Roll Like The Water with The Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet – Reviews & Buying Guide

Roller Skates for Wide Feet featured

Skate lovers who have wide feet need to pay extra attention while shopping; they need to find the best roller skates for wide feet. As we all know, roller skates are a fun way of exercise, fitness, and transportation, especially for the youth. It has been a symbol of youthfulness and energy; everyone seems into roller skating these days. So, why should guys with extra-large feet miss out on all the fun! 

But for some people, it can be an issue. However, we contest that. We believe everyone can skate. This is a list for the roller skate for wide feet people. People with wide flat feet can skate too, armed with the right roller skate knowledge, of course! We present the highest reviewed roller skates for wide feet.

We have prepared a buying guide that will help you in the purchase of roller skates for wide feet or any other type of feet!

So, let’s roll for your right choice!


Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet Reviewed: Our Top Picks

These skates are our top picks for wide feet guys; let’s hope you find the right skate here.


Skate Gear Retro Quad Roller Skate

Skate Gear Quad Skates are the highest-reviewed roller skates on our list. This is a very premium quality roller skate. It has all the premium features that we will see.

Skate Gear Retro Quad Roller Skate- Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet


The Skate Gear Quad Skates are made with faux leather or suede leather. This is a budget material that costs less and has almost all the features of real leather. Faux leather is flexible, durable, long lasting, and very comfortable.

This is a high cut design with a classy look. There are soul full colorful laces that pop out and can reflect your personality. In addition, the suspension trucks are wider; this gives added support to your wide feet. This is an ultra-cool, retro looking roller skate for you.

The ankle support is made with interior PVC; this gives you a lot of support while skating. The wheel comes with a 54 x 32 mm. The small wheels are very stable; this is very necessary for wide feet roller skate. The wheel has a durometer 95A PVC material.

The Skate Gear Quad Skates is very versatile and very lightweight. There are many colors available, and it comes in many sizes for your skating needs.

The price tag of this skate is a mid range budget. But the skate features are very high quality, and this warrants a higher price.


  • Leather boots for added safety
  • High cut roller skate
  • Great boot design
  • Pvc ankle support for safe roller skating
  • Artistic skates for smooth ride artistic skating and sports
  • Easy lace closure system with sturdy, durable vinyl
  • Softer wheels with flexible boots for uneven terrains and slippery surfaces


  • Non-adjustable toe stops, low cushioning toes protection for bumps injuries

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Trac Star Youth Boy’s Adjustable Roller Skate

The Trac Star Youth Boy’s Adjustable Roller Derby Skate is the next on the list of the roller skates for wide fit. This is a very convenient skate with high reviews. Let’s see all these features that make it one of the finest pair of skates.

Trac Star Youth Boy's Adjustable Roller Skate


First off, Trac Star Youth Boy’s Adjustable Roller Derby Skate is a skate for wide feet. You can adjust the skate boot up to 4 sizes. There is a button that you push to make the skate bigger or smaller, bigger probably because you want a skate for wide feet. The sizes are 12J to 2 and 3 to 6.

The Adjustable Roller Derby Skate comes with a buckle closure system that is very convenient and easy to put on. There is no time consuming lace up system or unreliable Velcro straps. The buckle strap is easy to close and very secure.

The material is polyester and plastic; this is perfect for indoor and outdoor skating. The wheel size is 54 mm, urethane wheels for better grip. The boot is a padded liner that is very comfortable to wear; there are padded tongues as well.

The bearing of this skate is a G force 608ZB carbon bearing for a smoother roll. The push button allows you to wear the boot as per your need. If you are still confused, the manufacturers recommend you buy a size up from your regular shoes.

This adjustable skate’s price is reasonable; it is a good deal considering the qualities.


  • Outdoors artistic skates for smooth ride artistic skating
  • Buckle up closure system for skate racing
  • Perfect pair of roller skates for kids, young girls and boys, and adults rider
  • Padded tongue
  • Lighter high-cut design for a fast rider
  • PVC ankles support as jam skates
  • Best skates for riding
  • Size adjustable for wide feet
  • Soft wheels with flexible boots for uneven terrains, small rocks


  • A bit heavier, no replaceable toe plug

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Chicago Skates Bullet Men’s Speed Roller Skate

The Chicago Skates Bullet speed skates are one of the top-notch roller skates around. The Chicago Skates is also one of the most famous manufacturers in the world right now.

Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet

This is a traditional and classic roller skate that men with wide feet can use. It is the most popular choice among skaters of all styles for the park, rink, and social skating.

This is a low cut design boot that gives you more freedom. If you have wide feet, you get more freedom with your feet movement. This keeps your foot secure and comfortable, especially for people with wider feet.

The speed skates wheel of the 62 mm urethane wheel comes with semi-precision bearings. There are premium fixed axels that give you more control and stability. You can perform speed skating with these wheels. The material is vinyl, and this boot has an easy lace closure system. The bearings used on the Chicago Skates is an ABEC 1 precision speed bearing.

The price range of the roller skate is moderate and deserving.


  • Heavy-duty roller skates
  • No sweat lace up closure system, perfect jam skates
  • Low-cut design for a comfy fit
  • Top roller skates for lap skating at high speed
  • Abec 1 precision speed bearings, a padded collar with heel pull loop, and power strap soles
  • Softer set of wheels with flexible boots for uneven terrains


  • Trucks needed to be tightened

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BTFL Pro Roller Skates for Women & Men with Height Adjustable Stopper

BTFL roller skates are made with very soft but durable leather. It is a very high-quality skate. The chassis comes with an adjustable toe stopper; you can use the toe stopper as the front brake.

BTFL Pro Roller Skates for Women & Men with Height Adjustable stopper


The wheel is 61mm x 38 mm, and 80A durometer, with ABEC 7 Carbon Steel. You can use the roller skates for rink skating, artistic skating, rhythm skates dancing, social skating, and so on.

The manufacturers recommend that you should go for a size higher than your normal footwear if you have wide feet.

This aluminum, leather skate is high priced but is very premium.


  • Heavy duty roller skates
  • Adjustable toe stops brakes, to stop quickly
  • High-cut design
  • Abec 7 precision speed bearings, upgrade on the others
  • Softer wheels for uneven terrains and indoor floor


  • Expensive skates (Though the quality speaks for itself)

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Rock GT 50 Black Roller Skates

The Rock GT 50 is made with synthetic leather and have nylon plates, and the wheels are made with GT50 swirl wheels. The bearing is ABEC 5 and Carrera speed toe stop for you.

Rock GT 50 Black Roller Skates

This skate can be purchased at a size up for people with wide feet. They are available in all sizes, and the closure system is a simple lace closure system.

Its price is on the higher side, but it comes with many cool features that should be considered.


  • Toe stopper constructed
  • Soft wheels with flexible boots for uneven terrains
  • Top-rated roller skates with lightweight plate
  • High-cut skate boot design
  • Heavy-duty roller skates for wide feet
  • ABEC 5 precision speed bearings, with nylon plate


  • Pricey

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XUDREZ Roller Skates, Double Row Skates

The next skate is XUDREZ roller skates. It is an affordable, high-quality skate for wide feet for you.

XUDREZ Roller Skates, Double Row Skates


It is made with faux leather, and the wheels are made with polyurethane; both of these materials are very durable and long lasting. And are necessary for wide feet pressures.

The roller derby skates come with ABEC 9 bearings. The wheels are wear and tear-resistant and have jump bars for beginners.

The skates have suitable wheels for beginners and wide flat feet people. The double row skates offer more balance and stability for the skaters of different styles.

The price is very affordable, and this is a perfect gift item for you.


  • Flexible design for uneven terrains
  • High cut skate boot design
  • Heavy duty roller skates
  • Abec 9 precision bearings
  • Affordable price


  • Drawstring laces, no specialized accessories

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Risup Roller Skates for Women and Men

The Risup roller skates for men and women are the next and the last on our list of roller skates for wide feet.

The roller skate boots are made with cowhide leather, the best when it comes to durability and flexibility.  There are ABEC 5 speed bearings, also one of the best bearings.

Risup Roller Skates for Women and Men


It feels comfortable and very supportive to wear. The double row design allows maintaining more balance and stability for wide flat feet. It is perfect for beginners and improves skating performance by a lot!

The price of this skate is very reasonable and affordable, and this is a perfect gift item.


  • ABEC 5 precision speed bearings for boot’s stability
  • Affordable mold made trucks
  • Flexible boots for uneven terrains
  • Heavy-duty roller skates
  • High cut roller skate boot design


  • Sizes can be an issue (see their size chart and go for a size up for proper adjustments)

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VNLA Junior Tuxedo Jam Skates

The VNLA Tuxedo skates are built to last and have been put through extensive testing, during which they have shown that they are able to withstand even the most punishing conditions. The leather used in the construction of these comfortable boots is of a high-quality, long-lasting variety that is scratch-resistant. It’s a jam-style quad skate, if you were wondering. However, they should be able to withstand rhythm roller skating as well.

VNLA Junior Tuxedo Jam Skates

These skates include a durable skate shoe inner and a rubber outsole that has been put together precisely. Vanilla’s nylon and plastic trucks are used in the construction of the frame. According to the Amazon description, the trucks are aluminum; nevertheless, they are made of plastic and do not perform nearly as well as metal versions. Because of their 5-degree action, they offer more stability, and the cone-shaped cushions further improve their overall response.

These wide-feet boots are perfect for beginners because they are low-maintenance, look badass, and endure for a very long time. However, the stated scuff resistance of the leather is not achieved.

The rolling performance of the 62mm 95A Vanilla Genuine Backspin Tuxedo wheels with ABEC-9 bearings is superior to that of most other wheels. Their duro is somewhat more than R3’s 93A, coming in at 95A for hardness.  But despite their extreme hardness, they have a surprising amount of grip.

In addition, Vanilla’s low-profile jam plugs are included with the purchase of these VNLA Tuxedo skates. After putting these plugs through some tests, you’ll find that they behaved admirably. You might have anticipated that stopping would be considerably more difficult, they do not get in the way while you will be performing stunts. However, using plugs rather than stoppers requires some adjustment time.

In general, these jam-type roller skates are really good for beginners and they last a very long time. In addition to having a wickedly cool appearance, they are really cozy. Furthermore, the sizing is accurate.


  • Boots made of soft, durable leather
  • ABEC-9 bearings for high speeds
  • Intense but nimble wheels
  • Infinite agility thanks to low-profile boots and plugs
  • High-end aluminum trucks
  • Improved durability
  • Lightweight
  • Shoe linings that are soft and supple
  • Best suited to professionals


  • May be a bit scuff
  • Expensive

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Buying Guide for the Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet

The purchase of roller skates can be a difficult task if you don’t know the basics of roller skates. The necessary features of the roller skates will be discussed here in this buying guide. This will help you buy the finest roller skates for wide feet and know the features of different roller skates, making you conversationally fluent.

There are many buying considerations that you should keep in mind. We will list them in this comprehensive, compact, and concise buying guide for you.



The wheels are the most important buying consideration for buying any roller skate, jam skates for jam skating, derby skating, roller hockey skates.

The roller skates wheel comes with many specs and features; wheels affect performance. Understanding the roller skates correctly can help you save a lot of time and money.

i. Wheel Hardness

Durometer units are used to measure the hardness of a wheel. The unit is denoted by an A. As you can see, X wheels or inline skates have hardness ratings of 78A, 90A, or the harder set 101A. This scale represents the hardness of the wheel. The softer the wheel, the higher the units beside “A.”

As a general rule, softer wheels are preferable for outside usage because they provide better grip and stability on rough, uneven surfaces such as asphalt, rocky terrain, and uneven ground. Hard wheels provide less grip and are therefore better suited for indoor use.

There is no specific wheel durometer. Because in general, the wheel durometer comes into play in relation to the surface you are skating on.

ii. Diameter

Wheel diameter is another important buying consideration for any skate wheel, even more so for a skate wheel for a bit wider feet. There are many types of wheel diameters dedicated to different types of roller skating. The thin wheel for inline skates, and so on.

The diameter of the wheel impacts the traction, acceleration, speed, and rolling time. The larger wheels are better for outdoor skating, while the smaller wheels perform best in the indoor skating areas.

iii. Bearings

The quality of bearings should drive your roller skate wheels.  The bearing allows the wheels to move on the axis of the skate’s frame. The bearings also play a vital role in speed skating.  The ideal types of bearings are ABEC 7 bearings, while there are a lot of other premium options.

You should consider the bearings that are rust proof and weather resistant. This way, you can be sure that the skate will last a long time for you.


Skate Size

The roller skater size is another important buying consideration that should be in the back of your mind.

There are many sizes of roller skates that you can choose from. If you have wide feet, you’d need roller skates with wider boots and reinforced siding. This is not always the same as the purchase of your regular footwear.

There are sizes on the roller skates available in narrow, medium, and wide.


Boot Material

Boot material is another important consideration that should drive your purchase. There are less expensive vinyl boots. But these boots are less durable and have less stretch; these are the finest choice for jam skates for jam skating, beginners, and recreational skaters.

Leather boots are more expensive. But these boots are very cheap, durable, and have a high performance level and maneuverability. The boots, like the vinyl boots, are sometimes padded to provide comfort.

Roller skates for wide feet need to be more durable because the feet put a lot of pressure on the boot. So, you can go for the leather boots, which unfortunately are a bit expensive.


Boot Design

The boots for roller skates can be high-cut or low-cut. The high-cut boots offer more ankle protection. While the controlled low cut boot offers you more speed and agility, it has low ankle protection and support. Low cut boots allow more motion with longer strides. Roller Derby skates, for instance, are the most premium quality roller skates that come with low cut boots.



The roller skate weight is another important factor for buying consideration. Lightweight roller skates are better for certain kinds of skating styles. The weight of the skate depends on the type of skating you are doing and the experience level of the skater.

Heavier roller skates are easier to control but may be slower than lightweight affair skates. 


Closure system

The closure system is also another important buying consideration for roller skate, especially for people with wider feet. The skates for wide feet need to have a strong closure system to protect riders from falls. There are various types of closure.

There is the Velcro strap closure system and an easy lace closure system. Because skates for wide feet need a strong closure because the closure system keeps the boots on your feet. Many people prefer the easy lace closure system because these roller skates allow a strong and proper fit.

But the Velcro closure system comes with a fast, easy and convenient way closure system. These are also very strong closure systems, but not as much as the easy lace closure system.



Brands are also an important buying consideration that you have to keep in mind. While it is true that brands have a monopoly in the market, they need to make sure that the products they manufacture have to be the best because of the competition.

Because the smallest defect may cause hundreds of thousands of dollars, and add to that the competitors targeted marketing on the defect.

This is why brands have great quality control and quality check. This makes sure that the products follow a standard. This can be very helpful for your purchase.



Reviews are a great way of knowing that the brands manufactured the best product. The reviews and ratings tell us that the product has what it says it has. You can use the reviews to see where the product lacks or what pluses it has.

We have done precisely that; we have selected the highest reviewed products for you. We have also made a pros and cons list.

This is why it is important to leave reviews after shopping and using.


Final Thoughts

This list is the product of the highest rated and highest reviewed products and the best features. Best skates for wide feet are such a narrow niche that it is very hard to pin down, but we have done that.

But we may have missed a product, or you may feel that. You should write to us about that, and we will look into that (data rights protected by our privacy policy). We appreciate your feedback and suggestions.



Are Impalas good for wide feet?

Ans: Impalas are good for wide feet and have top-quality components, specially designed triple layer protection heel cup; there are models that are there for wide feet.

Do roller skates come in wide widths?

Ans: Yes, usually, the rating for the roller skates for wide feet is R.

How can I stretch my skates to make them wider?

Ans: You shouldn’t go for any DIY ways for making your roller skates for wider feet because there is no proven way to do that. If you have the wrong size, contact the seller for a new pair, or try to sell the old pairs of roller skates.

How do I know if my roller skates are too tight?

Ans: Feeling your ankle while standing wearing roller skate boots is a good way to know if the boots are too tight.

Is it better for roller skates to be tight or loose?

Ans: The roller skates should fit perfectly, not too tightly squeezed or not too loose on the toe area. There are sizing charts for roller skates on the internet that can help you!

What are D-width roller skates?

Ans: D-width refers to regular roller skates, R-width roller skates are wider, and C-width is narrower.

What are the Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet?

Ans: The top brands for roller skates are Skate Gear, Trac Star, and Chicago Bullet. They produce top-class skates.

Why is it important to find skates that fit well if you have wide feet?

Ans: It is important for a secure fit and to effortlessly perform.

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