The Best Snowboard Gloves for Exceptional Performance on The Mountains

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While skiing or snowboarding, instead of enduring another episode of subzero temperatures and cold fingers, look for the best snowboard gloves for yourself.

Tucking your hand into a ski lift ball and then into your jacket for warmth during extreme sports is never a smart idea. However, when your snowboard gloves are worn out and your hands are chilly, you may be forced to take desperate steps.

Fortunately, our expert team has combed through many options and selected the finest snowboard gloves made for the mountain slopes, so you never have to experience another uncomfortable ride in frigid temperatures. Go through the reviews below to see the gloves best suited to your needs.

In addition, we have included a comprehensive buying guide to offer you expert buying advice to be fully informed when you shop without any worry.

Let’s get started!


6 Best Snowboard Gloves Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Good snowboard gloves are difficult to come by, unlike other outdoor clothing items. You may be dazzled by the possibilities. There are various factors and dynamics to consider, ranging from the material to the fit. Quality gloves must keep your hands warm while allowing you to move freely. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing your performance.

If you’re seeking the best ski and snowboard gloves on the market, continue exploring the top-rated gloves, and we’ll help you make the perfect decision.


VELAZZIO Breathable Waterproof Snowboard Gloves

The Velazzio waterproof snowboard gloves have been making waves for a while now.

VELAZZIO Breathable Waterproof Snowboard Gloves

The outer shell of this glove is a polyester shell. It’s DWR treated, so this waterproof shell repels water on touch. Because of this treatment, you cannot machine wash these waterproof snowboard gloves and periodically reapply a waterproof treatment. The palms are sticky PU with a porous surface that helps you hold wet objects like snowboard bindings. The fingers also provide an ergonomic pre-curved fit, which assists with gripping and moving objects.

Inside, there’s a 3M Thinsulate insulating layer, which is usually only seen on more expensive gloves models. This synthetic insulation retains heat well and is suited for sub-zero temperatures to keep your fingers warm. So, you can get active while wearing these waterproof snowboard gloves. A Fan-Tex membrane helps keep the dry performance between the outer shell and the insulation.

Another noteworthy feature is the huge zippered pocket at the base of these gloves. It can hold your keys and a ski pass. There are four sizes available, from size S to XL, along with two color options.


  • A buckle closure system that keeps the gloves attached with an excellent fit
  • Padded with powerful insulation to keep your fingers dry
  • Waterproof zippered pocket for convenience
  • Amazing build quality with waterproof Fan-Tex membrane technology, making them one of the finest waterproof snowboard gloves for highest performance
  • Highly durable leather palms with rubber dots for better grips
  • At a Bargain price and comes with a 30 day no hassle return, and lifetime satisfaction assurance


  • No touchscreen compatibility

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Tough Outdoors Ski & Snowboard Gloves

The Tough Outdoors snowboard gloves are an excellent choice for any beginner seeking basic hand protection. All of them are waterproof, fully touchscreen compatible, and come in various sizes.

Tough Outdoors Ski & Snowboard Gloves

The tri-layer construction of these snowboard gloves keeps water out while allowing airflow and comfort for the skiers. The outermost layer is a soft nylon synthetic shell that protects against water. A TPU breathable membrane and a tough-tech fill lining provide comfort and moisture wicking.

Synthetic leather covers the nylon shell on the palm of these gloves. Manufactured leather isn’t as durable and hard-wearing as real leather. However, it still offers some of the benefits of real leather without breaking the wallet. For example, the leather cover of these ski gloves makes the entire inside compatible with touchscreen. It also provides a good grip.

Here are a couple of other features. They come in 5 sizes, unlike some of the brands that only come in Small, Medium, and Large. Wrist loops are also an additional feature on these gloves.


  • Heavy-duty and durable but lightweight construction
  • A great option available in 5 sizes
  • Double layers synthetic palm for better grip in the extreme conditions
  • Waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and the warmest snowboard gloves
  • Fully compatible with touchscreen


  • No insulation or breathability feature

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BURTON Gore Tex Gloves for Men

The Burton GoreTex Gloves are a popular choice for people who desire optimum durability and weatherproofing from their snowboard gloves.

BURTON Gore Tex Gloves for Men

The high price of the Burton snowboarding gloves is due to the use of patented and unique tough material. It’s made of Burton’s Dryride 2 Layer fabric, Gore Tex insert, and Thermacore insulation. If it gets wet, it dries quickly, even in the gloves.

The palms of these Burton gloves have supple synthetic leather that is touch sensitive, allowing you to operate your phone with any of your fingers. The inner liner is removable and flexible, adding to the gloves’ overall comfort and breathability.

The two-in-one design of these men’s snowboard gloves is key to their market appeal. On the warmer days, you can wear only the inner fleece liner. It is four-way stretchy and thermally efficient. In the spring conditions, only the shell can go.

Both gloves are required on cold winter days, limiting hand flexibility but providing maximum comfort and warmth without excessive sweaty hands. If it becomes too hot, you can unzip the top to expel some of the heat from inside quickly.

These gloves require special care and cannot be machine washed or dried. They need to be hand cleaned and dried, which is difficult when on vacation. These men’s gloves don’t dry as rapidly as you’d want when washed, so don’t wash them the night before.

Another issue is the price. These are among the most expensive snowboard gloves on this list.


  • One of the warmest snowboarding gloves
  • Zipped closure for better thermal control
  • Fully waterproof and touchscreen compatible
  • Durable and tough construction with Dryride UltrashellTM 2 Layer Fabric on these Gore Tex gloves
  • Offers the most value for money
  • A two-in-one design with removable liner


  • A bit expensive

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AKASO Waterproof Ski/Snowboard Gloves

These snowboard gloves are made of Thinsulate insulation, making them one of the most durable solutions. The Thinsulate insulation is especially useful in cold conditions when the temperature dips well below freezing, and the last thing you want while snowboarding is cold fingers.

AKASO Waterproof Ski/snowboard Gloves

These gloves have a DWR water repellent coating. It makes them adaptable and long-lasting. With dry hands, the multi stretch fabric construction can be one of the major alternatives for greater durability and flexibility.

These snowboard gloves have a gripping palm design. Other brands merely improve palm grip sometimes, while the Akaso shape improves grip on the fingers as well. The large grip surface is ideal for driving or shoveling.

These glovescome with anti lost buckles. They attach, preventing users from losing them. However, when pulled, these little buckles can easily shred the gloves.


  • Thinsulate insulation with polyester materials for maximum heat retention
  • Waterproof and breathable with DWR treatment on the outer shell to stay dry
  • Innovative design with an elastic wrist leash and adjustable drawstrings to ensure comfortable hands
  • Stick grip fingers to hit the challenging slopes
  • Comes with anti slip layer inside the grippy PU palm and soft moisture wicking fleece lining
  • Available in five sizes, along with two color choices


  • Poor quality of the anti-lost buckle material

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Dakine Titan Gore Tex Snow Glove

These Dakine Gloves are high-end, sleek-looking snowboard gloves. They contain a Gore Tex insert for superior waterproofing and warmth and a Storm for easy cleaning. The shell is made of polyester, PVC, and polyurethane for maximum water and wind resistance.

Dakine Titan Gore Tex Snow Glove

While these snowboard glove itself doesn’t have touchscreen compatibility, the Gore-Tex insert is. This insert also makes cleaning and drying these snowboard gloves simple. These durable gloves also have a handy goggle wiper on the left thumb, a Rubbertec palm for rugged durability and better grip, and a soft nose wipe on the right, which not all gloves offer.

A wonderful all-rounder, the Dakine gloves combine all necessary and desired components of a snowboard glove into one high-quality product.


  • Fully touchscreen compatible Gore Tex insert
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Comes with a goggle wiper, Rubbertec palm, and soft nose wipe
  • Extremely durable glove with Polyurethane lining, Polyester insulation, PVC, and DWR treatment
  • External pockets for convenience that doubles as a heat pack pocket
  • Build to offer superior warmth and dexterity while withstanding all weather situations, including harsh weather


  • No removable lining
  • Bulky for smaller hands, could be a bit slim fit

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MCTi Ski Gloves

The touchscreen functionality, comfort, and breathability of this pair of MCTi Gloves have all been enhanced for better performance.

MCTi Ski Gloves

They are constructed out of polyester materials and 3m thinsulate. When playing winter sports in temperature that is minimum -10 degrees Fahrenheit, this comfortable and lightweight insulation from 3M Thinsulate keeps hands warm.

Warm, long-lasting, and adaptable, 3M thinsulate insulation is also inexpensive. It assists in capturing and maintaining body heat while still allowing perspiration to evaporate. After being extruded and thoroughly cleaned, the insulation in these gloves is able to swiftly return to its original fluffy state without suffering any distortion.

These gloves have a drawstring at the wrist for closing. You may adjust the clasp on the wrist, and the elastic closure can be opened and closed with just one pull.

When participating in winter activities for the entire day, having hands that are warm and dry is much easier thanks to the TPU membrane that continues to wick away moisture.

These gloves offer a high level of resilience and resistance to wear and tear. PU leather is used to reinforce the section of the grip that lies between the thumb and the index finger so as to prevent pain in the thumb joints and to assure the grip’s longevity.

Shock has been felt in the middle part of the thumb, the index finger, and the middle part of the finger. Because of this, the gloves can now be used with touchscreen devices. It is possible to answer calls while skiing, snowboarding, or riding without having to remove your gloves.

These gloves also come with a pair of wristbands designed to hold your gloves in place in the event that they are misplaced when you remove them. This feature helps to avoid accidents with sudden glove loss during high-speed winter activities. When you wish to take pictures or have a drink while wearing gloves, MCTi elastic wrist leashes will help keep them in place.


  • Affordable
  • Windproof and coldproof, the outer layer of the three-layer composite outer shell is extremely durable
  • Moisture wicking TPU insert swiftly removes sweat
  • Hands stay dry and warm thanks to a 100% polyester knit lining
  • Touchscreen function compatibility
  • Premium PU leather palms and PU patches are tear-resistant and more enduring to use
  • Secure fastening with elastic wrist buckle and one-pull closure
  • Elastic wrist leashes make it easier to keep your gloves in place while not in use


  • Not for extremely cold temperatures
  • The seams may not be of the best quality

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Honorable Mentions

Those were our top picks for the crown of the most-desirable snowboard gloves. However, there are plenty of other gloves in the market that can serve your needs. The following gloves are our honorable mentions for you to check out as well.


Buying Guide for The Best Snowboard Gloves

The snowboard gloves and snowboard mittens are some of the most crucial ski and snowboard gear. Choosing the right pair of snow gloves for the deepest turns may appear simple, but there are several key distinctions to consider.  The gloves created exclusively for skiing, riding, and snowboarding provide the necessary warmth, dryness, and all the features for a day on deep powder in the fresh air.

This guide will describe the different materials that produce each pair of gloves and some important characteristics to think about before making your purchase.


Snowboard Gloves vs. Mittens

Do you prefer gloves for dexterity or snowboard mittens for warmth? There are snowboard gloves and mitts for every purpose and situation, and manufacturers frequently create both snowboarding gloves and mittens with the same basic construction and materials.

The snowboard mittens are often warmer than gloves since your fingers share one compartment and generate more heat that way, rather than being separated as in a snowboard glove. However, mittens are a bit stiff. They restrict mobility and may need to be removed to access your pockets, answer your mobile phone, or adjust your goggles strap or helmet while on the slopes.

There are also 3-finger hybrids (sometimes known as “lobster mitts”) for better mobility that fall between snowboard gloves and mittens. These keep the index finger in a separate compartment. While gloves were originally thought to indicate a gaper, several professional athletes (such as Bode Miller) wear them for comfort despite being a bit rigid.

The snowboard gloves and mittens, like jackets, are made up of various components that assist keep you protected, dry, and warm. The shell material, membrane, insulation, lining, and palm are all examples of these.


Size and Fit

Your gloves or mittens must fit properly and offer versatility in use while also being lightweight and low profile.

Fitted snowboard gloves offer great dexterity, warmth, and comfort. The gloves should be snug and allow you to pinch roughly a quarter-inch of cloth at the end of your fingers to have the greatest performance. Also, keep your palm inside the cuff to keep your wrist covered. Making a fist shouldn’t be so tight that your cold fingers can’t fully curl.

For snowboarding gloves, most manufacturers use various numerical and letter sizing systems, usually measuring the circumference around the widest area of the hand in inches or centimeters. Check the chart when buying a new pair of snowboarding gloves.


Waterproof and Breathability

After hours of shredding the slopes, it’s natural to succumb to the cold, snow, and wind. So, waterproofing and breathability will be important elements in the premium snowboard gloves.

Waterproofing is crucial first. Not only for snow but also for snow that melts quickly in warmer climates. Wet snowboard gloves spell doom. Your hands will grow wetter and colder faster, and the heavy wet gloves will be more uncomfortable. The snowboarding gloves with waterproofing materials like Gore Tex, Entrant, and Omni Tech help avoid this.

Additionally, the snow gloves must be breathable to keep your hands dry and comfortable while snowboarding. Breathability allows air to circulate through the material of the ski gloves. Many waterproof and breathable gloves now include designed fabrics that repel cold and keep out the wind.



The finest snowboard gloves and mittens give varying degrees of warmth. It’s vital to select a good pair of gloves that works for you. You’ll want good snowboarding mittens or gloves that aren’t too warm but are waterproof in warmer weather. In cold weather, you’ll need the warmest gloves to keep your hands warm.

The level of warmth required varies by individual. In cold weather conditions, some people suffer cold hands while others stay warm. The warmth of the gloves is determined by the shell material, insulation, and waterproof and breathable membrane. Dry gloves are warm gloves, and dry ski gloves are also more breathable.



Wet hands become cold hands fast. Perspiration and a lack of ventilation from the inside of the snowboard gloves or mitts are the main causes of wet gloves. The membrane is sandwiched between the outer shell and the insulation in waterproof gloves or mittens. It has microscopic pores that are too small to let liquid water in but wide enough to escape water vapor (sweat). The membrane determines how waterproof and breathable a glove is.

In ski gloves membranes, there are a variety of good waterproofing materials. Here are a few examples of common membranes:

i. Gore Tex Membrane

Gloves and mittens with Gore-Tex membranes have a Gore Tex insert between the outer shell and the insulation. The Gore Text insert often provides the highest amount of waterproofing and breathability for the snowboard gloves.

ii. Hipora Membrane

Hipora snowboard gloves are waterproof gloves, windproof, and breathable gloves with a PU coating that is more flexible than other PU coatings. The polyurethane covering features small holes that inhibit liquid water penetration but allow moisture to escape.

iii. Polyurethane Membrane

Most waterproof gloves have a decent amount of polyurethane laminated membrane (PU). PU coated materials are popular in snowboarding gears because they offer a combination of waterproofing, breathability, and low cost. The PU waterproof membrane is often used by certain brands with leather snowboard gloves.

iv. Windstopper Membrane

The ePTFE membrane in Gore WINDSTOPPER® fabric is simply windproof and breathable, not waterproof. These pairs of gloves keep your hands and palm warm and dry in cold and dry conditions by combining durable wind protection with great breathability. These fabrics are usually treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent), which provides some water resistance. They may wet through in heavy rain but dry quickly.


Shell Material

The materials utilized determine a glove’s durability, warmth, dexterity, and water resistance. Look for a pair of gloves with a mix of materials.

i. Synthetics

Most standard gloves start with a body of synthetic materials. Snowboard gloves with ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene, often known as Teflon) or PU membranes or coatings are higher quality (Polyurethane). These features are found in Gore Tex gloves.

Hardshell and softshell waterproof breathable fabrics are utilized for synthetic gloves and mittens. Synthetic materials are usually paired with leather or high loft synthetic insulation coverings on the palms and fingers.

ii. Leather

For the high-quality snowboard gloves, real leather is a tried-and-true material. Leather gloves, usually made of cowhide, goatskin leather, or army goat leather, are more durable and flexible than synthetic gloves and are naturally water-resistant.

Leather gloves can be waterproof, windproof, and warm, thanks to a mix of treated leather (leather with grease, wax, or resin put to it) and a microporous membrane. Goat leather gloves can survive for years if properly cared for using goatskin leather treatments such as Sno Seal Beeswax Waterproofing and Neat’s Foot Oil. Otherwise, regular use might quickly ruin them.



It’s vital to get a pair of snowboard gloves with adequate inner insulation. Warm, breathable gloves that don’t hinder movement or fit are the best gloves. 

The conditions and temperatures you ski in, as well as how warm or cold your hands run, will decide how much insulation you need. Also, thick snowboarding gloves do not necessarily guarantee the warmest gloves.

Insulation of the snowboarding gloves comes in several forms.

i. Down

Down is nature’s greatest insulator and is ideal for very cold weather with moderate activity. This insulation material, made of down plumules and feathers, traps air to keep your hands warm.

Higher rated down fabrics will be warmer for their weight ratio. The insulating properties of down are unbeatable in cold, dry circumstances, but it is slow to dry when wet.

ii. Primaloft

Primaloft uses innovative synthetic microfiber insulation to help maintain the body heat and save energy. This is a great choice for snowboard gloves to use in wet conditions. Primaloft is not as warm as down, but it is breathable, compressible, and water-resistant.

iii. Thinsulate

Thinsulate insulation is made of ultra-thin microfibers, perfect for the snow gloves where dexterity is important. These are common in some of the cheaper alternatives.


Cuff Style

When it comes to snowboard gloves, cuff length is a matter of personal preference.

Snow in your gloves and jacket is your major concern. The style of your jacket may influence the cuff length and style; certain styles are made to be worn beneath the cuff, while others are meant to be worn over it.

i. Under the Cuff

Short cuffs stop at the base of your wrist, allowing for more wrist mobility and overlapping your snowboard gloves. This “under” shape works better with Velcro closure to keep unwanted snow out.

ii. Over the Cuff

On the other hand, long cuffs extend past the sleeve of your jacket, providing the most protection from snow. It’s entirely up to you whether or not your snowboarding gloves overlap your jacket cuffs, but make sure they can be adjusted beforehand.



The top-notch snowboard gloves include grips and reinforcements on the palms, fingertips, and thumbs. Snow gloves provide grips for enhanced grip on poles and protection against edges. The palms might be leather palms, artificial leather palm, digital grip palm, or Rubbertec palm.


The lining is an extra layer of cloth added to snowboard gloves to provide warmth and comfort. The inner lining material varies by brand and glove. Boiled wool and removable fleece liner are such examples. Just the liner is usually made of a synthetic material that wicks sweat away from the skin and through the membrane.

The separate or removable liner may also be an option. Removable liners are designed to be worn within an outer shell snowboard glove to provide extra warmth on cold days. Some gloves have removable stretch fleece liner.


Additional Features

Other snowboard glove characteristics that can increase comfort and convenience include as follows:

i. Zippered Pockets

Zippered pockets are commonly used for disposable hand warmers that can be inserted during colder weather. When temperatures rise, the opening may function as a vent.

ii. Articulated Fingers

Some snowboard gloves feature pre-curved fingers that make it easier to grab poles or chairlift bars.

iii. Wrist and Cuffs Closure System

This wraps over your wrist and secures the snowboard gloves to your bare hands. It is usually a zipper or a Velcro strap. Such systems are adjustable to allow regular blood flow.

iv. Wrist Loops

These are retainer straps that tie to your wrists or coat, so your gloves don’t fall off if you drop them.

v. Mini Squeegee

A rubber squeegee is occasionally sewn on the thumb of a great glove to help clean your goggles.

 vi. Padding

To protect against rocks, trees, and race gates, some gloves incorporate cushioning on the back of the hand and the knuckles.

vii. Nose Wipe

Nose wipe is made of Ultrasuede or other soft, absorbent material on the thumb’s outside surface to wipe your nose with convenience.


Snowboard Gloves Maintenance Tips

  • Disassemble the gloves by removing the inner lining and wrist guards.
  • Wash the liners and shells with warm soapy water. Use mild soap and use gently.
  • Rinse the liners and shells well to remove all soap.
  • Dry the liners and shells by air.
  • Reassemble the gloves and store them for the Summer.
  • Don’t forget to replace the wrist protectors.
  • You can also restore the water repellency Gore Tex gloves by following the attached instructions.



Our listed snowboard gloves all perform well, with some outperforming others in terms of utility and extras. To find the right gloves, you must produce your own snowboard gloves evaluation. To choose the top-of-the-line snowboard gloves for you, you’ll need to compare the capabilities and characteristics of each pair of this snowboarding gear.

When shopping for outdoor apparel and winter gear, utility always trumps style. A decent pair of snowboarding gloves will keep your digits safe, trap body heat, and keep you comfortable for hours in difficult circumstances. Before all the added frills and amenities, they must serve their basic job of providing safety during winter adventure mountain sports.

With this knowledge, you’ll be ready for any weather with a solid pair of the snow gloves that will keep your hands comfortable for the many seasons to come. Hopefully, you’ve found the most suitable snowboarding gloves on this list that provide exactly what you need. Check out our website for other snowboarding gear recommendations. You can also write to us for more information (data protected by our privacy policy).

We hope you have fun with your perfect choice of hand warmers this season!



Do I need padded/armored gloves?

Ans: Not unless you’re racing. Some snowboard racers utilize padded gear to help slap the gates. Most snowboarders don’t normally smash up the gates.

Do I need waterproof gloves for snowboarding?

Ans: Depends on season and weather. Most of the time, snowboarders use synthetic leather palm mitts with no waterproofing. snowboard gloves do not become wet in chilly, mid-season winter temperatures.

However, these gloves can quickly get wet when the weather warms up, and the runs turn to slush. Even if it’s 40 degrees outside, moist gloves can rapidly transform into freezing fingertips. When it’s raining, waterproof gloves will be your best friend.

Do you need special gloves for snowboarding?

Ans: The quick answer is, “no.” Regular gloves also do a great job. Snowboarding gloves can be any type of winter glove. The goal is to ride warm and comfortable. 509 Backcountry Gloves is a great example.

Gloves or mittens- which are better for snowboarding?

Ans: Mittens are warmer than gloves because your fingers generate more heat when not separated by fabric, as in the case of gloves.

What are the warmest snowboarding gloves?

Ans: BURTON Gore Tex Gloves are the warmest gloves for snowboarding.

What gloves do snowboarders use?

Ans: Skiing and snowboarding in cold, dry climates require down snowboard gloves and mittens for most riders. Synthetic gloves insulate better than down and dry faster. It is ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and snow play, especially in humid areas.

Who makes the best snow gloves?

Ans: Burton and Dakine.

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