The Best Roller Skate Wheels for Outdoor: A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Outdoor Skaters

best roller skate wheels for outdoor featured

In this article, we are going to review the best roller skate wheels for outdoor. As we all know, the roller skate craze is reviving across the world once more. This fun and healthy activity have seen a resurgence around the most exotic places on Earth.

Back home, we are seeing a new surge of roller skates as it is the most sustainable and affordable way of transportation for ordinary people. Not everyone can afford an electric car, you know! So they choose to be skaters!

If you plan to use roller skates on your school, college, or work trips, you will need the right wheels. Not every wheel can do the job that the skaters want!

You’ll need proper roller skate wheels for the outdoors. We are here precisely for that! The products on our list are the highest reviewed product by actual users and skaters, and they recommend these to you. You can buy these online (link provided) or from shops near you.

We have also provided a compact buying guide to tell you how to shop for the right roller skate wheels for outdoors. And in the end, we will answer some burning questions on the internet.


6 Best Roller Skate Wheels for Outdoor Reviewed

Let’s not waste any more time, skaters, and see our list of the top-rated roller skate wheels-


Radar Wheels – Energy 57- Roller Skate Wheels

Radar Wheels Energy 57 is a premium outdoor wheel that meets all the outdoor wheel criteria. This is a 78A hardness, polyurethane wheel that is perfect for outdoor roller skating.

Radar Wheels - Energy 57- Roller Skate Wheels

The wheel is softer than any other wheel on the market. And, as we know, softer wheels are better than outdoor wheels as they provide more grip and stability.

This four piece pack Radar wheels features wheels with smaller diameters. The diameter of this wheel is 57 mm. We know that small-diameter wheels give you more mobility and agility.

The Radar Energy Wheels are durable and can be used on sidewalks, trails, asphalt, and even uneven ground. The softness of the wheel ensures a smooth ride every time.

Radar Energy wheels come in many colors. Such as Aqua, Clear Blue, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow. These are the highest rated outdoor wheels on our list.

These wheels are very affordable and durable for the price. You can get them from your local shop, or you can just click the link!


  • 78A medium hard, 57 mm wheels
  • Roll smoothly on polished concrete
  • Gives less traction, and a smooth ride
  • Bright colors options, more than five different colors
  • Great performance on the most surface area
  • Most skaters recommended Four-pack
  • More stable than taller wheels


  • Not ideal indoor wheels, recreational and artistic skating is not possible

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Atom Pulse Glitter Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Atom skates make the highly-regarded skating products that are used by almost all advanced skaters, including heavier skaters. These outdoor wheels come in 4 pieces per pack.

Atom Pulse Glitter Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Atom skates are reputed in the skating gear manufacturing industry for their quality products. Atom Pulse Glitter is one of their flagship products that are used for outdoor skating.

These wheels are 62 mm in diameter and 33 mm in tall wheels.

The hardness of this set of wheels is 78A. This is the perfect combination, in fact, a dedicated combination for outdoor wheels. Therefore, you can use these wheels on the sidewalks, boardwalk, asphalt, uneven ground, and even on rocky terrain.

The softness of these wheels is better for giving you more grip, and the diameter makes it easier for acceleration. With this set of roller skate wheels for skating outdoor, you get more balance, stability, and agility for your skating needs.

The core is a hollow core, which is lighter and easier to attach and gives you the desired acceleration.

The wheel packs come with a tool for your convenience. You have many color options- Black, Blue, Blue glitter, Clear glitter, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, and red glitter. These are available at your local shop, or you can just click the link below!

This pack is available in 1 wheel, two wheels, four wheels pack, eight wheels pack, 4X 4 wheels pack, 8X 8 wheels pack. The price is according to the pack, and considering the quality, this is the greatest deal on the market.

These can be the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones. Get your pack now!


  • 78A, 65 mm wheels
  • Color options, more than five different colors
  • Roll smoothly on polished concrete
  • Quad skates ride gives less traction
  • Many packs available
  • Hollow cores technology, lighter wheels that roll smoothly


  • Squared lips; gives more grip, can mess up speed and outdoor skating experience
  • Not ideal for indoor

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Crazy Skates Outdoor Wheel Candy Roller Skate Wheels

This is another premium quality outdoor wheel on our list. This Crazy skate candy wheel is one of the finest outdoor wheels in the market today.

Crazy Skates Outdoor Wheel Candy Roller Skate Wheels

This wheel is dedicated to outdoor skating. The diameter of this wheel is 65 mm, and the height is 35 mm. As we all know, this is the standard for an outdoor wheel. The hardness of this wheel is 78A, which is actually softer than other wheels.

The softness of this wheel on the durometer scale gives it more grip and hence stability. You can use this wheel for outdoor surfaces like the sidewalks, streets, and uneven grounds. In fact, the manufacturers claim this gives peak performance on rough surfaces and uneven surfaces.

The wheels are available in many candy colors- Cola, Blueberry, Lime, Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Cherry, Mint, and Lemon.

This is a hollow core set, which means it is very lightweight and very easy to accelerate.

This is a four piece pack. And it is shipped from the land down under; Australia! This is a set of very affordable, quality wheels that are very cute looking.

You can get these wheels for yourself and your kids or friends! The quality is assured. These products may be available in many shops, but you can buy one from the link!


  • Quad skates (with toe stops) roll smoothly on polished concrete
  • Color options, more than five different colors
  • 78a hard wheels, 65 mm wheels
  • The hollow-core technology, lighter wheels that roll smoothly
  • Superb performance
  • Gives proper traction on slippery floors


  • There are some delivery issues (color changes and other issues)

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Nezylaf 8 Pack 78A Light up Roller Skate Wheels

Nezylaf 8 pack set is a luminous set of outdoor wheels for roller skating. These wheels light up at night.

The wheels are made with long lasting silicone and are very durable even on rough surfaces and outdoor uses. You can use these wheels for wooden surfaces, concrete and uneven grounds.

Nezylaf 8 Pack 78A Light up Roller Skate Wheels


The wheel is a 78A hardness wheel on the durometer, meaning this is one of the softest wheels on the market. The bearings are 608RS high speed bearing that gives you a noiseless, fast skate that rolls smoothly.

The wheel diameter is 58 mm, which is an acceptable compromise for the other premium qualities of the wheels.

You will receive eight pieces of luminous wheels, 16 pieces of 608 bearings, eight pieces of wheel core, and one mounting wrench for your convenience.

This set of outdoor skate wheels is a very affordable and pretty set of wheels. This is a perfect gift item for your loved ones. Shop now!



  • The lights may malfunction
  • Wheel diameter is a bit small (not for the beginner skaters, but advanced skaters can pull this off)

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Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter 62MM / 78A Outdoor Roller Skate Wheel

If you are making a roller skate wheels list, and at least one Sure-grip product doesn’t come up, you should reconsider your list. They are one of the biggest skating gear manufacturers in the world today.

Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter 62MM / 78A Outdoor Roller Skate Wheel

The product at hand today is Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter. This is a perfect outdoor wheel for your roller skates.

The wheel size is the prescribed wheel size for outdoor skating, 62 mm. This gives you more control over the skate, and you can use this to get more stability.

The hardness is a perfect 78A for outdoor skating.

This eight pieces per pack set are made with durable high rebound urethane and are very affordable. Get one from the shop near you, or buy one from the link!


  • Sure-grip quality for outdoor use, less friction
  • It can be used with any bearings
  • 78A roller skate wheels
  • Wheels roll smoothly on slippery floors and sticky floors; skaters recommend


  • No warranty information is available

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Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

It is recommended that you give this gear, Sure-Grip boardwalk outdoor wheels, some thought if you are just starting out in the sport of roller skating. What for? Simply because they are the best for helping novices in training in a way that is both easy and safe.

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

A well-known brand that has been in the business of producing skating gear for more than a decade, Sure-Grip has become an industry leader. The Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels are designed to give you the confidence you need to skate outdoors without difficulty.

These provide a significantly improved grip, which results in improved control and coordination of movement while skating outside. These wheels offer an increased level of grip, which is the primary reason why many skaters who are just starting out prefer to use them.

These roller skating wheels are intended for use outdoors, as they have a design that makes them relatively soft. Skaters are able to glide along the boardwalk with ease and have a great time thanks to the suppleness of the Sure-Grip boardwalk outdoor wheels.

The wheels have a sturdy polyurethane composition and nylon hubs as standard equipment. In addition, the wheels have a hardness of 78A, which offers a smooth cruising experience even when used outside.

There is no doubt that these wheels have the potential to last for an extremely long time. Riding over cracks and twigs shouldn’t be a problem for you thanks to the durability of these Sure-grips wheels, which we are certain will make you feel quite comfortable.

These wheels have a diameter of 58 millimeters and a width of 32 millimeters. They also come with ABEC 9 bearings and a spacer for added convenience. The bearing has a diameter of 8 millimeters on the inside and a diameter of 22 millimeters on the outside.

There will be nine color options available for you to choose from and complement your roller skates. These colors include black, blue, key lime, lavender, pink, purple, red, sea breeze, and tea berry.

These roller skate wheels offer the finest performance possible, and it doesn’t matter if you’re skating on smooth or bumpy terrain. The fact that these wheels have an excellent grip is undoubtedly the best feature that they possess. The benefits offered by these wheels should not be overlooked, despite the comparatively high expense of purchasing them.


  • Offers Long-term outdoor skating practice
  • Extraordinary sturdiness
  • Appropriate pick for beginners
  • Use in a variety of surfaces
  • Smooth skating experience
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • A vast range of color choices
  • High-grade and durable construction


  • Expensive
  • The shades may bea tad different from what’s seen in the pictures

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Buying Guide: Roller Skate Wheels for Outdoor

The top skate wheels/roller wheels list is well researched and consists of the outdoor wheels that customers have used and reviewed.

But, there were some other considerations for us. Based on those and the customer reviews, we have made this list for you. This, we will discuss in our buying guide to shop. This compact, short but comprehensive, and helpful buying guide will make you an expert when it comes to buying any roller skate wheels for outdoors, indoors, dancing, street skating, and all the other fun roller skate activities. Let’s see-


Wheel Hardness

Wheel hardness is measured in durometer units. The unit is represented by an A. So you see, X wheels or inline skates have a hardness of 78A, 90A, or 101A. This scale represents the hardness of the wheel. The higher the units beside ‘A’, the softer the wheel.

Now, what are the top-notch wheels for skating outdoors! Generally, as a rule of thumb, softer wheels are better for outdoors because the softer wheels give you a much better grip. They also provide you with stability on rough, uneven surfaces like asphalt, rocky ground, and uneven ground. Harder wheels give you less grip, so they are better for indoor use.

So, what is the range of the softer wheels for the outdoors?

As a rule of thumb, it is generally accepted that wheels from 78A to 90A are usually the most suitable kinds of wheels for outdoors. It is actually softer the wheel, the better it is for outdoors. So, by the process of elimination, we know that harder wheels are better for indoor, smoother surface skating.

We feature the softer roller skate wheels for outdoor in our list of most-desirable roller skate wheels. You can get any outdoor wheels from the list and be sure about the quality.


Wheel Diameter

In buying any roller skate, inline skates wheels, you should be cautious about the wheel diameter. You can’t just buy a set randomly and use it for whatever use you might think is possible! This can end up unfortunate for you, maybe even dangerous.

Wheel diameters are specified for specific uses. The diameter is specified for the height of your skate and the surface you are skating on. This impacts the speed, acceleration, and roll time as well as the stability of the skate. The smaller the wheel, the more speed you will get from the wheel. But that comes at a price, and you lose stability and grip. This is why smaller wheels are generally considered indoor wheels for artistic skating and freestyle skating.

We are talking about wheels with a 45 mm diameter here. The higher diameter wheels add roller derby skating, speed skating, artistic skating, street skating, and jam staking as they progress in size. Smaller diameter wheels are for inline skates. Higher diameter wheels are roller derby wheels.

But, hold on, what is the diameter for outdoor wheels?

Well, Outdoor Wheels have, generally speaking, a diameter range of 60 mm to 70 mm. These tallest wheels give you the highest RPM and most grip because the weight gets distributed wider than in other less wide wheels.


Wheel Core

The wheel cores are also known as the hub. This is where the wheel meets the roller skate. There is no guide as to which core is the ideal for outdoor wheels, and it is a matter of personal choice.

There are many types of core, such as nylon cores, that are light, less rigid, and affordable. You have the aluminum cores that are strongest and most rigid and allow less traction. And then there is the hollow core, which is the lightest and gives you smooth acceleration.


Wheel Lips

The edges of the wheel are called the wheel lips. There are the rounded lips and the squared lips. Rounded lips have a rounded shape.

This gives them less traction and more cruise ability because the rounded edges decrease the contact path. A contact path is an area on which the wheel makes contact with the surface.

A squared lip has the maximum contact path and gives more grip.

So, rounded lips are better than outdoor wheels because the softness of the wheels gives you enough grips as it is. You don’t need any more grip. More grip will end up messing with the speed.

This list of selected roller skate wheels features premium quality outdoor wheels for you. You can buy any of those for yourself and your loved ones.


Final Words

We have prepared this list based on the reviews of the customers. Still, we have made sure these are indeed the top-of-the-line outdoor wheels for roller skates, with the features that the finest wheels should possess. This is why we have provided you a buying guide.

We understand that some of our readers may disagree with us, but that is a good thing. You should write to us about your disagreement. If you support us, write to us. Please give us your recommendations. We appreciate this highly (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).

And, always remember to wear protective gear while skating. Have fun!



Do you need special wheels to roller skate outside?

Ans: Yes, you will need special, softer, and taller wheels for outdoor as you will need unique wheels for inline speed skating.

What is the proper hardness for outdoor roller skate wheels?

Ans: The proper hardness for the roller skate wheels for outdoor is 78A, which is the softest wheel.

What size wheels are suitable for street roller skating?

Ans: The proper roller skate wheels sizes are 60 mm to 70mm; +/- 2mm can be acceptable if the other specifics are up-to-the-mark!

Which brands produce wheels for outdoor roller skating?

Ans: The top brands like Radar Wheels, Atom Pulse, Crazy Skate Candy wheels, Nezykaf, and Sure-grip produce the most sought-after wheels for outdoor roller skating.

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