The 8 Best Ice Skates for You to Rule The Rink This Winter

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The best ice skates are essential for making the most out of snowy and chilly days. Ice and snow sports like sledding and ice skating are among the season’s highlights.

To enjoy and maximize these activities, you must have the necessary skills and equipment. Skill is crucial, but you can still enjoy the experience with an excellent pair of skates, whether you are a beginner, an amateur, or a pro.

This article lists the seven best ice skates that will ensure you have a blast this season. With that, we have prepared a complete buyer’s guide for you to make your decision process easier. In the end, we will answer some of the most asked questions regarding the ice skates.

Let’s glide into it!


8 Best Ice Skates Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Regardless of you aiming to play ice hockey, perfect figure-eight turns, or just circle the rink with friends or a date, you’ll need a pair of top-notch ice skates. Take a look at these alternatives for hockey players, figure skaters, kids, toddlers, and more.

These are our carefully selected top picks for the best ice skates.


American Athletic Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates

These American Athletic Ice Skates are excellent figure skates for women, available under $100 price point. They are best-selling, stylish, and well-fitting. Their easy-clean PVC surface with tricot lining makes them easy to maintain.

American Athletic Women's Tricot Lined Ice Skates

They are ideal ice skates for the beginners. They have plastic blade shields pre-installed. Notably, these are part of the package and not designed for reuse. The blades are easily cleanable.

The ankle support of these ice skates is multi-layered, making them comfortable to skate in. With hollow ground and a padded, form-fitting tongue, this makes the footwear very comfy. The blade is made of nickel-plated steel.

Given their low price, these ice skates are ideal for recreational or beginner use. During our investigation, these boots’ price was slightly under $50.


  • The tricot lining makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • The affordable price point for beginners
  • Superior durability
  • Efficient and long lasting blades
  • Padding and multi-layered ankle support
  • Easily snug fit most users


  • A bit larger foot size than advertised

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Jackson Ultima SoftSkate Figure Skates for Women

To achieve unrivaled value in recreational figure skate for adults, Jackson designed the Finesse Series. SoftSkates by Jackson combine Jackson Ultima Softec warmth and comfort with classic white figure skates. The boot is paired with Jackson’s new beginner-level Ultima blade, a blade technology leader. Luxury comfort to get you started.

Jackson Ultima SoftSkate Figure Skates for Women

This Jackson Ultima creation has a reinforced vinyl upper, thick padded tongue, and collar for support, warmth, and comfort.

The ice skate boot is paired with Jackson’s beginner level Ultima Mark I blade, which has a less aggressive pick pattern than the Mark II and is factory sharpened. You might need to make them sharp later.

The Finesse Series ice skates include new attractive, no-maintenance, durable PVC outsoles with a stylish chromed insert.

The fully lined squishy foam padding of these figure skates gives comfort and support while skating.

These Jackson ice skates are built with skaters, coaches, and technicians in mind, and combining all the good features from Jackson Ultima Softec, so you can proudly dominate the rink as a beginner.


  • Ensures good performance
  • Perfect figure skate for beginners
  • Perfect fit and support
  • Durable build
  • A wide range of foot sizes
  • Reasonable price for a beginner
  • Available for both women and girls
  • Aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated


  • The ice skates need further sharpening

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Lake Placid Summit Adjustable Ice Skate for Boys

Lake Placid’s revolutionary ice skating boot is developed by keeping the users’ convenience as a priority. It expands to four sizes, allowing you or your child to use it as they grow.

Lake Placid Summit Adjustable Ice Skate for Boys

This Ice skate has a push-button size adjustment to fit many foot sizes, which is the main reason why ice skating enthusiasts love these skates.

The Summit Boys Ice Skate has a waterproof sole, allowing you to spend more time on the ice without getting wet.

Warm woven liners with the comfort padding of these ice skates provide optimal comfort no matter how long you wear these ice skating boots. This feature of the liner allows you to ride through the ice as comfortably as possible.

A locking buckle strap makes this skate boot easy to put on and keep on your feet.

The stainless steel blade provides for effortless gliding on the ice. This blade can be sharpened to your desired finish.


  • Foot size is expandable
  • Fits nicely on your feet
  • Lightweight ice skates
  • Comfortable to wear for ice skating, thanks to the woven liner
  • The locking straps work fabulously for good performance
  • The pricing is very affordable
  • Durable, youth-friendly skates


  • Not recommended ice skates for beginners

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Riedell 110 Opal Recreational Figure Skates

Figure skaters who are just starting out should still invest in high-quality ice skates. The Riedell 110 Opal skates are good ice skates for beginners. These are a no-frills beginner skate, providing everything you need to get started in figure skating.

Riedell 110 Opal Recreational Figure Skates

The 110 Opal ice skates are a popular choice since they are made to be comfortable, which is especially crucial for beginner skaters who are still getting acclimated to the sensation of being on the ice. They have a lighter stiffness rating of 20, so they won’t be too rough or stiff on your ankles.

Even though they are not firm, the 110 Opal Figure skates provide a lot of cushions, which is just what you need as a beginner skater. The split tongue is intended to aid in gaining traction on the ice. An awesome extra feature is the PVC sole unit of these ice skates, and it keeps your feet dry.

The blade has a clean edge and is nickel-coated. It also comes pre-sharpened, making it easier for a beginner skater who is still finding out what they need to do. The Opal ice skate is a wonderful pick if you search for an skate to get you started. These are excellent starter figure skates, but they will not grow with you.


  • Extremely comfortable for beginners, thanks to foam quarter padding
  • Handmade quilted lining for cushioned feet
  • Light stiffness for good performance
  • Pre-sharpened when you purchase them
  • Excellent ankle support for beginners


  • Not meant for long-term heavy use
  • Shipping takes a while

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Lake Placid Monarch Adjustable Ice Skate for Beginners

These pairs of boy’s ice skates are built to last and perform well. Lake Placid is a major manufacturer of adjustable ice skates, and this one is no exception.

Lake Placid Monarch Adjustable Ice Skate for Beginners

The skate is adjustable in size and has two adjustable straps. The waterproof padding and woven lining of these ice skates keep the pairs cozy for ice skating. The shock-absorbing padding for the ankle is likewise of great quality.

Then comes the blades. They are stainless steel blades with a strong blade body joint. Although the blades appear dull, they can be sharpened if required. But a beginner should start with the factory sharpened blades.

With its immaculate design and workmanship, this pair of skates is the perfect choice for boys on a budget. This is an excellent pair of hockey skates for any young ice hockey fan.


  • A good ice hockey skates preference for a beginner
  • Comfortable to wear during ice skating, thanks to the woven line
  • Adjustable with a push button
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Reasonable price point


  • Blades don’t come pre-sharpened

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Lake Placid Starglide Double Runner Figure Ice Skate for Girls

The Lake Placid Starglide Ice Skates are ideal for novices and are designed for girls in the shape of a sports boot.

Lake Placid Starglide Double Runner Figure Ice Skate for Girls

These figure skates have double-runner blades for enhanced balance while learning to skate and coordinate the feet and legs. The blades of these ice skates are heat-treated, zinc-plated, and edge-hardened

The uppers are made of smooth vinyl and contain padding for greater comfort and a firm lace fastening.

These ice skates include a strong pull-tab on the rear of the heel for easy dressing. They have a lovely pink and white design with pink laces that will go with any outfit.

The extra padding and slick vinyl materials make this excellent figure skate quite comfortable to wear.

Beginners will love how cozy they are and want to stay on the ice for extended periods to practice.

Double blades are suitable for a very young and amateur skater who wants to feel more confident and secure on the rink. These ice skates have such blades so that children can learn the sport with ease and steadiness.

These adorable skates for little girls come at a lower price than the norm. They are valuable because of the two blades, the charming pattern and color, and the sturdy laces and hooks.

Several online customers expressed disappointment that these amazing skates could not be sharpened. This is because they are beginner figure skates designed to get the child acquainted with ice skating movements and standing with them. They are not intended for long-term ice skating training, nor are they intended for extensive sessions and lessons.


  • Has double-runner blades
  • Upper is padded with smooth vinyl
  • Heat-treated, zinc-plated, edge-hardened carbon steel blades
  • Back heel pull-tab
  • Reasonable price
  • Stunning pink and white design


  • Not enough ankle support for very frequent uses

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American Athletic Men’s Tricot Lined Figure Skates for Beginners

These figure skates are our top pick for males. They’re also beginners ice skates with multi-layered ankle support. The boots are composed of advanced easy-care PVC. The blades are made of nickel-plated steel with hollow ground.

American Athletic Men's Tricot Lined Figure Skates for Beginners

The tongue is fitted, and there is full-quarter padding for further comfort. So, they’re terrific rink or pond figure skates. So easy to clean!

These ice skates come at a very reasonable price. However, if you want proper figure skates for intermediate and competition levels, these are not for you.

The blades contain a little toe pick to help beginners gain balance and stability (but not enough for jumping or spinning because they are starter boots).

These ice skates come in black or white, and feature factory sharpened blades. The cotton lacing is easy to knot.

These figure skates were around $50 at the time of our assessment. We appreciate that these skates are both affordable and quite comfy right out of the box!


  • Comfortably wearable for ice skating
  • Fit very well
  • Pre-mounted blades
  • Lightweight skates
  • Excellent value for money for beginner level
  • Great ice skates for the beginners, thanks to the toe pick


  • Not recommended for intermediate and professional level skater

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Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Allure Women’s Adult Figure Skates

As long as Bladerunner has been around, they’ve seen it all when it comes to skating. Bladerunner ice is a great example of this. For a smooth and enjoyable skate tour, this is an excellent product that gives enough comfort, agility, and high performance. Because of the way it is constructed, the center of gravity is moved lower, which in turn improves safety, balance, and control.

Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Allure Women's Adult Figure Skates

The Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Allure Women’s Adult Figure Skates feature a sleek and attractive appearance that’s ideal for any ice skater, beginner or not. You can skate worry-free with these skates, which give maximum comfort and support while requiring minimal care. They’re ideal for newbies and casual skaters alike, thanks to their excellent fit and supportive construction.

If you’re looking to show off your style while skating, these are the skates for you. With strengthened uppers and ankle support, these ice skates offer stability and a perfect fit, while the resilient synthetic uppers deliver solid performance with trendy updated looks. These Rollerblade Allure Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Allure Women’s Adult Figure Skates are sure to become your go-to skates.

Those skaters who seek the best in both performance and comfort should look no farther than these shoes. They have a tongue and ankle padding that is both soft and supportive, making ice skating a delight. The Bladerunner Ice skate has a lace closing mechanism and a PVC outsole, making it ideal for those who want a tailored fit and easy maintenance.

The Bladerunner Ice Skates have lace closures with lace hooks, allowing you to fine-tune the fit of the skates to your personal preference. The stainless-steel blades on these top-of-the-line figure ice skates ensure a constant and smooth ride. As long as you keep them clean, these skates are excellent for anyone wishing to jazz up their skating style. A noncorrosive stainless-steel blade is included with each pair of Bladerunner ice skates. Additionally, you’ll be able to pull off some incredible ice tricks with ease.


  • Excellent comfort is provided by cushioned tongue and ankle areas.
  • Consists of uppers with added reinforcement and an ankle support
  • Gliding is effortless,thanks to the stainless-steel blades
  • An adjustable lacy fastening with lace hooks ensures a perfect fit
  • Allow for maximum comfort and support while requiring minimal care


  • Blades are not removable
  • Not lightweight

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Buying Guide for The Best Ice Skates

When we go our thorough guide, we make sure to include the features that most ice skate buyers are likely to be looking for.

If you’re shopping for a new pair of ice skates, the following are some of the essential factors and qualities we recommend you check for.


Types of Ice Skates

Each ice sport demands a unique set of skates. So, ice skates are available in various styles and sizes to suit all ice skaters. Four popular ice skate varieties are figure skates, recreational skates, hockey skates, and speed skates.

      i. Figure Skates

The most popular ice skating sport is figure skating. Its acrobatics, tricks, and spins necessitate special ice skates. Figure skates have boots with a tiny heel and hollow-ground, stainless steel blades that extend about an inch past the boot. Their curving fronts have toe picks that permit particular motions by balancing toes.

Pro adult figure skaters have leather boots, generally custom-fitted, and customized stainless steel blades. Figure skates may cost hundreds of dollars.

    ii. Recreational Skates

These are the skates used by recreational ice skaters (both adults and kids). These skates resemble figure skates, but they lack the ankle padding and support required for a professional figure skater. Children’s recreational skates with twin blades for increased balance are available. Ice skates for kids are reasonably priced, so you must decide whether to buy or rent. Kids outgrow their ice skates quickly, but you should buy them if your child is in a regular ice skating program.

Rent ice skates if you go every few months. Some companies produce adjustable ice skates for roughly $130 that accommodate up to 4 shoe sizes. This may help your child not outgrow their skates too soon. Casual recreational skates range in price from $40 to $100, depending on quality.

   iii. Ice Hockey Skates

Ice hockey skates are another type of ice skate. Ice hockey skates have a boot that resembles an athletic shoe. The curved front and back blades allow a skater to glide in all directions without breaking a sweat. Ice hockey skates must be tough enough to withstand damage from hockey sticks, pucks, and other players’ skates during the game.

Engineered like the best running shoes, the boots of ice hockey skate are foam padded and designed to move swiftly in all directions. Unlike speed and figure skaters, ice hockey players spend a lot of time on their ice hockey skates and need super supportive boots.

   iv. Speed Skates

Speed skates are not like figure skates or recreational skates. They are not meant for omnidirectional movements like figure skates. Speed skate blades are normally 16 or 17 inches longer than the boot. They’re also flat, which helps skating.

The “slap blade,” a skate blade that detaches from the heel when racing, is a revolutionary innovation in speed ice skates. The boots are composed of lightweight leather or another sturdy yet flexible material to support a natural running position.



Like many other categories, ice skates have well-known household names linked with them. That is why you’ll notice there are not many top brands on our lists. We’ve got the typical suspects like Jackson Ultima and American Athletics. Our basic product recommendations are intended to be diverse yet narrow, with something to offer for everyone.



Do you prefer laces or buckles? Whatever you choose, be sure your skates feature security, stability, and comfort. Pick the right size for you since it is an important factor. If you want your ice skates to be heat-moldable, you will need to consider high-end brands. Consider thick padding to avoid frostbite and struggle.



Your favorite activity should decide the style of ice skates you buy. Figure skates aren’t fast enough for racing style, and touring skates aren’t strong enough to withstand the jumps and spins required in figure skating. So first, clarify your style of skating before investing in the ice skates for you.



Fundamentally, your ice skates support your discipline. They must provide protection and support without being loose or tight around your feet. If you land on a skate that doesn’t fit properly or give adequate support, you could injure your foot or ankle. Note that you should check whether your heels move when your ice skates are fully laced up to see if you’re wearing the correct supporting skates. If they do, you need to find different skates.



Looking at our information, you can see that skates might cost a lot or very little, from beginner-level recreational ice skates for beginners to high-fight professional skaters designed for the Pro Leagues. We know that the price tag doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality. Therefore, we study quality products at affordable pricing instead of focusing on just high-end or cheap products.



Comfort should be the center of your focus when using ice skates for lengthy periods of time. Skates are more difficult to break in than normal shoes. It may take a few weeks for them to feel comfortable, so start with 30 minutes every day until you become used to them. As with assistance, you must strike a balance. Don’t compromise the boot’s defensive construction for added padding on the footbed; test them out. Opt for boots made of sturdy materials that will last.


Users’ Opinions

Our selection procedure includes listening to other customers’ feedback on products. We check the reviews for hours to narrow down our picks.


Ice Skates Maintenance Tips

  • When leaving the ice, always use hard skate guards.
  • Clean the blade with a dry piece of cloth or an old T-shirt to avoid rusting.
  • Remove the ice skate’s sole and dry it separately.
  • Transport your skates with soakers to avoid blades bumping and ripping your bag.
  • Dry the skates at room temperature.
  • Store your ice skates without guards or use terrycloth soakers to absorb moisture and prevent corrosion.
  • The ice skates must be sharpened periodically to improve contact with the ice and consequently control, delivering a smooth ride.
  • To prevent rusting, lubricate the blade with a thin layer of acid-free oil.


Final Thoughts

That was all about the top-rated and reviewed ice skates available on Amazon.

These ice skates have been proven valuable for many ice skaters around the US, as seen by their reviews. We picked our top selections after comparing them to professional reviews.

If you shop anything from our list, please let us know how it works for you. We will update our data based on your reviews. Also, please let us know if you disagree with anything mentioned here (data protected by our privacy policy).

Finally, one piece of advice, always remembers to wear safety gear for protection before going wild over ice. Also, do not wear thick socks while ice skating; they will make your feet colder. Always wear thin socks.

Now, go flex your skills in the rinks immediately!



What are the best brands and manufacturers of ice skates?

Ans: That’s not an easy one. Many notable brands produce high-quality ice skates. We must look at the purpose of these skates. Bauer and CCM are the market leaders in ice hockey skates. Jackson Ultima, Risport, Graf, Botas, and Edea are known for their figure skating skates with toe picks and blades built for technical skating and spins.

Riedell and Jackson Ultima produce ice skates for all, from beginners to Olympic skaters. Other quality ice skate brands are American Athletic and Lake Placid.

What are the best ice skates for children?

Ans: Kids require different kinds of skates than adults. The Roller Derby Fun Roll is designed for junior beginners. It has a tractor chassis. For a low center of gravity and broad stance, the Fun Roll is incorporated. It is available in the market for both boys and girls.

What brand of ice skates do the Olympians wear?

Ans: The most well-known brands are Riedell and Jackson, making skates for all ice skaters, from recreational beginners to Olympic athletes. If you’re wondering which brand of skates hockey players wear, it’s mostly Bauer.

What is the best age for children to start ice skating?

Ans: Some parents start their kids on ice skating as soon as they can walk, but three or four is the optimal age to start. Some ice rinks do not allow children under three to skate.

Which ice skates are most comfortable?

Ans: A quality skate with excellent ankle padding, a suitable outsole or outer shell, and a reliable boot may both be comfortable and useful.

According to experts’ opinions, the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro is the most comfortable ice skate. These skates employ the new Bauer fit system, which allows you to buy skates depending on your foot width and volume.

Which type of ice skates is suitable for beginners?

Ans: When it comes to ice skating for beginners, ice hockey skates are quick, maneuverable, and supportive of the foot, making them ideal for beginners. With their soft boot, hybrid ice skates are also a wonderful choice for beginners who merely want to ride in comfort. A leather-made boot is not necessary for beginners.

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