Best Skateboard Wheels: A Comprehensive Guide for Skateboard Junkies!

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Skateboard has been a part of our culture for the last half a century, so are the best skateboard wheels. Skateboarding is a healthy and cost-effective sporting activity that should be focused on and promoted more.

Today we will discuss the most important part of skateboards: wheels. We have selected the best-rated, highest-reviewed products and measured them against our expert’s opinions. Based on that process, we have picked the finest skateboard wheels for you.

We have prepared a compact version of the expert’s opinions and have given these to you as a buying guide. Be sure to check that out. We will also answer some FAQs regarding these wheels.


11 Best Skateboard Wheels Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Let’s review some of the best skateboard wheels the market has to offer.


Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels 60 mm 78A

Shark Wheel is the perfect balance of classicism and innovation. The Skateboard wheels produced by Shark Wheel are the top rated, highest reviewed product on our list.

Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels 60 mm 78a- Best Skateboard Wheels


This four pack wheel set is the ideal wheel for rough surfaces and terrains that contain pebbles, sand, water, and even debris. The wheels have a special DNA wave design that allows you to skateboard through small and rough obstacles. This is research true by San Diego State University.

The wheels fall right in the middle of the wheel size spectrum, meaning they offer you both speed and stability. The size of the wheel is 60 mm, which is a transition skateboard wheel.

Shark wheel skateboard wheel has a durometer rating of 78A, meaning it is the softest wheel and gives you a smooth ride. The shock absorption capacity of this wheel is higher, and it lasts longer than other wheels. The tread angle is 30 degrees, which makes sure that you can move around objects very easily. The approach angle makes deflection easier, and you can go over any obstacle with these wheels.

The three lips Shark wheel gives you easier slide and less friction. The wheels are very fast, as research suggests 57% faster than other wheels because of 57% less resistance.

Because the wheel has multiple center points, it is more wear resistant than other skateboard wheels. It lasts 15% longer than other wheels.


  • #1 reviewed product
  • Smooth ride on rough surfaces, less friction wheels
  • Research proved high-quality wheels
  • Soft wheels, better grip for rough terrain, better slide control
  • 57% less rolling resistance, 57% faster speed, surf slides
  • DNA treaded wheels, wave pattern design, sharp edges, looks like square wheels, can be used with a penny board


  • Comes without bearing

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FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 60mm 83A

FREEDARE is one of the most premium brands when it comes to skateboard wheels, roller skate wheels, and other accessories. This skateboard wheel will tell you why they are one of the top brands.

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 60mm 83A

FREEDARE Skateboard wheels are made with polyurethane, which is the most durable skateboard wheel material in the market. The wheel is 60 mm in diameter and 45 mm in width. This gives you more maximum stability and control of the skateboard, and you can maneuver the skateboard effectively.

The durometer count is 83A, meaning this is a relatively softer wheel. This will give you more grip on rough terrains and give you a smooth ride. 83A wheels are better for smooth and durable street skating and skate park.

The wheels come in a pack of four color options: black, blue, green  ( bright neon green color ), and red. You have another pack that has one of each. Each wheel comes with a premium ABEC-7 steel bearing and spacers installed on the wheels. This quality bearing and the wheel work in unison to give you the best riding experience.

This set is designed for cruising board and street tricks. You can also get a good performance on smooth concrete and asphalt. The wheels are really easy to install, and you are ready to roll in an instant.

These smooth riding wheels are pretty affordable. And if you consider the quality, material, features, and durability, it is a great purchase all around.


  • FREEDARE high-quality wheels for all skill levels, perform tricks, casual skaters
  • Smooth rides less friction wheels, polyurethane wheels
  • Soft wheels, classic design, better grip for rough terrain
  • Inexpensive, easy to install, lightweight
  • Comes with ABEC 7 bearings and a spacer


  • Some bearings are weaker than most

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Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

These wheels come very highly recommended by experts and skateboarders alike. And we can see why, as will you, dear reader.

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire is a famous brand, and Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels are one of their most famous products. The wheel is made with high-quality urethane, and this makes the wheel very durable and long lasting.

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels have a 99A durometer (hardness), which means it is harder than most. This gives the skaters a greater speed and grip. You can use this wheel set for all kinds of skateboarding needs like street skating, park skating, ramp skating, pool skating. It works best on smooth surfaces because of the higher level of the durometer.

There are many sizes available for this Spitfire Bighead Wheels. You can get 50 mm, 52 mm, 54 mm, 57 mm, and 59 mm diameter wheels. All of these wheels come in sets of four. This versatility makes this the perfect choice for all your skating needs. You can get a smaller wheel that will give you more control and stability, and at the same time, the high durometer makes sure you get more speed. The lower size range can be used for trick skating and advanced pro riders in skate parks and street skating.

The medium wheels can be used for street skating, vert skating, and park skating. The larger wheels of this product are for professional riders and skate filmmakers.

The price range of these wheels is reasonable and affordable. This is a perfect gift item because of the low price tag as well. There are color options available.


  • Spitfire pro skateboard wheels
  • Options of different sizes
  • Spitfire formula classic shape wheels
  • 99a durometer, hardest wheels prevent wheel bite, smooth roll with no more surface friction, roll faster on treaded surfaces
  • Riding surface – smooth surfaces, street skateboarding, and other skating styles, ride smoothly with less friction
  • High performance urethane for roughest surfaces


  • Doesn’t come with bearings

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LOSENKA Skateboard Wheels Set

This is a complete set of skateboard parts that include classy wheels at an affordable price. We will just look at the wheels first.

LOSENKA Skateboard Wheels Set

The wheels are 95A durometer wheels. It is not very hard and not very soft either. This means it doesn’t give up control for speed, or vice versa. It is the perfect point where both speed and control are perfectly balanced, as all things should be!

The wheel is made with infused integrated molded Polyurethane. This is the best wheel material, and because of the durometer, the wheel will not crack. So, durability and longevity are guaranteed with this wheel.

The wheels come with 608 Standard ABEC 9 Skateboard Bearings. The specialty of these bearings is they can roll 30 seconds without rolling. This will give you a smooth ride, smoother than most wheels on the market.

The wheels set comes with 1 inch skateboard screws, 2 mm skateboard riser pads, and a skateboard spacer. These wheels can be used with all kinds of skateboards, including longboard wheels.

The wheels on this set look fabulous and cool. They are easy to install and ready to ride. These are the perfect starting wheels for beginners but can serve professional skateboarders as well. The wheels are very photogenic and look great in trick skating photos!

The price of the whole set is very affordable, but don’t let that make you think this is a low quality product! Far from it! You are getting-


  • Metallic finish
  • It can fit most skateboard
  • standard shape wheels, durable
  • 95a durometer, hardest wheels prevent wheel bite
  • street skateboarding, skate parks, and other skating styles with less surface friction
  • Comes with many useful things, affordable


  • Packaging can be an issue (no manufacturing defects)

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Cal 7 52mm Skateboard Wheels with Bearings

Cal 7 is another high quality brand that makes highly-rated wheels for your skateboarding needs.

Cal 7 52mm Skateboard Wheels with Bearings

Cal 7 wheels are made with high quality polyurethane. This makes the wheels very durable and gives them functional longevity. The wheels are small, 52 mm x 31 mm. You get more control over the skateboard with these wheels. These skateboarding wheels make it easier for beginners and amateurs to learn to control the skateboard on their own.

The wheel is a 99A durometer wheel. This makes it a hard wheel that is durable and fast. It is a perfect blend of control and speed. Remind you of anything? Yes, this is the type of wheel you need for tricks and power slides because control and speed make trick skating and sliding possible in the first place.

The wheels come with premium bearings, eight pre lubricated ABEC 7 bearings. You can use these bearings for the best results. There are four spacers as well. All included, and provided you use them together, and you will get a smooth, stable skateboarding experience.

This is a great choice for street skating, ramp skating, pool, and park skating.

There are a wide variety of color options available for you-

  • Allstar
  • Arcade
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cross bone
  • Green
  • Interstellar
  • Notorious
  • Old School
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Retro
  • Skull Wing
  • Speedway
  • White

The price range of these premium wheels with Pre lubricated ABEC 7 bearings and spacers is very reasonable and affordable. This can be a perfect gift item as well.


  • Street skating skateboard wheels for all skill levels
  • Pre Lubricated ABEC 7 bearings, polyurethane wheels
  • Classic wheels with so many color options
  • 99a durometer, the standard shape makes it roll smoothly
  • vert skating and other skating styles with less friction


  • Possible fake products exist on the market (make sure to check for the verified store from the amazon inc. link)

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Spitfire Formula Four Skateboard Wheels

So, this is another Spitfire Skateboard wheel on our list. This is the second, actually, and this deserves to be on the list.

Spitfire Formula Four Skateboard Wheels

These Spitfire Formula Four wheels are made with high quality, durable urethane. Urethane wheels are very durable and functional, and they claim it has flat spots resistance. The wheel is 51 mm in diameter, thus giving you more control and stability over the ride.

The wheel has a 101A durometer, and this puts it on the B scale. This is the hardest wheel with more speed and easy acceleration. You can use this wheel for long rides and transportation.

The wheel has a wide profile that gives you more traction and stability even at higher speeds. Spitfire formula four wheels are smooth and have a shiny coating that might feel grippy but wears away soon.

The wheel comes in a conical shape. This lessens the contact patch and gives the wheel more control and lasting speed. The wheel’s material makes it wear resistance, grip, and speed. No more flat spots too!


  • Street skating wheels
  • Spitfire formula four
  • Conical shape wheels
  • Thin contact patch
  • 101a durometer
  • Hard wheels roll steadily


  • Doesn’t come with bearings

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Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels 53mm 83A

Bigfoot wheels wheels come in 53 mm and 55 mm sizes. They are smaller wheels and will give you more stability, and more control makes it easier for trick skating and other stunts.

Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels 53mm 83A

The wheel is an 83A durometer, meaning it is soft. It gives skaters more grip and more stability on the surface. The wheel is made with urethane, and it is very durable and long lasting. Bigfoot wheels are fast and quiet. This makes the wheel better for filming.

A hard plastic core works as a shock absorber that keeps the bearing safe and keeps the rolling easier. Other wheels that are soft and don’t have a core can slow the bearing down and thus compromise the speed, making it harder to accelerate. Not Bigfoot wheels. It guarantees speed.

This is a normal street skating wheel that is durable and perfect for concrete and asphalt skating. The wheel uses high rebound formula for speed and smoothness. This is also perfect for new skaters.

There are five color options available for you. Black, blue, green, purple, and red. The price point of these four wheel set is affordable and very reasonable considering the quality. You can buy these for yourself and your friends and kids.


  • Suitable for street skating
  • Softer wheels, 83A durometer
  • Classic wheels, more contact patch
  • Roll fluidly, small wheels
  • Has plastic core for bearing safety


  • Doesn’t come with bearings

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Powell Peralta G Bones Skateboard Wheels 64mm 97A

Powell is a reputed and well known skateboard brand since the last decade of the last century. This is one of their classic skateboarding wheel on our list.

Powell Peralta G Bones Skateboard Wheels 64mm 97a

Powell Peralta G Bones is one of the last designs of the legendary man himself, George Powell; this wheel features the graphics that George drew and then was pad printed.

This is a 64 mm wheel. As we all know, 64 mm wheels fall on the larger side of the wheel size chart. These wheels are perfect for transition skating and faster riding. Because the wheels are large, you get more RPM on less energy. This comes in handy on long rides.

If there was any doubt that it is a long ride wheel, the wheel durometer makes it clear that it is. The wheel is 97A durometer hard. It makes sure you get a faster, freer ride every time. It is suggested that these wheels should be used on skateparks, but they can be used on concrete and asphalt.

The wheel has a smooth surface and slick look. G Bones wheel is cool and very hardcore to look at. You can use this for filming as well. It is just too hardcore.

There are four colors available for this hardcore wheel set, black, blue, green, and white. The price point may seem to be a bit on the higher side, but it is worth it. With the quality and versatility of use, it is totally worth the trouble.

All Powell Peralta products have a warranty. To know more, contact the manufacturer from the link.


  • Street skating wheels
  • Sleek design, hardcore look, ride faster
  • Classic shape wheels
  • Large wheels with 97A durometer
  • Warranty available


  • Doesn’t come with bearings

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Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

This is another set of Powell Peralta skateboard wheels that have caught up with the public demand. This one is called Rat Bones.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

These rat bones wheels are made with natural urethane formula. The wheels have a wide profile that gives you a wider contact patch for durability and stability. It is easy to ride with.

The surface of the wheel is smooth, meaning there is no extra grip that might reduce your speed. It is a set of wheels for faster skateboarding; as is apparent from the durometer, 90A durometer wheels are not soft and not hard. It is the perfect blend of control and speed.

These wheels, being the finest in control and speed, is perfect for trick skating. The width gives you extra traction and stability that you require to maneuver at high speed. These wheels are perfect for other skating styles as well.

These wheels are made in Santa Barbara, California. And these are best for use in rough terrains like streets, asphalt, ditches, and gnarly pools.

The price point on this wheel is a bit high, but the wheel is worth all that money, to be honest. And, again, all Powell Peralta products come with a warranty. If you choose to buy this, contact the manufacturers from the link.


  • Durable street skating wheel
  • Rat bones classic, natural formula
  • Classic shape wheels, wide for more traction during fast speed
  • Larger wheels with 90A durometer, extra speed
  • Warranty available


  • Doesn’t come with bearings, or various sizes

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Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels 92A

Last but not least, Ricta Clouds skate wheels! This is the pick on our list, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking than any other product on our list!

Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels 92a

Ricta Clouds is a sophisticated looking wheel. It certainly looks like a cloud, and it justifies the name.

The wheel is a 92A durometer wheel on the harder side of the unit. It is a rough ride, trick skate, smoothening wheel. The wheel is made with premium urethane, so you know it is durable. The hardness is medium, as we saw.

This makes the wheel give you some grip and some speed. This can give you the peak performance but not messing with your control or speed! This smooth riding wheel is 52 mm/ 54 mm in size, allowing you more control.

This wheel comes in packs of four and has a plastic core that protects the bearing from unwanted shocks.

The price is affordable and very reasonable.


  • Durable street skating wheel for city streets treaded surface
  • Classic shape wheels provide great riding experience, good speed
  • Larger wheels with 92A durometer, no flat spotting
  • Four urethane wheels Plastic core for bearing protection


  • Doesn’t come with bearings

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Fireball Tinder 60mm Longboard Wheels

The Fireball Tinder Skateboard wheels are widely considered to be among the very best skateboard wheels currently available for use on the street. You might assume that wheels with a hardness of 81A are a little too tough for cruising, but don’t let that deceive you.  Fireball has developed a wheel that is the ideal vehicle for cruising along sidewalks, through parks, or up ramps.

Fireball Tinder 60mm Longboard Wheels

It makes no difference whether you are an experienced user or just starting out; it is really comfortable to use for everyone. Through the use of this model, you can perform simple and understated stunts. These vulnerabilities and complications can be significantly reduced in a short amount of time as the ride through this model is made more comfortable and fluid.

Longboards, cruisers, and skateboards may all make use of these wheels thanks to their specific designs. They have a diameter of 60 millimeters and are made and designed in the state of California using a B-Type formula. The one-of-a-kind urethane that has a soft feel and a strong rebound makes for a riding experience that is both quick and smooth.

When it comes to athletics, this one is a true jewel like no other. Because of the softer 81a Urethane substance that these wheels are made of, you will be able to easily, softly, and swiftly navigate over fractures, pebbles, and debris. You can go cruising, dancing, and freeriding with these wheels on your skateboard.

Each wheel has already been Slide PreppedTM so that it may leave enormous urethane lines. When you get the need to break into a slide and generate smoking clean lines, you can make use of the Fireball Slide Prepped surface, which is stone ground. As the wheel wears down over time due to ripping slides, the rounded lips produce a contact patch that is increasingly greater than it was before. The wheels are broken in gradually thanks to the rounded lips, which also facilitate consistent sliding all the way to the center.

Maximum strength and consistent sliding performance are guaranteed by the Centerset urethane fiberglass core over the wheel’s entire service life. These wheels are superior to others due to the fact that they are available in two colors, red and blue, for the same price and with the same qualities.


  • Suitable for cruising, freeriding, and dancing
  • Lips with a rounded shape
  • The best option for those who are just getting started
  • Awell-balanced core
  • Affordable
  • Soft and flexible for a steady ride
  • Contact scrap that has been friction-prepped for sliding
  • Sturdy construction


  • Not many options for durometer
  • No bearings

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Best Skateboard Wheels Buying Guide

Not all wheels are similar in quality, size, width, and brand promises. It can be hard for someone who is new to skateboarding, or even an experienced skateboarder, to buy the right wheels for themselves. The market is full of skate wheels that claim the top-quality, but they are not that good in reality. So, how to go about the purchase in such cases!

We have talked to professionals about pro skateboard wheels. These are the people who are considered an expert on this field. We have prepared a buying guide for skateboard wheels based on their opinions and customer satisfaction with the products.

This buying guide will serve you in the purchase of the best skateboard wheels for yourself. 

Let’s look at the buying guide for buying wheels for skateboarding in detail.


Wheel Size

The intended use of the wheels determines the skateboard wheel’s size. There are many different size brackets that serve different purposes and styles of skating like- trick riding, street skating, park skating, transition skating, and technical skating, etc.

Skateboard wheels have a general size range of 49 mm to 75 mm. That’s millimeters. It may not feel like much, but the impact it can have on different types of skating is huge. We don’t recommend you find out by trying.

  • The wheels on the lower side of the range, 49 mm to 52 mm, are smaller, obviously. These wheels are the ideal wheels for a technical skate wheel, and these wheels are better for tricks and stunts. Because these are smaller in size wheels, these allow you more control and stability. For the same reason, the wheels do not allow much speed.
  • The next range, 52 mm to 55 mm wheels, are all around skate wheels. These are the perfect wheels for street skating.
  • The next bracket, 55 mm to 60 mm wheels, is suited for all around skating but is perfect for transitional skating.
  • 60 mm to 65 mm wheels are the dedicated wheels for transition skate.
  • Anything over 65 mm wheels (bigger wheels) is for transportation and longer rides. These wheels allow more speed, and because the wheels are larger, you can use these wheels for higher speed and rougher surfaces and skating longboard wheels, old school boards, downhill, and dirt boards.


Durometer or Wheel Hardness

Durometer or wheel hardness is measured by A scale and B scale.  This basically translates to the amount of grip and shock absorbing capacities of wheels.

The wheels on the lower range of the durometer are softer, give you more grip, and absorb more shock. These wheels will offer you a smooth and stable ride, albeit these wheels do not allow much speed.

Hard wheels, on the other hand, are faster and have less grip and less shock absorption. Hard wheels are the wheels of choice for street skaters and transition skaters.

Look at this table to understand the durometer differences-

Durometer Scale Hardness Use
78A to 87A Soft wheel Gives great grip
88A to 95A Hard wheels Gives enough grip
96A to 101A Hard wheels Street Skating
B Scale (Bone wheels)
83B to 84B Slightly Harder wheels Technical street skating, least grip


As you can see, each wheel has its uses, and you can buy the wheel according to your need. If you are a beginner, it is generally safe to go for softer wheels (not harder wheels) because the soft wheels give you more control than you need.


Wheel Shape

There are many wheel shapes of wheels when it comes to skateboarding. You might wonder what that is all about. We are here for that too. Each shape has its own uses.

         i.   Standard

Standard wheels are the most common type of skate wheel. These wheels are slightly curved on the edges; this offers a slimmer contact area or contact path. Standard wheels are good wheels for the purpose of skateboarding.

       ii.   Conical

Conical skateboard wheels offer you a wide contact patch because the wheel’s sidewalls have a slight inward cone. This is where it gets the name conical. These wheels are very handy for skating ramps. Conical wheels are good skate wheels too.

     iii.   Radial

Radial skateboard wheels have the most contact path because of the beveled shapes of the wheels. These wider wheels wider profile wheels offer you the smoothest ride, even with the harder durometer wheels.



In contrast with standard wheels that come without a core, core wheels feature a core that is sometimes a plastic core or aluminum core. The core allows the wheel to tolerate more weight and protects the bearing from unwanted and sudden shocks on rough surfaces, uneven surfaces, and uneven terrain.

Standard wheels do not have cores. They latch on to the bearing directly. This is why you must purchase the wheels that are apt for the type of riding you are going to do with your wheels. There is no extra protection for the bearing on the standard skate wheels, but their protection is ample for the type of skating they are made for.

Our list features both kinds of wheels for your skateboarding experience.


Cruiser Wheels

As the name suggests, cruiser wheels are for a smooth and slower ride. These wheels have a low durometer that gives you more grip and absorbs more shocks.

Cruiser wheels are not perfect for any tricks or stunts, and you can find these wheels on longboards and old school skateboards. These wheels are for beginners and amateurs.



Many people will disagree, but brands are also an important buying consideration. Let us explain, and brands have been producing excellent skateboard wheels for years. They have a company structure that includes workers, quality checks, quality controls, and many other apparatuses that ensures no low quality product goes out in the market and tarnish their good name.

To protect their reputation, they have to make sure they are making and supplying the high-quality skateboard wheels because one batch of low quality products can take them out of the market competition forever! They will not risk it.

You can trust brands, as long as they have recommendations and reviews from regular people who have bought new wheels and found them very handy.

These are the vital considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the skateboard wheels. Our list features all the options you have just read, and we hope you can find your next favorite skate wheel from our list.

Please keep in mind and we are not affiliated with any brand here. We don’t earn from any brands for advertising.


Final Words

The list you see before you result from the reviews of the skateboard wheels that customers prefer. They have used these wheels, and they have reviewed the wheels to be the most useful. We stand by the customers.

Additionally, this must be mentioned again; we don’t have any brand pitching here. There is no scope for favoritism; this list is 100% based on the customers.

However, we understand that many other skateboard wheels you may have bought from your local shops or received as gifts. You may have found them to be the most suitable for your purposes. Please contact us with your reviews and recommendations (data rights protected by our privacy policy).

We appreciate your support and suggestion for us. Please write to us with your comments and advice.



Are bones or Spitfire wheels better?

Ans: Both are good on their own terms. Based on reviews, however, it is certain that more people lean towards Spitfire wheels.

What are the ideal skateboard wheels for rough roads?

Ans: The best wheels for rough roads are the softer, lower durometer wheels. These wheels absorb more shock and give you a smoother ride.

What are the smoothest skateboard wheels?

Ans: The smoothest skateboard wheels on our list are Spitfire wheels and FreeDare wheels.

What wheels are best for street skateboarding?

Ans: From our research, we can vouch for the wheels from Shark Wheels. Other famous brands include FreeDare, Spitfire, CAL 7, Powell Peralta, etc.

Which is the best skateboard wheel with bearings?

Ans: The finest skateboard wheels with bearings are FreeDare and Cal 7.

Which skateboard wheels should I get?

Ans: That depends on what type of skating you are doing. Refer to our buying guide.

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