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Best skateboard wax is a necessary product all skateboarders. We all know that, skateboards and roller skates have had a revival in recent years. Due to the constant need for environmentally sustainable transportation, and health concern that has come up in the recent years, the skateboard and roller skate craze is here to stay.

We are here to help those who want to pursue this healthy, environmentally sustainable, and outdoor activity as much as we can. People who have taken up skateboarding or who are looking to rekindle the old flame; we are trying to help those people.

Skateboarding is so much more than just transportation and sustainability. It is a skill that has to be acquired through years of hard work and dedication. People can do skateboard tricks with ample practice and dedication.

Skateboard tricks and stunts are a matter for professional skateboarders that require years of training, courage, and practice. And it takes a toll on skateboard wax. We can take care of the skateboard wax part for you.

In our article, we have reviewed the finest skateboard waxes that are customer favorites. We will see the most-desired qualities and the cons of these customers’ favorite skate wax.


9 Top-Rated Skateboard Waxes Reviewed

Read on, and you will be able to find the most suitable skateboard wax for your skateboard.


Pebeo Gilding Wax

Pebeo’sgliding wax can be used as a skateboard wax because it is made with fine metal particles overlayed with a binder of wax and resin for the smoothest feel. This wax gives you the sleekest, cleanest, and most radiant look for your skateboard.

Pebeo Gilding Wax


This wax is easy to apply and easily melts with the friction that gives you the glide you can hope for in a trick skateboard stunt.

Pebeo’s gliding wax is dirt and moisture resistant and is the most reliable wax for your skateboard.

You can use this high density wax in your private rink, curbs, and rails slick for grinding. This French metallic wax is way better than any non-branded gimmicky birthday candle conglomeration. Putting this liquid wax on your rink keeps curbs and rails smooth and rust free. This friction killing wax is favorite among skateboard lovers, good skateboarding helpers, and people who generally enjoy skating.

This liquid wax comes in a 30ml jar. You have five color options that will add glamor to your Skateboard. You have silver, renaissance, gold, copper, and empire color options to choose from.

Pebeo’s gliding wax has many other uses. You can use it to protect any wooden furniture, canvas, plaster, cardboard, glass, glass bowls, metal (skateboard joints too), pottery, and another household metallic and non-metallic precious commodities.

This French product comes in a 4.8 ounces package that is 2.17 inches x 0.85 inches x 1.77 inches in size. You can ask the company for a manufacturer’s warranty through their customer service.


  • Easier to apply than other waxes
  • Fine metal particles coated binder of wax
  • Dirt and rust resistant
  • Multipurpose wax
  • Keeps rails  and curbs smooth


  • Sometimes too watery
  • Can’t be used to smooth rough ground

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Dime Bag Hardware Triple Slick Skateboard Curb Wax

DimeBag triple slick skateboard wax comes in 4 pieces packs. Each piece is individually wrapped and pocket sized, triangular-shaped wax for ease of application.

Dime Bag Hardware Triple Slick Skateboard Curb Wax

The 2-inch on-all-side triangle shaped skateboard wax piece is 5/8 inch thick. The product is affordable, and so you can buy many packs for future use. They have a long shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about throwing them away anytime soon.

Thisdime bag hardware triple slick curb wax is a small skateboard wax; you can fit the whole pack in your pockets.

These dime bag hardware triple slick wax are scented. You have the red colored wax that is cherry scented smell, green colored wax that is apple scented smell, blue colored – blueberry scented smell, yellow color- lemon scented smell. You can get an assorted pack with one of each scented smell.

You can use this dime bag hardware skate wax in many other places- a ledge, curbs, rails, benches, grinding surfaces, and in some cases, on rough ground as well. You can use this wax on the nose and tail areas of your skateboards. You can put some on the trucks for smoother surface grinding and can use on the wheels to reduce the wheel bite as well. These waxes are easy to take off because the wax melt is easier with this, and you can take this wax off as melted wax.

The triple slick curb comes at a really affordable price. Skateboarders all around prefer this wax for its low price.


  • Easier to hold and apply curb wax
  • Can be used to smooth rough surfaces
  • Dirt and rust resistant curb wax
  • Triple slick wax smells are flavored
  • Easier to take off
  • Can be used on a ledge, curb, rail, and board, truck, and wheels


  • Too small for some skateboards

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Shorty’s Curb Candy skateboard Wax Stash

Shorty’s Curb Candy Wax Stash is a classic and reliable wax set. This set comes with four separate, individually wrapped bar waxes. This is the perfect set for beginners who are just wandering along the trick pavements.

Shorty's Curb Candy skateboard Wax Stash

Shortys skateboards wax reduces friction that can cause speed reduction and gives you a smooth ride. You can use this candy large bar wax for grinding surfaces and trucks and wheels. This is a pocket sized, light, and portable wax that is very affordable for beginners and amateurs.

Shorty’s a decades-old American manufacturer that has grown along with the craze of roller skating and skateboarding has grown.

This candy wax set takes away extra friction that can cause speed reduction that may affect your momentum but is not too slippery that you would go flying. So, it is the perfect blend of fun and caution, which is why Shorty’s curb wax or candy large bar wax is one of the highest-rated skate wax in America today.

The skateboard curb wax package is very light weight and small. It is like a deck of cards. The image shows a box that the four pieces come in on. But some customers reported that it doesn’t come in that box any longer. It used to, but this has been discontinued. We don’t know the reason, but this is an issue with some customers and reviewers.

Shorty’s skateboards wax is a top class product, nonetheless. But the box was of particular interest to some users and skateboard enthusiasts, and they feel it is a hassle to carry without the box.

To be honest, the waxes are pretty sturdy and solid, and the box debacle doesn’t affect much. But the advertisement promise is what bugs people somewhat. If you can overlook that, go for Shorty’s Curb Candy Wax Stash because this is as good as it gets.


  • Can be used to smooth rough surfaces
  • Easier to take off curb wax
  • Can be used on a ledge, curb, rail, and board, truck, and wheels


  • The box is discontinued

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Bones Rat skateboard Wax II

This is a product from the famous skateboard-roller skate wheels manufacturer company Bones Wheels.

Bones Rat skateboard Wax II

This is around, 60 grams pack of buttery paraffin wax, which is one of the finest in the business. These waxes are made with keeping top levels of customer satisfaction in mind. We can affirmatively say that Bones Wheels made Bones Rat Wax II has achieved customer satisfaction, adoration, and recommendation.

Although these waxes are made just for skateboarding uses, you can easily use this wax on metal, plastic, timber, concrete, and also on your skateboard, trucks, and wheels.

The wax is waterproof and removes squeakiness from the trucks. Bones Rat Wax II Vato White Wax Cup is safe for your bearing wheels and works great with urethanes and other wheel materials. And, you can use these awesome wax curbs and rails slick for grinding.

This right wax gives you the ability to slide on any slide-able or even slide-worthy surface. Just apply perfect skateboard wax on any surface and slide away. But never use too much, that can cause major accidents. Look for safety first. This paraffin wax may look similar to candle wax, but it is nothing like candle wax.

Many customers recommend it highly, and frankly, our research found it was not candle wax, even though some people may have suggested it is. So, you can purchase this wax without any hesitation.


  • Can be used on a ledge, board, truck, and wheels
  • Recommended by skateboarders
  • Professional wheel manufacturer made wax
  • Can be used to smooth rough surfaces


  • There are misconceptions that need to be dealt with (not a con of the product)

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Nuanchu Skateboard Wax

Nuanchu Skateboard Wax is another top reviewed wax we have come across in our research.

This wax (comes in 2 pieces packs) can be used directly on the surface or on the skateboards. You get even surfaces and fluid movements with this wax.

Nuanchu Skateboard Wax

This is a lightweight package, easy to carry and apply. So, you can keep a pair in your pockets. Furthermore, these waxes have a long shelf life, so you can even buy and store them for a long time.

Nuanchu wax can be used to waterproofing your Skateboard and as a corrosion guard for your trucks and wheels (put less on the wheels, though). Also, these bar waxes are very cheap and portable for your convenience.

The wax gives you more fluidity and agility in movement, minimizes friction that can cause speed reduction, and makes your experience smoother. This is better than the DIY candle conglomeration that people with no experience recommend.

Some people have used this wax to efficiently take care of the spring loaded pop making sound in the skateboards.

You have three color options, white, red, and green. The wax is sized 5.4 cm in length and 1.5 cm in thickness.

This wax is one of the top rated products that have come in the top list of our research. It comes recommended by a significant number of skateboarders.


  • Can be used to smooth rough surfaces
  • Great skateboarding wax
  • Can be used on a ledge, curb, rail, and board, truck, and wheels
  • Recommended by skateboarders


  • Some say it is too small (read the size description, maybe!)

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CCS Skateboard Wax

CCS Skateboard Wax is one of the most affordable wax on our list. Also, this wax has a fan base of its own. Many skateboarders have specifically recommended this wax for their peers and friends.

CCS Skateboard Wax

The price of this wax is really cheap, but don’t let that fool you. You can get it at a low price. It is waterproof wax that can be used anywhere, such as uneven concrete surfaces, rough and uneven roads, metal surfaces, and wood.

This wax guarantees a perfect and fluid skateboarding experience.

The very high quality wax is the perfect blend of affordability and class, efficiency and looks, value for money, and coolness. And the size of this is huge, considering the money you are paying for.

You can use these awesome wax curbs and rails slick for grinding.

This blue piece of magic wax is suitable for beginners, amateurs, and some professional skateboarders alike. These bar waxes are very cheap and portable for your convenience.

It is easy to hold and apply and even easier to take off with slight heat melting wax.

The only downside with this cool looking blue work of art is that it is not edible! Jokes apart, though, we feel this could have been way better if this wax was scented. Maybe a bit of a blueberry flavor might be apt for this wax.

The package is a small and light package. Suppose you want to buy a sophisticated wax that adds a certain bit of class to your Skateboard. In that case, you can get this wax without any hesitation.


  • Great classy looking wax
  • Can be used on a ledge, curb, rail, and board, truck, and wheels
  • Recommended by skateboarders
  • Smoother rails and curbs


  • Not scented
  • Doesn’t come individually wrapped

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Spitfire Skateboard Curb Wax

Splitfire is a funky looking, dope wax for skateboard wax uses.

Spitfire Skateboard Curb Wax

Spitfire curb wax features a face on flame, typically associated with Ghost Rider movies and comic book heroes. He was known for his daredevil skills, stunt, speed, and strength. It is a nod to the pop-culture hero who is a speedster and stunt performing hero.

This association is what makes this skate wax very popular and desired among the daredevils of the skateboard community and the people who enjoy skateboarding.

This small, light weight, pocket-able skate wax is made with the first-class materials, mixing candle wax good with other friction killing materials. Candle wax gives you water proofing and other protection. In contrast, other friction killers like olive oil allow you to slide and glide along the surfaces.

Spitfire curb wax fills the scratches and nooks of the previous uses and gives you a sleeker and cleaner skateboard to slide and glide on with.

You can fill the cracks by melting wax and pour the wax melt into the cracks and scratches for a beautiful board.

Spitfire curb wax is a dope skate wax for waxing curbs, ledges, trucks, and wheels. It is very convenient and cheap. It reduces friction that can cause accidents effectively.

The was is just 2 inches X 1.5 inches in size, but the price allows you to get more than one. The shelf life of this skate wax is pretty long with these waxes, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money by throwing them away. Also, It can be a wonderful present for your friends.


  • Dope skate wax
  • Can be used on a ledge, curb, rail, and board, truck, and wheels
  • Recommended by skateboarders as the skateboard curb wax
  • Skateboarding wax for street skating


  • People assume it would be much bigger

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Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Curb Wax

The Santa Cruz Wax is another dope skate wax because of the way it looks.

Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Curb Wax

The blue hand shaped skateboard curb wax features a screaming mouth on its body, which symbolizes skateboarding. For instance, skateboarding is a harmless outdoor sport. People use skateboards to go from place to place, but there is a negative connotation that people have attached to them. This particular feature felt like a symbol of awareness against the stereotype.

The Santa Cruz Skate’s marvellous and dope skate wax is a blend of awareness and class. Moreover, it gives your skateboard water proofing, dust proofing, and safety from other pollutants.

Screaming hand curb wax is a very premium quality product that is very efficient and productive for the purpose. This is compatible with various surfaces like wood, concrete, metal, plastic, and on your skateboards, of course. It smells like fresh bubble gum.

The was fits in your pocket. The size is 4 inches X 2 inches X 4 inches and weighs 160 grams. This curb wax is a good deal for $11.45.

This premium-quality wax is a rad and dope skate wax for the skateboarders, skateboard enthusiasts, and up-and-coming skateboarders.


  • Dope skate wax from Santa Cruz
  • Patented design
  • Recommended by skateboarders
  • Skateboarding wax for street skating


  • Some products stick to rails (not a very significant number, but still)

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Shake Junt Skateboard Curb Wax

This wax is equipped with non-cracking and odorless characteristics as standard. Furthermore, this wax has a pleasing color scheme, with green and yellow. Like some of the other skate waxes, this compound has a long shelf life, is simple to use, and leaves a shining finish on the skate.

Shake Junt Skateboard Curb Wax

This skateboard wax would be an excellent present for people who are passionate about skateboarding. You could also offer it to members of your family or close friends who share your passion for the sport. Your longboard’s plastic-coated surface can easily be scuffed. Skaters at all levels, from pros to amateurs, usually employ this.

The ability of this skateboard curb wax to smooth over rough terrain and reduce fractions is something that appeals to us. When you glide over a hard surface, it can help you pick up speed more swiftly. In addition to this, it will assist in completing the brilliant action while allowing your body to keep its agility.

It is of the utmost importance to practice skateboarding techniques using the best skateboard wax available, since this can help eliminate action lag. This skate wax ensures that rails and curbs remain smooth for grinding. This piece should also keep you going for some time. It functions as indicated, has the ability to minimize friction, and can smooth any surface. The durability of this wax is at an all-time high. This wax is fantastic, and it can complete the task just as simply as its rivals can.

The one and only thing we can suggest is that rather than giving too little attention to this component, they ought to put more effort into marketing this particular product. Because the product can be put to use for a variety of applications, ignoring it as an investment opportunity is a completely inefficient choice. However, if you have no other options, this product may not be to your taste in terms of its appearance; however, it will undoubtedly accomplish the goal for which it was created.


  • You can use it for a long time because it’s a reasonable size
  • Designed with gliding in mind
  • Adults and children alike will find it simple to use
  • Distracting noises can be eliminated
  • A reasonable price
  • Long shelf-life


  • Not visually stunning

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Why Should You Wax Your Skateboard?

Skateboard wax is made from paraffin based chemical wax. These waxes reduce the friction that happens on curbs and rails slick and any other hard surfaces. Wax gives you the ability to slide on the surfaces with less friction that can cause a reduction of speed, agility, and manoeuvrability. Skate waxes smooth out the rough surfaces, give you a smoother ride, and save your Skateboard from unwanted damage.

Waxing your skateboard will protect your skateboard. When you learn to do semi-pro tricks such as sliding, 50-50, power sliding, etc., you get tremendous friction between your skateboard and the surface. This makes your board slower and reduces the momentum that you need to go through with the trick. At the very least, you will not be able to perform the trick you desire. In worst cases, you might get injured because you did not have enough momentum.

Waxes protect your Skateboard from getting unwanted and annoying scratches and damages that ruin the sleek look. Those little scratches will eventually damage your whole Skateboard. If you love skateboarding, durable skateboards are a necessity.

Another protection that skate wax provides is that it saves your skateboard from moisture. Skateboards are made of several pieces of wood. Like baseball bats, skateboards are pressed to get all the moisture out. And then, a skateboard is given a protective layer of varnish to keep the moisture out. But if you scratch or bump your skateboard, that layer might wear down. And that might lead to your board absorbing moisture. The moisture can damage your skateboard and also cause horrible accidents. Waxing might just be the answer to this problem.

Moreover, waxing protects the metal parts of your Skateboard from water and corrosion. A simple application of wax can protect the delicate metal joints that hold your weight.

Skateboard wax also protects your board from dust, rust, and other pollutants. Some skateboard waxes are scented. So, your skateboard will smell fresh all the time, not to mention the sleek, shiny finish that you get from applying skate wax!

In essence, waxes give your skateboard a clean, shiny, sleek, durable, and long-serving life while making you look cool and serious skater with all the cool tricks like sliding, 50-50, power sliding, etc.,


Skateboard Wax Buyer’s Guide

The waxes we have reviewed can be called the top-of-the-line skateboard wax in the market. These products are the skateboard waxes that people have used and found to be extremely effective, efficient, and overall perfect for the purpose of reducing friction. All of these premium products are perfect for metal, plastic, wood, and concrete curbs and helps in creating professional gilding effects.

We have covered why you should use skateboard wax, leading wax brands, and now we will see a buyer’s guide. We will see a “how to use” section, but let’s see the buyer’s guide first.


Types of Wax

There are many types of great wax available in the market nowadays. There are the classic bar wax, liquid wax or ledge lube, paste or pastel, and spray wax. Each of the products has its uses. But, skateboarders, skateboard lovers, and good skateboarding helpers prefer bar wax because it is small and easy to carry while skateboarding.

Liquid or spray waxes come in larger packaging (larger than bar waxes) and can affect your mobility of movement. But bar waxes are better because you can keep them in your pockets and even in your gloves. After all, they are very light. Bar waxes have a longer shelf life than any other kind of waxes in the market. Our consultation with the seasoned skateboarders recommends bar waxes because those are the premium skateboard wax.


Color and Design

There are many colors and shapes of skateboard wax in the market. You need to select what you think is the most suitable for you.

It is better to buy in packs so that you will have extra wax at the ready. Please select the color wisely because it needs to be the same as your Skateboard for a perfect blend. Otherwise, the color of your skateboard might look odd and weird.

Wax leaves marks on the longboards. These marks are not particularly a problem, but they kind of ruins the sleek look. If you want a rad photo for your Instagram page, these things can ruin your perfect photo. Match the color, or at least the type of color, with your board. Darker colored skateboard wax for your darker skateboards, and light colored wax for your light colored skateboards.

Designs of wax are important because it is easier to apply rectangular and square shaped, flat wax bars. We have added some other shapes for all our readers.

The design is not that big of a deal, though. It is a matter of convenience. Flat and rectangular waxes are easy to apply and carry. But if you feel like buying a rad skateboard wax, you can go for any shape.



Boards are the first consideration while buying skateboard waxes. New and fresh skateboards do not need wax for the first few months. If you are an amateur or beginner, skate wax is not mandatory for you. If you are willing to learn tricks (after your basic training, of course), then you should consider wax.

Suppose your board is years old, and you have a particular fondness for that skateboard. In that case, you should get the ideal wax and apply it regularly if you want a long serving board.



Brands are an important consideration while buying pretty much anything. It is not a bias. Brands have a reputation to protect, and that is why they must produce and supply the high-quality product 100% of the time. Some people use homemade waxes for their skateboards. That is a mistake because manufacturing takes research and practice. Not to mention the health hazard and risks associated with working with complex chemicals. You have to know the element skateboards are made with and if the chemicals you are using are safe to mix with those elements. It is a complex, risky and unnecessary process. You can get a professionally made wax for less time, money, and effort.

You can be 100% sure that the brands we have covered today are the top skateboard wax manufacturers there is.



Skateboard waxes are a good investment for your precious board and your safety. But you should look for reasonably priced products. All of our reviewed skateboard waxes are from famous brands and are very affordable for you. Please refer to the list if you have made a decision to buy a wax right now.


How to Apply Skateboard Wax

Applying skateboard wax is pretty straightforward. You put some wax in your hand, grind it, and rub it on the surface, curbs and rails slick, and some on the bottom of your board. Experimenting with the wax allows you to understand the amount your board needs. Start from less wax and gradually move to as much wax you need for a specific trick. Never use too much wax because if it gets too slippery, you might end up hurting yourself.

This is a good place to mention how you should take off skateboard wax from your skateboards. The wax leaves stains on the Skateboard. Some people use an oven-safe bowl or oven warm water to remove the wax with heat. But there are commercial products to take wax off, and you can look into that.


Final Thoughts

Now that we have given you a complete list of the top-notch skateboard wax, buyer’s guide, user guide, and other specifics, you are almost ready to perform rad tricks with your Skateboard (If you haven’t bought a skateboard wax, go back up to the list).

Remember, personal safety is the most important while skateboarding. And always remember to put enough wax, not too less, because that will make you lose balance and momentum. Too much wax, and you will find that your skateboard slides further and faster than you anticipated. That might cause accidents.

As a general rule of thumb- private skate rinks sometimes have waxed surfaces, so you don’t need to put wax on the surface. Public rinks, however, don’t always have that. So it is better to check.

Competitions might take care of the waxing. Again, check before putting skateboard wax on your skateboard.

And remember, always wear protective gear such as helmets and wrist guards while skating.



Are toy machine waxes any good?

Ans: Our research found Toy machine waxes and Dope skate wax pineapple, Nyjah Elements skate wax are unavailable for purchase.

How do you do the perfect skate wax?

Ans: Skateboard wax is done perfectly when you use them, as we have discussed up there. But, in essence, attention to detail is the key, and cleaning is the most important factor in this case. Refer to our user guide up there.

Is skate wax the same as candle wax?

Ans: As far as the main ingredient is concerned, it is the same. But skateboard wax is so much more than the main ingredient. It is not safe to use candle wax on skateboards due to low melting point. So, don’t go melting your leftover candles and wax pieces!

What can you use for skateboard wax?

Ans: You should use skateboard wax! Although, some people think DIY skate wax is as good as commercially produced wax. That is not true at all! Do not try those DIY skate waxes; in fact, DO NOT try any DIY project that includes chemicals at all.

What is the best skateboard wax?

Ans: Skateboard wax is made by many brands. Some are Spitfire curb wax, Santa Cruz Skate wax, Pebeo’s gliding wax, Dime Bag triple slick skateboard wax, Bones Rat Wax II Vato White Wax Cup, CCS Skateboard Wax, Transmissionatorpurple skate wax (Toy machine), Dope skate wax pineapple, Nyjah wax. They make great wax.

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