Best Ski Boot Dryer for Skiers & Snowboarders – Dry Your Boots & Garments In A Jiffy!

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The purpose of the best ski boot dryer goes beyond drying boots to remove bad odor. It stops the growth of mold and fungus from boots, gloves, shoes, helmets, custom-fit liners, or other garments. They do it by removing moisture from your boots, leaving them dry and comfy. Putting on wet shoes or garments is never fun at all. Secondly, they get smashed easily in the process.

A powerful ski boot dryer works by flowing warm air mildly inside the boots to dry them typically within the time set on the Timer. One benefit of these units is that they typically need little storage space. And most portable ski boot dryers are compacted enough to be carried around in a backpack.

Here, we’ve tried to find the finest ski boot dryer available in the market. During our search for the best boot dryers, we have discovered the features and considerations that could lead you to the best ski boot dryer; we compiled them into a compact buying guide. Be sure to check it out.


7 Best Ski Boot Dryers Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Let’s dive into the list of top-rated ski boot dryers-


PEET Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer

This electric shoe and boot dryer from PEET is an outstanding simple option that you could count on to last. And if it does not, it comes with a whopping 25-year warranty!

PEET Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer- Best Ski Boot Dryer

This shoe dryer is very simple: plug it in and pop your ski and snowboard boots are upside-down on the tubes. It works by warming air that increases through the tubes to mildly warm and dries your ski gear from heel to toe.

The PEET Dryer is safe on all kinds of materials, including neoprene, vinyl, leather, canvas, synthetics, microfiber, rubber, and fleece. It takes 3-8 hours to dry owing to the subtle warm air, so make certain you remember to start it up beforehand going to bed; so they have all night to dry. It works noiselessly; thus, you do not have to concern about annoying sounds in the mid of the night, either.


  • Shoe and Boot Dryer uses less electricity than a standard lightbulb
  • 25-year warranty (but must register inside 10 days to take benefit)
  • PEET Dryer dry both boots quickly
  • The heater actively deodorizes your boots while in operation, further serving to get rid of bad dry smells
  • The PEET dryer looks fine and can dry both boots at once, though only one pair at a time
  • The PEET dryer uses a small amount of electricity, making it great for the atmosphere
  • It has an ac/dc power adaptor


  • Takes 3-8 hours to dry owing to delicate warm air drying

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DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

The DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer comes out as a great choice if you seek a strong and trustworthy boot dryer. The DryGuy boot dryers use a force-dry system to dry four items simultaneously, with an inspiring dry time of 1-2 hours.

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

The shoe dryer is designed to fit ski boots of all dimensions, with two removable extension tubes for fitting boots up to 16 inches tall. The DryGuy boot dryers also contain a timer and heat adjustment for additional versatility.

The heavy-duty dryer is proficient at keeping your ski apparatus fresh. DryGuy has a rapid drying time and is versatile enough to be used with various ski clothing items.

The added bonus of this dryer is that DryGuy dryer can dry 4 garments simultaneously, which is better than other DryGuy Dryers. It is a huge bonus!


  • DryGuy can dry four boots simultaneously
  • Regular drying takes 1-2 hours
  • Its Air distribution is steady
  • DryGuy has a timer for up to 5 hours
  • Heat could be turned on or off
  • Extension to fit tall boots up to 16 inches


  • Hot air temperature might be unreliable
  • Stability might be an issue with big ski boots

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Odorstop Boot Dryer And Deodorizer

While it comes to the ski boot dryer, OdorStop Boot Dryer and Deodorizer is an excellent option.

Odorstop Boot Dryer And Deodorizer

This heated boot dryer has a manual on/off switch for heating and deodorizing; thus, you can customize it to suit your requirements.

Also, there are four heat pipes, meaning you could dry two pairs of damp ski boots at once, one pair of ski boots and one pair of gloves, or any other combination you might need.

It also has an in-built 3-hour timer, so you know while it is done. This shoe dryer works fast since it has a high output fan and heater that permits it to push warm forced air up into your boots proficiently.

This ski boot dryer system has many diverse sized and shaped tubes that are customizable to suit your requirements.

The OdorStop Boot Dryer and Deodorizer’s deodorizing feature makes it a top choice for year-round use as it can wick moisture plus snow in the winter and odors plus sweat in the summer.


  • It has a customizable operation design
  • Adjustable extension tubes configurations
  • It is safe for heat-molded boots.
  • It features a 3-hour countdown timer that automatically shuts off
  • The shoe dryer is equipped with a forced-air vent that permits better ventilation
  • The fans permanently eliminate odors of all unpleasant foot


  • The deodorizer cannot be used in enclosed spaces

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Kendal Shoes, Boots and Gloves Dryer

Capable of drying two pairs of ski boots at once, the Kendal Boot and Glove Dryer remove odor while stopping bacteria and mold growth.

Kendal Shoes, Boots and Gloves Dryer

This wall-mounted ski boot dryer features an Aroma Active Carbon that absorbs undesirable odors, making your boots smell fresher.

Because of the 3-hour Timer, your safety is guaranteed with this unit. This boot and garment dryer has 2 modes – low or high temperature to suit numerous boots materials’ requirements.

It weighs only 3.5 lbs, so this dryer is lightweight sufficient to take with you to the slope.

For additional convenience, the Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer has a wall mounting kit.


  • Space-saving and lightweight design
  • Aroma active carbon absorbs stink for fresher boots
  • It also works like a glove dryer
  • The dryer has a Quick-drying feature


  • A bit clumsy to mount

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Jobsite Original Ultra Silent Shoe and Boot Dryer

The JobSite Original Boot Dryer is an outstanding option if you want a silent and straightforward dryer for your boots.

Jobsite Original Ultra Silent Shoe and Boot Dryer

The best boot dryer runs silently and sports a pretty low-key design. It is not a transportable option that fits in your trunk; however, it is still small enough to take you on the go.

It is also an easy-to-use dryer. Just plug it in, turn it on, place your wet ski boots on the heating tubes, and collect the dry boots in a few hours. It comes with a two-year warranty. Jobsite dryer can accommodate boots, shoes, gloves, hats, and so much more

The only real disadvantage to this unit is that it takes a while to get the work done.

The manufacturer suggests that you leave your ski boots on the tubes for 30 minutes if you like to warm them up, eight hours if they are damp, and leave them overnight if they are wet.


  • It has a travel-friendly design
  • It works silently
  • Deodorizes and sanitizes naturally
  • It Prevents bacteria, mold, and fungus formation
  • It creates warm thermal forced air that increases naturally
  • This is a multi-purpose and versatile dryer
  • The dryer gives a 2-year warranty


  • Its wet gears take a longer time to dry

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KOODER Portable Work Boots Dryer & Deodorizer

Kooder is a great preference while it comes to finding the finest portable boot dryer. You could use this gentle dryer to dry a range of footwear, except they are made of some special material, for example, velvet.

KOODER Portable Work Boots Dryer & Deodorizer

The portable ski boot dryers have a PTC heat generator. Such a heater stops consuming electricity while it reaches its designed temperature. Therefore, the heater never overheats, plus it does not damage your pair.

The heated air flows throughout the boots over intelligently laid-out air holes. The vertical and horizontal design of these holes confirms an even distribution of heat inside boots.

Kooder boot dryer has an adjustable length. The 5.4-inch original length fits a child’s boots very fine. For big shoe sizes, you could extend the device.

There is no complex control panel situated on the device. The dryer has a simple plug-and-play setup. Turn the dryer on, leave it inside boots overnight, and you will get a dry pair the next morning.

The transportability of the Kooder boot dryer does not come at a compromise with the sturdiness of the device. The body of the portable dryer is made of compressed hard plastic, which is fairly prone to breakages.

The attached cords are moreover very strong that could withstand a pulling weight of up to 20 kg.


  • Kooder dryer is a cross between a dryer and a sanitizer
  • 360-degree holes dispense air evenly
  • It has a super strong build
  • Precise optimal temperature maintenance system to evade overheating


  • The dry time is a bit upper than claimed
  • It does not sanitize boots that previously stink

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Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove Dryer & Boot Warmer

The Dr. Prepare shoe drier has an improved heat circulation system that eliminates moisture, sweat, and stench from skiing and snowboarding boots. Athletes, hikers, bowlers, and skiers are just some of the folks that use this particular model of dryer from Dr. Prepare on a regular basis. It is an excellent dryer.

Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove Dryer & Boot Warmer

Because of the optimal heat circulation, any traces of moisture, dampness, sweat, or odor in the shoes are effectively removed. Your shoes that have been soaked will be dry and comfortable again with the help of Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer.

This multi-purpose shoe dryer is able to dry a wide variety of materials, including leather, canvas, PVC, neoprene, rubber, cotton, synthetics, fleece, felt, and more, so contributing to the lengthening of the useful life of your footwear and other gear. The Dr. Prepare shoe drier is adaptable to a wide variety of footwear, including oxfords, boots, flats, sneakers, and even children’s shoes. Additionally, it is excellent for use with hats, gloves, stockings, helmets, and berets.

These boot dryers with heat blowers quickly dry your boots and shoes in a matter of minutes with consistent heat ranging from 104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

You are also able to customize the amount of time spent on the job for each type of shoe. The maximum amount of time available for setting is 99 minutes. You have the option of selecting an appropriate drying time for your shoes. As a result, lowering one’s overall power consumption is really simple.

The design folds up to a 90-degree angle, making it extremely portable and convenient to store. Because it has a collapsible form, this portable shoe dryer may be taken along with you on beautiful trips to ensure that your footwear remains clean and dry for the majority of the time.

After a lengthy journey through the snow, your feet may become quite wet with perspiration. This amazing dryer will keep your shoes dry and warm after each ride on the snow. It’s beneficial for both the health of your feet and the preservation of your boots, allowing you to get more use out of your expensive gear.


  • For portability, the device folds up quickly and simply
  • Easy to store
  • Works as an excellent dehumidifier
  • Eliminates odors and microorganisms
  • Heat levels are consistentlymaintained and moisture is eliminated
  • Eliminates the risk of overheating and dries shoes rapidly.
  • Suitable for use with all types of footwear
  • A built-in timer is included
  • Suitable for use with gloves and other ski equipment


  • Not the best build materials
  • You can’t switch off or on the device after you’ve set it up

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Best Ski Boot Dryer- Buying Guide

When it comes to discovering the high-quality ski and snowboard boots dryer for you, it can be hard to navigate over all of the options. Reading ski and snowboard boots dryer reviews could be helpful. Still, there are many diverse styles and drying methods with diverse power and space necessities at each price point.

Little investigation might go a long way in confirming that you selected the suitable dryer for your requirements. And luckily, this is not as tough as selecting which kind of skis to use; or which snowboarding style you want to do.

Below are the considerations you might find helpful while deciding on a new boot dryer.


Type of Heat

The kind of heat a ski boot dryer uses is a significant factor to consider. There are a few diverse methods to consider, including the heat level and how the dryer creates heat.

Most ski boot dryers are either having a forced air drying system otherwise a convection one.

Forced air dryers flow air to dehumidify the damp boots and work faster than convection dryers. Convection dryers create heat to completely dry your ski and snowboard boots. While they take longer, they are also much silent when they are running.

It is also worth paying attention to heat levels. The ski and snowboard boot dryer might have multiple levels to let you adjust to your preference.


Styles and Heating Methods

There are many diverse styles of ski and snowboard boot dryers. However, most boot dryers follow one of two elementary designs: they are either placed inside the boots; otherwise, the boots are placed on topmost of them. Both could be effective, however, being upside down permits gravity to aid on top of the heating components and blowing air.

Smaller dryers placed directly inside your boots could be very effective but might not do as well with taller boots as they sit in the similar part of the shoe your foot does.

Some dryer models come with adjustable tubes or differently shaped constituents. These are outstanding if you live in snowy weather year-round and have many diverse shapes and sizes of attires you want to dry or heat. If you have the space for the additional parts, the added versatility could pay off very fast.



Most ski boot dryers keep shoes warm; however, few of them are easy to carry around. You never know wherever you will end up while traveling to find snow, and that is why you want something that will not weigh down your pack. Look for lightweight, portable dryers that are easy to carry. Slim shells are a big bonus, as are any foldable otherwise collapsible designs.


Drying Time

Another significant feature of ski and snowboard boot dryers is drying time. Most dryers use heat to get humidity away from your damp boots rapidly; however, some work slower.

Convection dryers take a long time compared to motorized alternatives, but time differs from model to model. Some could dry boots in an hour; however, some take up to eight. Faster drying times are desired, but you can get slower models if you do not mind waiting.



While premium ski boot dryers need to be capable of drying your tall boots, they are not restricted to a single function. Before searching for your model, do your best to discover ones that can dry multiple clothing items, such as gloves, pants, and hats. That versatility provides you more options, which saves you cash on purchasing another device. In that same vein, it is also significant to get models that could dry various items at once.



The ski boot dryer you decide to buy must have a sturdy structure. The last thing you want is from a dryer only to find out it will not hold up over time. The main focus must be on the tubes that hold your boots. It is good to pay attention to reviews similar to ours to see what users say about the structure and pay attention to what the maker says. It will give you an idea of how the dryer performs in practice instead of just what the maker promotes.



Capacity is the number of boots that you could dry at once. Most ski or snowboard boots dryers are prepared to handle a pair of boots at the same time. Though, there are alternatives that are made to dry multiple pairs of boots at once.

The preferred method to decide the capacity of the ski boot dryer for you is to ponder the size of your skiing party. If you are taking a weekend to yourself or perhaps even going with one other individual, an average, one-pair capacity dryer would work fine. If you are on family trips or ski trips or playing winter sports with a big group of friends & family, it is worth investing in a dryer that would dry two pairs of boots at once.



Safety is a priority when you are selecting the ski boot dryers. There are a few diverse safety considerations you will want to keep in mind when shopping around. The main worry is sanitization.

After taking your boots off and putting them right on the rack, you may see your feet get irritated even afterward the boots are dry. This is since simply drying ski boots does not sanitize them.

It is why the great boot dryers would take sanitization measures along with dry ones. Many ski and snowboard boot dryers do this over either minute chemical use otherwise the use of UV light. These techniques work in tandem with the heat created from the dryer. It is better to look for a dryer that values cleansing and drying equally.

This sanitization would help decrease the stink of your boots too. The last thing anyone wants is to pulling out their ski boots one day to notice that those boots smell now; if boots are cleaned frequently, though, the lesser the chance they will gather a strong odor.


Ease of Use

It is a huge point of selecting almost anything how easy that product is to use. You do not want to purchase something that is hard or takes forever to set up to use. Most boot dryers are very easy to turn on, and you only need to place your boots on the tubes and wait.

Another thing that would make the ski boot dryer easy to use in the longstanding is its robust construction. It will make certain that you do not have to concern about working with a worn-down piece of apparatus later on down the road.


Ski Boot Dryer Systems

The two most common heating systems for good boot dryers are the traditional convection drying or forced air systems.

Those with a forced-air system are designed with a built-in fan to help flow the air within the boot and are usually faster than their counterparts. On the other hand, the convection system takes a longer time, up to 8 hours, for a boot to dry well. One distinct benefit with them is that they are noiseless operators.



Overall, the most significant feature of a ski & snowboard boot dryer is its capacity to dry your gloves and boots. Since shoe odor, mold, and humidity are among the most popular reasons for feet awkwardness, footwear and other apparel could only be comfortable when dry. When water seeps over, they become rather uncomfortable to wear. It is why a good boot dryer is convenient, especially when one does not have plenty of time to dry them, plus the weather does not permit.

Many boot dryers have certainly changed the normal method of doing things. Primarily, drying shoes was a full day’s affair. To get them flawlessly dry, you were required to unlace them, take out ski boot liners, stuff them with old newspapers, and depending on the sun’s heat to get them dry. Fine, this isn’t bad; but sometimes, time is a luxury you could not afford. Dryers will dry your shoes and boots anytime, anywhere, as well as very expediently, so you can have them dry and comfy as soon as the next morning.



Are boot dryers bad for ski boots?

Ans: Apart from eliminating foul odors and getting free of the fungus, dryers can efficiently remove material deteriorating agents, for example, mold and mildew. Boot dryers are not bad for boots. Instead, it confirms the sturdiness of the boots or shoes.

Are ski boot dryers worth it?

Ans: Yes, they are worth the money. You must use a ski boot dryer while your ski boots are still wet; consequently, the dryer could do its job and aid in sanitizing anything that may dry if you wait. Moreover, it helps to put ski boots on the boot dryer immediately. You don’t have to be concerned about trying to store wet boots with your other ski gear or carry on luggage.

Can you use a ski boot dryer for gloves, helmets, hats, or other boots?

Ans: Absolutely! That is a huge advantage of possessing a boot dryer. Wet hands are just as bad as wet feet; thus, drying your ski boots and gloves simultaneously is a great idea.

Do ski boot dryers help with smelly feet?

Ans: Boot dryers are extremely beneficial, particularly for those of us living in a snowy or wet atmosphere. It helps us get free of bacteria and fungus, which could cause our feet to odor and even get infected with athletes’ Feet.

How long can you put ski boots in the dryer?

Ans: A good dryer must be around two horsepower to confirm a faultless amount of hot forced air to dry the shoes appropriately. Just place the pipe inside the boot and confirm it is pushed to the toe edge. Next, turn the dryer on. To dry your boots, leave for one to two hours.

Should ski bindings be stored open or closed?

Ans: Ski boots would be stored at room temperature when not in use, avoiding any extreme heat otherwise cold. If dampness or moisture gets into the ski boot liners, it will give the materials the chance to break down more rapidly.

What is the best ski boot dryer?

Ans: Find the product that suits your requirements by analyzing the key features. Every dryer on this list can improve the feeling in your feet and improve your time on the slope.

Which dryer could be used in traveling?

Ans: The compact DryGuy Travel Dry Dx Dryer actually fits inside the boot, so you can take it when traveling. DryGuy Travel Dry Dx Dryer is a quiet, compact, and effective system that features AC and DC outlet adaptability. So, you can run it flawlessly in your car, house, or both without a hitch! Dryguy Travel Dry Dx boot dryer will not damage boot liners, footwear, or footbeds.

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