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Skateboarding is on the rise again, so is the need for having the best skateboard backpacks. The craze for skateboarding is not just limited to America anymore. It has gained a fanbase all around the world. Thanks, largely to the pop culture and movie references. Imagine Marty McFly without his skateboard! See, now, this image is a cross-cultural phenomenon.

Due to this rising popularity, skateboarding is now an Olympic sport! Skateboarding as an Olympic event made its debut in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. What a time to be alive!

Skateboards are a convenient means of transportation. You can go short distances and medium distances on a skateboard. People use these to go to schools, colleges, and even universities. People hop on their skateboards to go get groceries and local 7-11.

Now, as Marty would go to school on his skateboard, many people now are doing the same. In situations like that, you need a backpack. Not just any backpack, one that can keep your skateboard safe as well. This is where we come in!

In this article, we will make a list of the ten best skateboard backpacks for you. Our list is based on customer reviews and satisfaction. This is our only parameter. In addition, we will give you a basic buying guide so that you know how to buy the perfect skateboard backpack for yourself. And then, we will answer some of the questions that float on the internet.


11 Best Skateboard Backpacks Reviewed: Our Top Picks

So, let’s start with the ten best skateboard backpacks available in the market today.


Eastsport New Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack

Eastsport’s Skateboard Backpack is the highest-rated product in our skateboard backpack list. It has pleased the most customers, and they have reviewed it to be their most favorite backpack. We have heard a lot about the Eastsport multi-compartment skater backpack, but that did not have as many reviews for us to look into.

Eastsport New Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack- Best Skateboard Backpacks

First thing’s first, Eastsport backpacks come in 16 colors and various designs.

The bag has many pockets on the front that are locked by a zipper. You can keep the things you need most in these pockets. You can keep the wax, your phone, keys, first aid kits, band-aids, and gums on these from exterior pockets.

The bag has two wide Velcro straps to keep your skateboard in place. The back is padded ergonomically, and the lumbar support gives you a comfortable carry.

Eastsport skater backpack has two side mesh pockets for keeping your drinks, torches, and other can shaped things close to your hands. The pockets are zip pockets and have plastic pullers for easy zip-unzipping.

The interior is large, and it is perfectly capable of storing a laptop of 15 inches, which is the general size of almost all laptops. The bag’s dimension is 18 inches x 12 inches x 7 inches. The interior has ample space for books, clothes, and other things that you might need to carry along while skateboarding to school or grocery shopping.

The top handle is rubberized, so the strap doesn’t burrow into your hands. The shoulder straps are thickly padded and adjustable. The bag is made of durable and long lasting polyester material.

The Eastsport skater backpack bag comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Adjustable Velcro skate straps for skateboard
  • Breathable mesh, two zippered side pockets for water bottle
  • Durable backpack with secured zipper pockets
  • Highest-rated backpack, more than Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not for longboards, no grip tape

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Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

Ronyes Skateboard backpack is another common name in the skateboard sphere. This is a dedicated skateboard bag that is designed specifically for sports.

Ronyes Skateboard Backpack- Best Skateboard Backpacks

The backpacks come in black and blue colors. The dimension of this skateboard backpack is 13 inches x 20 inches x 6 inches. In addition, this bag can hold almost all laptops in the laptop sleeve. So, that’s plentiful!

This backpack is made with polyester. That is why it is waterproof. You can save your books, laptop, phone, camera, and other necessary tools from rain and water in this backpack. It does not let water pass through.

The Ronyes backpack has adjustable board straps for carrying your skateboards. The average sized board will fit easily in this backpack’s straps. The fastening is not Velcro, so loose straps will not be an issue after a while.

There is a hidden pocket with a net for keeping your volleyball, football, soccer ball, helmet, etc.

This right backpack comes with an adjustable sternum strap, curved strap, buckle strap, and waist strap belt. The shoulder straps are S-shaped for convenience, and these ergonomic straps are heavily padded for your comfort.

Roneys skateboard backpack shoulder pads are breathable and have thick back padding for your back comfort.

This backpack has many organizer pockets for different works.  It has one main double zipper front pocket, one top is a hidden zipper pocket, one main pocket, one padded thick iPad pocket, one padded laptop compartment, one back pocket, one bottom pocket, a net for keeping basketball/helmets, two side zipper pockets, two separated departments, and four pen slots.

Oh, and this bag is also an electric bag. You can charge your phone with this bag. The instruction can be found on the backpack user guide once you have purchased this backpack.

This bag is a perfect bag for school bags, college bags, sports bags and is an ideal gift for your loved ones.


  • Adjustable S-shaped curved shoulder strap
  • Adjustable straps for skateboard, adjustable sternum strap
  • Twelve pockets and four pen slots, laptop sleeve
  • Water resistant backpack
  • USB charger included
  • Can fit a longboard


  • Not a waterproof bag; only one strap hidden

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Simbow Skateboard Backpack

Simbow skateboard backpack is a premium quality, double strap backpack to carry your stuff around while skating.

Simbow Skateboard Backpack- Best Skateboard Backpacks

This skateboard bag is available in three designs for your needs. The Helmet grey one, the grey one, and the one we are reviewing black one. All three backpacks are top of the shelf, premium quality skateboard bags for you.

The backpack features a premium laptop pocket that is padded for protection. You can keep your notebook, notepads, iPads in this pocket/compartment. The skateboard backpack has a separate compartment for your tablets too.

Simbow backpack is 15.6 inches in length and is made with breathable fabrics.

The shoulder straps are padded and are very comfortable to carry. It does not strain your body. The balance of height is perfect for the human body design. The weight is distributed equally.

The straps are made with quality fabrics, and the two straps are wide enough for all skateboards.

There are side net bags for keeping drinks, water, umbrella, etc. You can keep your clothes, books, and groceries in the main compartment. Moreover, Simbow backpack has a USB port for charging your phone, tablets, and other smaller device for tech-savvy kids.

The bag features anti-theft technology for extra protection. Moreover, there are hidden pockets for keeping your more personal stuff in.

This is a school backpack for kids of all ages. You can use this backpack as a travelling backpack for camping, biking, shopping, and other assorted outdoor activities. So, this backpack is a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other events.

This skateboard bag comes with a one year warranty. Suppose you are not satisfied with this laptop skateboard backpack. In that case, you can contact the seller through Amazon, and they will resolve the issue.


  • Anti-theft technology to prevent stealing, penny backpack
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for skateboard
  • Durable skateboard backpack
  • No hanging loop strap
  • Padded Laptop sleeve and tablet separate pockets
  • High density materials, fleece lined pocket
  • USB charger included
  • One year warranty on these skateboard bags


  • Charging malfunctions sometimes

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Burton Kilo 2.0 Skateboard/Snowboard Backpack

The Burton Kilo 2.0 Electric Skateboard Backpack is made with 100% polyester high quality materials. It is a durable backpack for your needs.

Burton Kilo 2.0 Skateboard/Snowboard backpack- Best Skateboard Backpacks

This bag features a stowable webbing skateboard carry front strap. The carrying strap is fairly wide and can carry almost all skateboards, including electric skateboards. In addition, you can strap a snowboard with it. Indeed, a multi-purpose backpack!

The front pocket features a vertical zipper for easy access. The pockets are pretty spacious for keeping your most used things. Moreover, there is a side water bottle pocket with a zipper on this electric skateboard. This is a versatile electric skateboard backpack that can be used for all urban needs.

The laptop compartment in this bag is 16 inches in length. You can keep your laptop safely in this padded pocket without any hesitation. Moreover, there is a separate tablet pocket, and you can keep your notebooks here.

The electric skateboard bag is 12 inches wide so that you can keep many things in the backpack. Things like clothes, books, groceries, camping equipment, etc.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded. You can rely on the sternum strap for a comfortable fit and additional safety.

This electric backpack is available in twelve colors for your choosing. The brand is a climate pledge friendly brand that uses environmentally safe materials to make its bags. In addition, the backpack has a longer warranty. It should easily last over ten years.

You can buy this backpack for yourself and as a gift for your close people.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable skateboard straps
  • Laptop and tablet, separate pockets
  • 600D Polyester PU backing
  • Lifetime warranty on this electric skateboard


  • Can’t hold longboards

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Veevanpro Lightweight Skateboard Backpack

Veevanpro skateboard backpack is another premium backpack in our list.

Veevanpro Lightweight Skateboard Backpack

This is a cooler backpack made with polyester. The padded linings inside are made with leak proof heat pressed PEVA. This backpack can keep your drinks cold for up to 16 hours.

This is a handy thing in a skateboard backpack, no? You can have a chilled drink whenever you want!

This cooler backpack has two modifiable straps for a vertical carry of a skateboard. The strap is 16 inches long, so you can comfortably strap any skateboard on it.

The main pocket is anti-leak and breathable. The main pocket can hold 24 cans (330 ml)! There is a sunglass strap, a D-shaped zipper pocket for essentials, two sides mesh pockets for umbrella and water bottles, one laptop compartment, and one can opener on the straps.

The straps are made with comfortable, ergonomically designed, and adjustable pads inside. It doesn’t hurt your shoulders and relieves the weight.

The backpack is insulated with polyurethane foam. The bottom is waterproof. This makes sure of a durable and long service life to the bag.

This 16.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 7 inches bag weighs just one pound and can carry 18L volume.

This is a perfect backpack for you, even if you don’t own a skateboard.

This bag is for all ages and gender. It can be used for hiking, camping, fishing, boating, hunting, picnic, tours, skate park, and most importantly, school and skateboarding.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Versatile straps for skateboard
  • Leakproof, waterproof, safe to keep water bottles
  • Heat pressed PEVA lining
  • Laptop compartment, padded back


  • Only holds 13 inch laptops

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GoRide Electric, Longboard or Regular Skateboard Backpack

This backpack is next on our list of skateboarding backpacks for various reasons.

GoRide Electric, Longboard or Regular Skateboard Backpack

GoRide backpack is a multitype skateboard backpack. As in, it can carry all types of skateboards. The straps can hold skateboards up to 38 inches long and 20 pounds in weight. You can carry a mini electric skateboard on this backpack.

The backpack is made with extra foam padding for maximum comfort and easy carry. You can carry what you need to carry on this skateboard backpack for however long you want to in a day.

This longboard backpack has a wide laptop carrier that can be used for keeping other things, clothes, books, etc.

The backpack has double bottle holders and deep side pockets to keep your necessary appliances nearby. The main compartment is deep and can store many things, usual things that people carry.

The padding on the shoulders is made with breathable material; it doesn’t add to the weight but gives you a comfortable carry for a day-long trip!

There are additional straps to keep your skateboard safe even when you lean forwards, backward, sideways, and in any other direction possible.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps, foam strap padding, longboard backpack
  • Adjustable straps for skateboard, buckle waist belt
  • Extra straps for skateboards stability
  • Laptop compartment, padded back, unlike overly bulky backpacks


  • Zipper quality is not as good in this otherwise perfect backpack

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Skunk Nomad Skaters Backpack

Skunk Nomad backpacks are made for skateboarders. But they are an all use backpack.

Skunk Nomad Skaters Backpack

The material is a Maximum potency Carbon filter. The dimensions of this backpack are 18inches x 11 inches x 6 inches. It is perfect for keeping your laptop. The laptop compartment is water proof and padded for extra protection.

There are two front pockets that are lined with water proof carbon filters. And side nets for keeping your hydration nearby.

The straps are hook and Velcro, and also there is a zipper for extra protection.

There are four color options available for you.

  • Green pixel camo
  • Black
  • Grey and
  • White

All these backpacks are smell proof and durable. It is machine washable. The backpack is water resistant.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap, durable bag
  • Adjustable buckle for skateboard
  • Extra zipper pocket for skateboards stability
  • Laptop compartment, padded back, loop straps


  • Zipper quality is not as good

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Oakley Men’s Street Skate Backpack

Oakley’s skateboard backpacks are made with 100% nylon. The backpack dimension is 25 cm x 19 cm x 4 cm.

Oakley Men's Street Skate Backpack

The main compartment is made with polyester material that is safe for your laptop and tablets.

The front has zippered pockets. The shoulder straps are lightweight, breathable air mesh, adjustable padded.

This backpack is a perfect companion for your outdoor needs, skateboard carrying needs.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps, ideal skateboard backpack
  • Adjustable straps for skate backpacks, sturdy straps
  • Extra zipper pocket for skateboards stability
  • The laptop compartment with padded back
  • Skateboard travel bag, shoulder bag


  • Much vital information is not available on amazon

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VANS Skateboard Backpack

Vans is synonymous with style and coolness all over the world. In this regard, this backpack should have been higher on our list, but it is what it is.

VANS Skateboard Backpack

This backpack has a large, 15 inches compartment for laptops. It has two front straps.

The polyester made backpack is perfect for carrying your backpacks. There are side compartments and stretch mesh pockets.

This is a budget backpack for your skateboard companionship.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps, padded shoulder straps
  • Adaptable straps for skateboard
  • Extra zipper pocket for skateboards stability
  • Laptop compartment, padded back skate backpacks


  • Much vital information is not available on amazon

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Therm La Mode Skateboard Backpack Rucksack

Therm La Mode skateboard backpack is the last on our skateboard backpack list. But this is not the worst of all backpacks. It is just that people have used it less. But as ratings go, this should be higher up on the list.

Therm La Mode Skateboard Backpack Rucksack

This is a skateboard backpack with many pockets. You have pockets for a laptop, notebook, bottle, umbrella, clothes, and books. You have smaller pockets where you can keep your skateboard equipment, such as wax, wheels, and other assorted things.

The skateboard straps are made with buckles for a snug and safe fit. The laptop pocket is made with high quality fabric.

This backpack might look eerily similar to another product that we have reviewed in this list. But they are from different brands.

This is a perfect gift item for your loved ones. This is a budget product that will serve you for a long time.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Affordable, compact bags
  • Variable straps for skateboard
  • Hook strap for skateboards stability
  • Laptop compartment padded back


  • Warranty not available

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Element Mohave Skate Backpack

With Element, you can expect nothing but the best because quality is in their core. Even though it was made in China, it is flawlessly up to even the most stringent quality standards.

Element Mohave Skate Backpack

If you need a way to transport your skateboard while you’re not really using it, the Element Mohave is your best bet. A fashionable backpack that comes in a wide variety of colorways and pattern configurations to pick from. It performs the functions of both a standard backpack that is able to carry skateboards and a backpack that is comfortable, long-lasting, and easy to carry.

The fact that this bag is made of rip-proof and strong 600D polyester is one of its defining characteristics. The striking design not only has a fashionable appearance, but also features durable buckle straps at the front that are the most effective way to secure the skateboard.

The sturdy zippers operate without any hiccups. You will not experience any annoyance as a result of zippers becoming jammed or occasionally falling undone. Shoulder straps that are cushioned and provide an exceptional level of comfort The placement of the straps makes them very well suited for roller skating.

Even though it’s not a particularly large backpack, you can fit a surprising number of necessities inside thanks to the thoughtful compartmenting. A laptop sleeve prevents your device from moving around while it is in use. The capacious main compartment, which has a capacity of 30 liters, is where you may put everything extra that you could require. Even the sunglasses may be stored securely in its pocket as well as the slots for the pens. Therefore, if you skateboard, you really need a backpack like this one.

A straightforward but daring construction, complete with all of the necessary pockets to store one’s belongings in a safe and secure manner in the appropriate locations. The fact that the bag may be used for extended periods of time without the stitching coming undone or exhibiting any other major flaws is a testament to the quality that is provided. The only drawback is that the pockets are on the small side, so everything has to be packed in closely.

The fact that it has larger decks is something to bear in mind. In particular, longboards are the most appropriate with the Velcro straps that are used for transportation.


  • Plenty of chambers for storage
  • Minimalist design with side pockets
  • Exceptionally robust and long-lasting construction materials
  • Tough stitching
  • Large main compartment
  • Straps that are easy on the shoulders
  • Color and pattern options are abundant
  • Uncomplicated but sturdy zippers
  • Padding enhances the overall comfort
  • Affordable price


  • Not the greatest backpack for smaller boards
  • Pockets that aren’t too big

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Buying Guide for Skateboard Backpacks

After our review list of the backpacks based on customer satisfaction, we are going to give you a compact buying guide. From this, you will get to know what the prominent backpacks for skateboarding have in common, what constitutes the ‘best skateboard backpack,’ and what to look for when you go to your local shop to buy one.

The key features of the finest skateboard backpacks are:


Backpacks come in many sizes. It may be tempting to get a larger one. But, wait.

Before buying a backpack, you need to think about all the things you will have to carry while travelling on a skateboard. You must know that carrying unwanted weight can affect your speed and time. Not only that, carrying extra weight can cause the balance to go haywire and cause serious accidents.

You need a backpack that suffices in carrying the provision that you need at that point of time and destination. For example- if you are going to school, the bag needs to hold a laptop, books, water bottle, and skateboarding gear.

The backpacks that have enough spaces for what you need is the most suitable skateboard backpack for you. Too large backpacks are not practical. Too small backpacks are useless.



Backpack manufacturers have long left the idea of single use backpacks because it is not feasible. People do not buy single purpose backpacks anymore. An ordinary college backpack can now be used as a travelling backpack. People have laptop compartments in their camping backpacks too.

So, a good skateboard backpack is also multipurpose and versatile. These backpacks have padded sleeves for laptop compartments, tablet sleeves, organizers, mode space.  In addition, they are padded on the back for comfort. You should definitely be looking for these features on the skateboard backpack.



This is where skateboard backpacks should be different and more carefully selected. The wear-and-tear-resistant skateboard backpacks should outlast a normal backpack for the most obvious of reasons. These backpacks are made with high-quality, durable, and washable materials, while regular bags are often not.

For this reason, the backpacks in our list will last longer and serve longer.



A skateboard backpack needs a stronger strap. That’s where these backpacks differ from ordinary backpacks. A skateboard strap needs to be heavily padded and have stronger straps for carrying the extra weight of skateboard equipment like wheels, waxes, water, and a camera. The stitches need to match the strap strength. Nylon threads, high quality polyester threads fit that bill. You should definitely be on the look out for these while buying a backpack.

Our list features double strapped bags for additional balance and comfort while skateboarding.



You need to look for flawless zippers for your backpack, be it for any type of use. Heavy duty, good quality zippers are the absolute necessity for your backpack. They secure your bag, keep the things on the inside, and keeps your items safe and snug.

Skateboard backpacks need stronger zippers even more because you are almost always on the move. You can’t have a loose, low quality zipper be the cause of worry while skateboarding!

Some backpacks feature inner Velcro straps on the laptop compartment. Those are a good idea as well, but only if a high quality zipper supports it.


Water resistance

Water resistance is an admirable quality on a backpack in general. But the skateboard backpack needs to be water resistant as a bare minimum.

This is the convenience that is appealing. But this convenience isn’t enough if you don’t have the supplies to back it up with. Backpacks are the supply, and water resistant backpacks protect your things on the inside of the backpack.



Skateboarding requires agility and free movement. We all know how weight can affect these two things. Extra weight can cause your balance to go off. You can not let that happen.

One way is to choose the most lightweight backpack on the market. But that should not be messing up the durability. You can not compromise between functionality and comfort. You need to balance the two things and get the best skate backpack that works for you.

Our list of  skateboarding backpacks features the backpacks that have combined the durability, functionality, and style for your choice. You can purchase one of these backpacks and be sure that you have made the right purchase.



Warranty is also an important consideration. It is a legal binding between the seller and the buyer that ensures the quality of the product, and the failure to do that will end up in some kind of penalty for the seller.

Most backpacks come with a 6 to 12 months unofficial warranty. This is to make sure their brand’s name isn’t muddied in any way.

Others have a lifetime warranty. Those usually mean 5-10 years. If a backpack lasts that long, you have got your money’s worth several times over.



We will say this upfront, and our list doesn’t promote any brands whatsoever. We have selected these products based on the customer reviews that showed us the market-leading backpacks. This is our only parameter.

But, the brand is important. A brand ensures quality control and check is done most thoroughly and in the most detailed way possible. They can’t have their credibility sullied because of one bad quality product. It is this insistence of theirs that makes us hopeful.

Brands will refund, replace your products because of their reputation.

Our list features the best products that customers have found to be the most useful and functional. Some of these backpacks are from the top brands, but that alone didn’t give them a place on our list. We have seen these products are the customer favorite, and we put them on our list. You can be sure of the quality and service life of these products without any hesitation because the users are regular people like us.


Final thoughts

So, you have seen our thoroughly researched review list of the skateboard backpacks in this piece. We hope we have served you well through this list of these backpacks, and you have selected a top-quality backpack from here.

Some of our readers may have different opinions, experiences, and suggestions for us.

Some of our readers may share their support for us. We encourage all the readers to write to us. Write to us and let us have a conversation. We appreciate a good discussion about skateboarding.



How do you perfectly attach a skateboard to a backpack?

Ans: Some backpacks have Velcro straps to attach skateboards securely. Others prefer hooks, elastic straps. It is very easy, and most skateboard backpacks use the easiest attaching technics.

What backpacks do skateboarders use?

Ans: Skateboarders use those skateboard backpacks that are the most convenient for them. In our research, we have seen a whole lot of East sports, Roneys, Simbow, Burton Kilo, and Veevanpro being used.

Which is the best skateboard backpack?

Ans: The top-of-the-line skateboard backpacks come from Eastsports, Roneys, Simbow, Burton Kilo, Veevanpro, GoRide, Skunk, Oakley’s, RVCA curb backpack, Vans, and Therm La Mode.

Who makes high-quality skateboard backpacks?

Ans: Eastsports, Roneys, Simbow, Dakine mission backpack, Burton kilo backpack, Veevanpro, GoRide, Skunk, Mohave skate backpack, Oakley’s, Vans, and Therm La Mode are the market leaders regarding skateboard backpacks.

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