Skateboard Wheels vs. Roller Skate Wheels

Skateboard Wheels vs. Roller Skate Wheels

Roller skaters and skateboarders are roughly equal in popularity. They are both essentially the same thing in terms of how they work. As a result, the idea of swapping out elements like wheels isn’t so outlandish.

Alternatively, you might inquire about the distinctions between skateboard wheels and roller skate wheels and if skateboard wheels can be used on roller skates. It’s a question that divides opinion, with some saying yes and others saying no!

Please take a moment to carefully read this post if you are one of those who have attempted to answer these questions.


Differences between Skateboard Wheels and Roller Skate Wheels

Aside from the fact that skateboards have a longer axle than roller skates, there are no significant differences between these two types of gear.

Besides, roller skates provide greater control because they often contain a brake or stopper at the toe area of the skate. Skateboards do not have a toe brake, which makes it difficult for a skater to come to a complete stop unless they have acquired some level of experience.


Differences between Skateboard Wheels and Rollerblade Wheels

When comparing skateboard wheels versus rollerblade wheels, the size is the most significant distinction. In comparison to rollerblade wheels, which are narrow and are therefore referred to as roller blades, skateboard wheels are slightly bigger in size.

Wheels with widths ranging from 80mm to 110mm are available for skateboards. Compared to rollerblades or inline skate wheels, this allows for greater versatility. Skateboards having a diameter of 110mm or greater are referred to as racing wheels.

Because of their huge dimensions, skateboards tend to propel the skaters quicker, allow them to glide for long periods of time between pushes, and enable them to ride more efficiently. This is especially advantageous if you are skating for an extended period because it helps you conserve more energy.

Diameters of rollerblade wheels can range from 72mm to 80mm, depending on the model. They will travel at a slower pace, but it is lighter, more agile, and easier to maneuver, and it has superior control when it comes to halting it. All of these are features that you will not be able to get on skateboards. When riding skateboards, it takes more time to make quick turns and come to a complete stop than it would otherwise.

Another significant distinction is how their wheels are configured. Skateboard wheels are designed with an axle connecting two wheels on one side of the board. Rollerblades, on the other hand, have only a single wheel per axle, and their wheels all line up in a straight line.

Axles are used to connect two wheels at the front and back of the skateboard. Wheels on Rollerblades are at an angle to the ground, whereas skateboard wheels are supported by a truck to maintain the wheels flat on the ground.

Despite their simplicity, rollerblades and inline skates can be difficult to master in a short time due to their design and arrangement of wheels. After a few falls off the ice, the skater will need to show perseverance and tenacity in order to achieve some level of proficiency.

When it comes to skateboards, you might not have any difficulty jumping off of them. This is since they are relatively stable, easier to master, and glide at a faster pace.

The type of skate wheels you choose will be heavily influenced by your skating ability. When it comes to speed, most skaters choose larger wheels, which are often in the 80mm – 110mm diameter range. Skaters that desire lightweight capability, ease of mobility, agility, and everything else related to speed will almost always go for smaller wheels instead of larger wheels.

So, whether you’re going to rollerblade or skate on a skating board, pay attention to the wheels you’re utilizing. They play an important part in figure skating.


Can You Use Skateboard Wheels on Roller Skates?

First and foremost, let us set the record straight: Yes, it is possible to use skateboard wheels on roller skates occasionally.

Theoretically, roller skates and skateboards are very similar in hardware and configuration. Both roller skates and skateboards share the same 8mm axle diameter in wheel diameter. They also feature similar core spacing, which is one of the primary reasons why skateboard wheels work properly on roller skates in the first place.

Both skateboard wheels and roller skate wheels are interchangeable, and often, all that is required to get them to fit exactly is to alter the size and location of the bearings on the wheels.

The main disadvantage of using skateboard wheels on roller skates is that you lose a certain amount of flexibility, which is something that roller skate wheels do not lack. As a result, pushing it will feel a little more stressful.

Because of the similarities in diameter, shape, and core spacing between skateboard wheels and roller skate wheels, skateboard wheels should perform rather well on roller skates. Roller skates, on the other hand, may have a tough time accommodating larger or larger skateboard wheels. Even if wider or larger skateboard wheels are accommodated, they may feel overly heavy and may impair your skating performance.


How to Tell If Your Skateboard Wheels Will Fit Roller Skates

Even though there are no specific measurements, if you are informed of the diameter of the skateboard wheel, you can calculate whether or not it will fit on your conventional roller skate trucks in advance of buying them. Skateboard wheels are frequently fitted with 8mm axles that connect to the truck.

Traditional or not, they all look and feel the same. Professional inline roller skates, on the other hand, have four wheels and are designed for speed and agility. Quads, however, are similar to skateboards in that they have four wheels in a 2-2 configuration.

As a result, making a decision is a difficult task. However, if the diameter of the wheels is between 30-33mm and matches the width of the plate, you should be able to leverage them.


How to Install Roller Skate Wheels on a Skateboard

Don’t panic if your skates no longer fit. Skateboards can employ roller skate wheels and bearings. Read on to know how to install roller skate wheels on a skateboard.

  1. Get a hex or Allen key. If you don’t have one, get one. It’s available for under $2.
  2. Next, remove the wheel. Twist out the pins on each wheel with an Allen or hex key. Each rollerblade has two to four wheels connected to the front and back by a pin.
  3. After removing the pin from each of the four wheels, the wheel will readily slip out and fall.
  4. Remove the wheel bearing’s plastic bearing spacer. Your new roller skate wheels won’t fit in your skateboard unless you remove the bearing spacer. If it’s too little, it won’t fit on your skateboard. They were made for roller skates, not skateboards. So get rid of it.
  5. You’ll still need an Allen key to remove it. Force the spacer out of its socket with the Allen key. Don’t worry about breaking it because you might. Force is required to dislodge the bearing from its socket.
  6. The bearing and spacer should be out now. Now take the spacer from the bearing and reinstall it in the wheel. The bearing should match your skateboard’s axle. Put the roller skate wheels on the skateboard and start skating.


Wrapping up

Skating is an exhilarating pastime that has its share of challenges. The idea that skateboard wheels can be used on roller skates has long been a mystery to many skaters.

Don’t get rid of your skateboard or roller skates just because you believe it’s outdated. Your roller skates might be able to use the old skateboard wheels and vice versa. To have a safe and comfortable skating experience, skaters must carefully select their wheels.

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