Essential Snowboard Gears Checklist: All You Need To Carry

Essential Snowboard Gears Checklist 2022

Snowboarding is a fun sport. And winter is around the corner. We know how depressing it gets when you realize you didn’t bring all the necessary gears into the trip. Unlike many other sports, snowboarding requires a wider range of essential gear. To help you enjoy your snowboarding trip to the fullest this holiday season, we’re presenting the ultimate checklist for all your necessary snowboard gear.

We’ve tried to make the article as simple as possible. Go through the article to make sure you have packed everything you need for a pleasant snowboarding or backcountry trip. So without wasting any more of your time. Let’s start packing, shall we?


Essential Snowboard Gears

Let’s have a look at what gears you’ll be needing on a snowboarding trip.




Well, …duh. This Wouldn’t be called snowboarding if there were no snowboards, right? There is a wide variety of snowboards available in the market. The perfect snowboard for beginners is softer and has less aggressive edges. If you are experienced, you can choose a race board, a rocker board, or a backcountry board, depending on your preference.



There are also a lot of boots to choose from when it comes to snowboarding. While softer boots are comfortable, stiff boots offer more control. If you root for a comfortable and smooth ride, go for the softer ones. And if you are focused and alert enough and have confidence in yourself, a pair of stiff snowboard boots will help you glide through almost anything.



A pair of snowboard bindings are used to secure your boots with the snowboard. This will offer a safe and enjoyable ride. However, The stiffness, the amount of torsional (twisting) flex, and the weight of the binding will affect your riding styles. If you want lighter bindings, invest in them a bit more.



Safety always comes first, right? That is why everyone on the slope has to wear one. Even if you are cautious, you can’t predict an accident, especially if it’s other people’s fault. Most helmets are designed to withstand a single, large impact. So it’s crucial to change your helmet after it has been damaged. You can either buy your own helmet or rent one.



If you can’t see clearly on the hill, the chance of you getting injured skyrockets. That is why a pair of goggles is essential on your snowboarding trip. Snows reflect much more UV rays and other objects, and that can seriously harm your eyesight. There are 4 categories of goggles depending on how much light they let pass. We recommend category 2 for overall decent protection.




You may want to wear the leather jacket your ex gave to you on a snowboarding trip. But let me tell you why that is not a good idea. Snowboarding jackets need to be waterproof and breathable. Most of them are fully insulated. You can also try a shell jacket. Also, look for the lift pass pocket and the powder skirt if you want purpose-built jackets for snowboarding.


Snowboard Pants

Cold gets a thousand times worse when it’s wet. So if you want to enjoy your snowboarding trip without the risk of hypothermia, get waterproof pants. One other thing, pants with built-in vents will keep you cool when the sun comes out. So Grab a pair of quality snow pants today.



To reduce the risk of hypothermia, gloves or mittens should definitely make it into your snowboarding checklist. Many people enjoy the flexibility a paint of gloves has to offer. But if you want to keep your hands warmer, go for a pair of mittens. They both work almost the same, keeping your hands warm for a long time.



As your snowboarding boots are already designed to keep your feet warm, it wouldn’t matter much if you use a thinner or a thicker pair of socks. But if you have a thing for thicker socks, go for it. My personal preference is thin socks, as they hold on to less moisture and don’t compromise the fitness inside my pair of boots. Go for the most comfortable snowboard socks you can find. This will definitely make a difference.


Base layer and Mid-layers

These are your next-to-skin tops and bottoms. They help wick moisture from the skin, keeping you dry and warm. Depending on how warm your snowboard jacket can be, you are free to choose a thin or thick base and mid-layers. They provide additional protection from the cold outside. Also, don’t forget to take a neck gaiter for additional protection. This will help you protect the area on your neck. It is also used to protect the nose from the cold breeze.





You can’t fit all your snowboarding gears on your jacket’s pocket, right? A backpack will help you carry your gears more efficiently. If you’re going to be on piste for the day, our experts suggest going for a light and slim backpack. And If you have plans to venture into the backcountry, go for a larger one with a board saddle and multiple pockets.



The UV coming from the sun is more dangerous on high altitudes. It also gets reflected on the snow burning your skin much faster. So if you want to avoid a nasty sunburn, we strongly recommend you apply suncream well before going out and have the fun of your life.



Many of us want to capture our pleasant moments and relive them later. If you also think like that, feel free to opt-in for your favorite action camera. Just mount the camera in your helmet, and you’ll get some crazy shots. If you take an expensive camera, make sure that it is protected from any damage, especially shock.


Tools and Protection

Failing and falling are part of sports, especially for beginners. That is why we recommend taking adequate protection and tools to help you out in the hour of need. Wrist guards and back protectors can help you minimize the damage, while a multi-tool can help you adjust your bindings on the go.


Food and Water

Lunch in the mountains can be a bit expensive. So try to take something loaded with calories like chocolate bars, energy bars, or a sandwich. Foods that are light in weight but rich in calories are perfect for this job. And don’t forget to bring a little water bottle with you. But be aware of the weather.



Snowboarding is a fun sport. The adrenalin rush we get from sliding over a snow-filled mountain slope is phenomenal, to say the least. We just wanted to make sure that you are all set to enjoy this outstanding sport. Whether you are enjoying it solo, with friends, with family. We tried to prepare you the enjoy snowboarding to the fullest.

That is why our expert team tried to put together this list of essential gears you’ll be needing on your snowboarding trip. Hope this comes in handy. Make sure to double-check before leaving.

That’s all for today. I hope this article proves to be helpful to those in need. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading this far. Happy Holiday to you.

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