateboard Helmet

In addition to being fashionable, It is secure. It comes with a foam liner that will ensure your head is protected from the collision. The helmet also has foam inserts to increase comfort and a hard outer shell.

The straps can be adjusted, giving you the perfect fit every time, as the neck strap is cushioned for added comfort. The skate helmet features 12 vents that help keep you cool and prevent sweating that results.


  • Suitable for multi-sports activities
  • ABS plastic shell & EPS foam liner
  • Available in 9 different designs and colors along with 3 sizes
  • 12 wide stylish ventilation holes
  • An adjustable dial
  • Features an adjustable spin dial on the helmet’s back


  • Not certified
  • Issues with the straps fraying

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OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

Protecting your head is easy with an OutdoorMaster helmet. There is a wide selection of sizes available, and they have all the necessary certifications to guarantee service. For a low cost helmet, look no further than this.

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

The helmet is made of a plastic toughened ABS shell and an EPS foam lining. Helmets like this one are rather common in the industry.  Both materials are extremely robust and resistant to impact. Compared to fiberglass helmets, its production is a lot simpler. Lower prices can be attributed to the ease of production.

To go in or out, you have to push or hit the exterior casing with your hand, which is made of strong plastic. It appears to be just as solid as any other high-end ski helmet in terms of construction.

An array of metal rivets fasten this strap to your head with style! Chin strap with fleece-lined padding offers an adjustable back strap and chin strap.

Removable fleece mesh linings are found within the helmet. Several velcro straps secure it in position. A detachable, fleece-lined earmuff is included. A plastic tab allows it to be inserted into these helmets. The pads feature ample indentations for individuals who wish to wear headphones while skiing.

For drying and ventilation, this helmet features 14 distinct flashes. Fog is prevented from forming on the glass by the use of additional valves.

The glasses are held in place by an elastic clip on the rear of the helmet. In case the goggles slip, this helmet incorporates a button-holder to keep them in place.

It can accommodate a variety of different head sizes. On the back of the helmet, there is a dial that may be turned to make the fit even more snug. If the structure of your hair shifts over time, this will come in handy for you. And lastly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how comfy it is.


  • Fits most head sizes well and comfortably
  • Fantastic ventilation system
  • The pad does a good job of soaking up sweat
  • Materials for construction that are durable and sturdy
  • Remarkable resistance to impacts
  • Suitable for a wide range of sports
  • The smart mechanism for adjusting the fit
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for smaller head sizes
  • Does not fit oval-shaped heads well

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Types of Helmets

There are many styles and types of skateboard helmets. While you may be used to a standard helmet, there are many other options. Let’s take a look at all the options, so you are aware of the choices available.

  • Full-Face Skateboard Helmet: If helmet safety is your top priority, the full-face helmet is the way to go. Your entire head and face are protected, so you won’t be able to fall or smack your jaw. This is for those who enjoy more aggressive riding.
  • Youth Skateboard Helmets: You want to ensure your child’s helmet is as safe as possible. Double-check the helmet to make sure it is the safest skateboard helmet. Children can get hurt and fall, and no one wants to be that parent or loved one.
  • Leisure Skateboard Helmets: This helmet looks great while you’re skating. These helmets are lightweight and have more ventilation for racing. These can be more costly than other options, however.
  • BMX Biking Helmets: This helmet can be used for both BMX and skateboarding. You can choose between full-face and open-face styles. The full-face provides the most protection and is used for BMX racing. However, the open-face is more popular for dirt jumping or flat riding.
  • Mountain Bike Helmets: Skateboarders can also use a mountain bike helmet. A bike helmet are known for their high levels of ventilation, coverage, retention, and ventilation. These are great for downhill skaters.
  • Time trial helmet: A time trial helmet is another option if you’re into racing and going fast. This helmet is more aerodynamic, so you can race faster when the timer ticks.
  • Aero Road Helmets: These helmets are relatively new and fall somewhere between a helmet for time trials and a ventilated helmet. This allows you to enjoy a light helmet that allows for easy movement. These helmets are usually small in size.
  • Road Helmets: A road helmet can be used for multiple sports. It can be used for skateboarding but can also be used for bike riding and other activities.


Why Wearing a Helmet While Skateboarding Is a Must

Even if you’re a skilled skateboarder, each time you step onto your board, there’s a chance that you’ll be involved in an accident. There’s less control, especially when performing tricks or soaring through a vert pipe. Perhaps you’ve not fallen in years, and you shouldn’t be concerned about it now. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to ever occur. Protecting yourself from the abrasion of pavement or concrete is a simple thing to do.

People who ride more slowly or with less intensity should still wear helmets. It doesn’t require racing at high speed to fall, and an impact could result in serious injury to the skull. When you tweak a joint or break other bones that could cause pain, it can be healed. The brain can’t heal so easily; in fact, an injury to the brain often becomes fatal. So, your head needs maximum protection from impact, and a good bike/skate helmet protects your head.


Skateboard Helmet Buying Guide

It is vital to apprehend the pros and cons of each helmet on the market. However, it is equally important to determine the right helmet for you and how to go about choosing one. It’s easy to see what you might be looking at while you’re looking to buy a skateboard helmet. You are trying to find something that fits well, looks great, and protects your head.

When choosing the right skateboard helmet, there are many things you should consider. It is essential to ensure that your skate helmet fits well and that you are comfortable. Let’s take a look at all of these things so that you can easily make your choice.


Perfect Fitting

If you choose the right size, it is easy to get the perfect fit for your skateboard helmet. The skateboard helmet should fit snugly on your head and shouldn’t move while you’re moving. It may feel too small if it does.

As your child grows, the helmet will be larger. The helmet should be placed low on your forehead to cover as much of the head as possible.

A helmet with padding is also a good choice. The helmet won’t absorb the impact pressure if it doesn’t have padding. Foam liners will ensure a snug fit.


Accurate Size

If you don’t have any other preparations for buying a helmet, getting the right size is the most important thing. Even though it can seem difficult if this is your first time measuring yourself, it’s worth it. We’ll help you measure your head and get you the helmet that suits you best, whether you buy it online or offline.

The measuring can be done using a soft tape measure. Your tape measure should be wrapped around your forehead. The soft tape measure should reach above your eyebrows, ears, and forehead. It should be perfectly level from all sides. To do this, you might need the assistance of others. You can also use a piece of string as a measure. This will help you find the right size helmet for you.



The certifications from relevant bodies guarantee that your helmet will be safe from any impact if you bump your head. Without regulations, any company can sell you any helmet they want and claim it will protect your head, but it doesn’t. That’s why they are so important.

Different regulatory bodies have different requirements regarding helmets. The ASTM standard is the best for helmets. Other standards (CPSC, EN 1078) are excellent and will protect your helmet. The ASTM guideline is stricter and requires helmets to protect against higher impact forces as well as smaller impacts.

If you want to be absolutely safe, the ASTM certification for helmets is the best. Also, get a new helmet in case you fall or hit your head with one. Don’t use a damaged helmet.



We all get distracted easily by the sweat that drips down our faces while we skate. This can lead to a fall or loss of balance. To prevent this, ventilation is essential.

You should make sure that the skateboard helmet you choose has adequate ventilation to keep your head cool and help you focus on the task at hand, such as performing tricks or riding.


Safety Features

The helmet’s primary purpose is to provide maximum protection when necessary. Your helmet’s appearance will not protect you in the event of a fall. Make safety and construction your top priority.

Outer Shell Material: The helmet’s outer shell can be manufactured from ABS plastic, Kevlar fiberglass, or carbon fiber. A skateboarding helmet must meet the safety standards set by the regulators.

Padding: The helmet you pick must have padding in the shell, such as a foam liner. The helmet’s padding keeps you comfortable and ensures a perfect fit. The padding in the helmet helps to wick away moisture and provides extra protection in case you are involved in an accident.



Extra padding and the correct size helmet ensure a proper fit. However, retention mechanisms and straps keep your helmet in place. Straps are useful for keeping the helmet in place when skateboarding on uneven surfaces or while you’re eating and drinking between sessions.

There are many options for strapping, but the ideal option is to form a V-shape under the ears. The V-shaped strapping option is a common choice for skateboard helmets.

You will also need to have a retention mechanism in order to avoid distractions, especially if you’re riding at high speeds. You can adjust the strap’s length and lock or unlock them quickly with the retention system.

The quick-release buckle is the perfect choice for this purpose. This type of lock is standard on all helmets. Many helmets have an adjustment knob at their backs that allows you to adjust the strap length, so your helmet goes snugly on the head.


Color & Design

If you are picky about colors, look for helmet brands that offer many colors. We have listed multiple helmets with more than 10+ different color options. Most helmet brands usually come in only two or three colors.

Although helmets are branded with the brand logo, some can be fitted with more stylish graphics or neon-like features at an additional cost. They are available for purchase at a higher price.



We hope that this list has assisted you in your journey to find a brand suitable skateboarding gear. These helmets are only a few of the top helmets available in the market today. Keep in mind the various factors to take into consideration when selecting an appropriate helmet. If you’ve read it, our article should simplify the process.

Skateboard helmets aren’t meant to last forever, but they should last a fair amount. If you see wear and tear, or damages in your favorite helmet, don’t hesitate to get a new helmet. Remember, while a helmet might cost a few extra bucks, it does not mean it makes it better over a cheaper option. That’s why you need to know the details and features that make a helmet valuable. We hope to help you on that front. Also, you can write to us for more information (data rights protected by our privacy policy).

Happy skating!



How much do skateboarding helmets cost?

Ans: Depending on the certifications, materials, brand name, a skateboard helmet could cost anywhere between $20 to $500. Usually, most skateboard helmets cost between $20 to $100.

Is Triple Eight a good helmet?

Ans: Yes. Triple Eight Helmets are very good for general skaters and skateboarders. They produce superb helmets with multiple certifications, great materials, and cool designs. (Not as cool as Mohawk helmets, though!)

What brands makes the finest skateboard helmet?

Ans: Many renowned brands produce top-class skateboard helmets and other safety equipment and protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, hand wrists, etc. Among them, these brands are noteworthy: Pro-Tec, Triple Eight, Punisher, JBM, Razor, Retrospec, Flybar, etc.

What helmet does Andy Anderson use?

Ans: Mind Control Pro Helmet. It’s his signature brim-style helmet.

What type of helmet do pro skateboarders wear?

Ans: The majority of helmets are made to be used in a specific sport. If you’re a skateboarder, ensure that you wear the right helmet for skateboarding and not just a normal one. Pro-skateboarders focus on specialized skateboarding helmets. They are designed to suit the specific sport.

Professional skateboarders’ safety is the top priority, which is why they wear only safety-compliant helmets. While non-compliant helmets can be tough, however, there’s no guarantee that they will back the claim.

What’s the difference between bike helmets and skate helmets?

Ans: While they are often alike in appearance and form, skate helmets and bike helmets differ in many ways. Here are some of the most noteworthy distinctions:

Skate helmets are certified with the ASTM F1492 standard for multi impacts. Bicycle helmets have an ASTM F1492 and the CPSC for 1 high-impact force.
Bike helmets don’t have the same height as skaters’ helmets. They do not cover the forehead or the back of the head as much. It’s unnecessary because it’s rare for cyclists to fall forward or be hit with a low head. Skate helmets are more protective of the head.
Skateboarding helmets have more ventilation than bike helmets.

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