Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels Review

Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels Review

With the steady rise of the appeal of skateboards, the need for quality skateboard wheels is also on the need. The performance of the skateboard largely depends on the wheels. Skateboard wheels also reflect the personality of the skaters. So, if the wheel you are looking to buy has a look you want, purchasing the wheel becomes easier with the quality you need on the chart.

There are so many options for skateboard wheels on the market. While up to the mark of quality, many of them do not offer much in terms of look. This limits their appeal substantially.

One of the best skateboard wheels on the market is the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels. It has all the best features that are required for the best skateboard wheels. The different look of the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels adds to the appeal of the skateboard wheels.


Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels Features

The Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels have many premium quality features that make it stand out from the competition on the market. Many of the features of the Shark Wheel is not found in products of such range. We will discuss the features here in this segment.


Shark Wheels Design

Shark Wheels are a creative spin on the wheel that has gained a lot of traction. They have a unique shape that has the ability to increase your performance and quickness. Instead of being precisely round, these wheels look like a cross between a cube and a sphere, with a sinewave thrown in for good measure. While the unusual design of the wheels may appear peculiar at first glance, they have a lot of promise and could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for to take your riding to the next level.

This design adds to the look of the Shark Wheel and allows you to get the most out of your wheel in terms of performance and quality.



The durometer, as we know, is the measure of the wheel’s hardness. It helps you with your performance. Knowing about the durometer rating of a wheel will help you save money and ensure the wheel’s performance.

As we all know, there are many degrees of softness to the wheels. The softer wheels have a lesser measure of hardness; the “A” rating is lower in these wheels. The harder wheels have a lower measure of softness and a higher “A” Rating.

The wheels that fall within the range of 78A to 87A are soft wheels. These wheels allow you more grip and more stability in riding. Because these wheels are softer, these wheels can provide you with more balance of riding. While these wheels are as near as perfect can be, these wheels do not allow faster rides. These are more beginner wheels.

The mid-range wheels from 88A to 95A are for indoor and outdoor surfaces alike. These wheels are moderately soft and hard at the same time. While these wheels may seem to be a perfect choice, there are issues with grip, stability, and balance.

The hardest range of wheel durometers is 96A to 101A. These are better for faster riding. They allow more speed, but at the cost of balance and stability.

The Shark Wheel skateboard wheel is a 78A skating wheel that is perfect for indoor and outdoor skating. The soft wheel gives you more grip and stability. If you are a beginner or want a balanced and stable skating experience, you will want to buy the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels for yourself.

Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels

Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter is often called the wheel size too. It is the size of the wheel from the center to the side of the wheel.

This size is important because of the performance and the use of a wheel for a specific type of skating. Knowing this will help you choose the right wheel for your skateboarding experience and desire.

The smaller wheels range from 49 mm to 52 mm. These wheels are better for tricks and stunts. Because of the smaller size of the wheel, you can use these for better balance and control.

The wheels from 52 mm to 65 mm are perfect for all-around skating. The Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels falls within this range of products. These wheels are the best at almost everything wheels for your performance and experience.

This all-around wheel has earned a lot of recommendations from many users and skaters worldwide for its versatility and use.



While we were speaking of the durometer and the wheel diameter, the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels may seem like a wheel that is on the slower side. But that is not true.

The Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels gives you 57% less resistance compared to a traditional wheel on the market. This is research true. Mechanical Engineering Department of the San Diego State University has found this in their empirical research.

This adds to the wheel’s speed, while the durometer and the wheel size give you more balance and stability. The Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels is the safest and fastest wheel on the market today.



The skateboard wheels need to be durable for longer use. This is made sure by the engineering and construction of the wheel. Many manufacturers use materials that are known for their durability and toughness. This often messes with the quality and the functionality of the wheels.

The Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels takes a different approach to this problem. Instead of having a single center point, the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels uses multiple center points. This gives the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels 50% more durability and longevity.

This was proven by the study performed in the San Diego State University Mechanical Engineering Department.

This is another reason for the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels’ fame with the customers.


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Approach angle

While the competitors do not have an angle in their wheels, the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels have a 30-degree approach angle that helps you reduce the shock and allows you a smoother ride. The Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels can deflect small obstacles from the way and makes sure your ride is smooth.

The approach angle also plays to the added advantage of durability and longevity of the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels.


Slide Control

The Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels gives you superior control. The wheels have three lips, and this allows for a predictable slide. The wheels with 1 lip can not give you much control over the slide.

The 3 lips also decrease the contact path substantially. This reduces friction and gives you the ability to slide with ease and grace!


Wheels for Rough Terrain

The Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels are perfect for rough terrain and excel at wet surfaces. The sinewave tread of the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels allows you to perform best at these terrains and surfaces. The added traction of the wheels allows you more grip on these surfaces and conditions that you will need for the safety and security of the ride!



The set of the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels comes at a convenient and affordable price. It is a very famous and fast-growing wheel niche for skateboards. You may have seen the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels on Shark Tank, Discovery Channel, FOX, or in those FedEx commercials!



The future gets written in small phrases. The future of the skateboarding wheels is the Shark Wheels! It is a small snowball that will grow with each roll.

Not only because of the differences in the looks, but it has also picked a lot of happy customers because of their commitment to safety, security, and speed. The perfect blend that the people can enjoy! So can you! Buy the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels now!


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