Find Out The Best Inline Skates for Kids: A Detailed Buying Guide

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Have you ever thought of getting your child the best inline skates for kids? Do you want your kid to have fun while playing outside? Well, your little buddy needs to play outside of the four walls to know the world and more. And, an inline skate might just do the trick!

Unfortunately, nowadays, children are more addicted to gadgets than to playing around. If you, as a parent, want them to learn a new skill and make their pastime more enjoyable and healthy, you can simply buy them a pair of inline skates!

The benefits of inline skating need not be told more! Inline skating will not only provide them with a medium for exercising, but it can also help them develop outstanding skills.

The physical health of your kid will definitely improve by inline skating. By stepping outside of the house, your boys and girls will get to keep their minds fresh and energetic. Moreover, the kids will have fun while playing around with friends, efficiently improving their social life.

Inline skating will improve your child’s coordination, sense of balance and develop healthy exercise habits, which will help prevent obesity and reduce their time spent in front of the screen. Finally, buying inline skates for your kid will help you prepare your boys and girls for a happy and healthy life physically, mentally, and socially!

There are various kinds of skates in the market. You need to buy the one which works great for your little buddy. We know you do not take a risk when it comes to the apple of your eye; this is why we’ve prepared this article specifically for you! Check this article out, and thank us later!


11 Best Inline Skates for Kids Reviewed: Our Top Picks

In this article, we’ve found out the 10 best kids inline skates so that you do not have to roam around here and there in search to find the kids inline skates.

With extensive market research and customer review, we’ve made it extremely easy and swift for you to choose the perfect one! Read out the article and save your precious time and money!


Roller Derby ION 7.2 Children Inline Skates

Roller Derby ION 7.2 Inline Skates has two adjustable sizes. Ion inline skates fit true to the children’s of whole United States shoe sizes. You can simply push the button and pull the toe cap forward to adjust the skate to your little buddy’s foot size.

Roller Derby ION 7.2 Children Inline Skates- best inline skates for kids

The size ‘small’ adjusts from size 11J to 1, whereas the size medium adjusts from size 2 to 5.

Roller Derby ION 7.2 Inline Skates has easy push button adjustable sizing along with a deluxe comfort liner and a power strap. Ion features an aluminum frame that is lightweight and responsive, and the reinforced polymer frame is lightweight and durable!

The grippy and bouncy polyurethane wheels of this pair of rollerblades work great in both indoor and outdoor. The small size has 64mm wheels, and the medium size has 72mm wheels. Both of the wheels are loaded with super-fast Silver-5 speed-rated carbon bearings.

Moreover, the gold-7 speed bearing of Roller Derby ION 7.2 Inline Skates makes the roller skates extremely lovable to the customers!

These skates have supportive, lightweight ankle cuffs along with soft and comfortable hybrid boots. It has a special locking buckle for the ankle security of your adorable one! In addition to it, these roller skates have speed laces for a secured fit!

Roller Derby Inline Skates has a hook-and-loop power strap to lock in the heel for power, control, and stability. Furthermore, it has a non-marking brake on the right skate only, which is removable, so you can switch it to the left skate if you wish!


  • Easy push button adjustable sizing
  • Deluxe comfort liner
  • Gold-7 speed bearings
  • Supportive, lightweight ankle cuffs
  • Soft and comfortable hybrid boots
  • Special locking cam-lever buckle
  • Hook-&-loop power strap
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Frame made of reinforced polymer
  • Grippy and bouncy urethane wheels


  • Non-durable rollerblades

Final Verdict

The customers love Roller Derby ION 7.2 for its special locking cam-lever buckle for extra security. With its identical advantages for a safe skating experience for kids, this inline skate might be worth your every penny!


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New Bounce Convertable Inline Skates for Little Kids

New Bounce Inline Skates for little kids are very safe and stable. The tri-wheel skates have improved balance which is ideal for beginners for learning how to skate. These adjustable skates might be your reliable companion for several years!

New Bounce Convertable Inline Skates for Little Kids

New Bounce Inline Skates for little kids is designed to grow with the feet of kids; these skates can easily be adjustable up to 4 sizes from Jr. 8 – 11 and are recommended for kids ages 3-9. You need to simply push the button and pull to adjust your kid’s desired size, and the little one is ready to rock!

Boasting the soft, comfortable padding of these skates helps to keep your child’s feet cozy and secure. Its impressively durable, molded polymer frame for added stability makes the learning period more entertaining.

These skates promise extreme comfort even after prolonged use. The boot liner of these skates is easily removable for cleaning and is machine washable.

The performance of this pair of rollerblades is unparalleled; your kid will find themselves zipping along with ease. The gel wheels are designed to ensure high-speed performance yet safe skating every time. Moreover, it comes with two size-adjustable closures for a secure fit.


  • Safe and stable
  • Improved balance
  • Boasting soft and comfortable padding
  • Amazingly durable and molded polymer frame
  • Extra comfortable
  • Removable and machine washable boot liner
  • High speedy, safe skating with gel wheel
  • Two adjustable closures


  • No clear instructions for the size and use

Final Verdict

New Bounce Inline Skates might be your desired one within your budget if you’re looking for a beginner’s skate for your loved child. Customers have assured its durability, adjustability, and comfort!


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PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids

PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids has 4 different Unisex sizes, S/M/L/XL, and each size is adjustable and immensely convenient to operate.

PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids

PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates comes with four illuminating wheels that automatically light up when you start to skate. The lights powered by wheels keep rolling and never need replacement batteries! Imagine how amazingly cool it will be to flash as bright as a lightning bolt in the dark!

The frame of these rollerblades is made from reinforced aluminum alloy. It also offers high rebounded 82A polyurethane wheels that are wear-resistant and more smooth, high-speed mute ABEC-7 bearings made from premium quality carbon steel- which will provide the apple of your eye with huge security for a smooth ride.

Unique fashion design skate socks of PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates will make your kid’s roller skating moment awesome. Reinforced heel and toe for resistance and fantastic durability will offer your little buddy the most pleasant skating experience they will ever have!

Its single brake is equipped on the right foot instead of two brakes installed on the left and the right feet to prevent the danger of falling backward when braking.

The black-and-white style wheels have a white coating on the surface. PAPAISON Adjustable Skates also offers thickened, comfortable liner with sturdy and stable ankle support.


  • 4 lightening wheels
  • Wear-resistant and smoother wheels
  • Unique fashion design skate socks
  • Reinforced heel and toe for resistance
  • Outstanding durability
  • Great skates with light
  • Feet are protected in every stride
  • Prevent the danger of falling backward


  • A bit costly

Final Verdict

You should pick PAPAISON Inline Skates if you want something well put together, sturdy and better fitting. These are worth the difference in price because your child’s feet are more important than the money!


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 Locavun Adjustable Light up Inline Skates for Kids

Locavun adjustable light up inline skates for kids have adjustable five sizes. The skates easily adjust with one button push and are especially perfect for growing kids.

 Locavun Adjustable Light up Inline Skates for Kids

You don’t need to worry about the problem of your child putting on roller skates after using Locavun inline skates for a while.

Two buckle designs make it easier to put on the skates, making the appearance more fashionable. There are two buckles on the boot of Locavun adjustable inline skates that will allow your kid to get a comfortable and secure fit.

The incredible feature of these rollerblades is that all of their wheels light up! Its stylish roller blades come with light wheels that illuminate as your kids pick up speed. No batteries are needed for this feature; they’re entirely self-generated inside the wheels. The orange wheels emit orange light, while the purple wheels emit colored light. This illuminating feature is bound to give any kiddo a confidence boost and make your kid more than cheerful!

The one-piece frame of Locavun inline skates is made of lightweight polymer, which is ideal for kids to improve stability. This structure also ensures the skates are not too heavy to keep balance and maintain control.

The design of Locavun adjustable light up inline skates is immensely professional. Its smooth 82A Polyurethane(PU) wheels and high-quality bearings enhance overall comfort and performance.

Moreover, for more controlled speed, its small size comes equipped with three 64mm wheels and a size medium with four 70mm wheels.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Colorful lighting up wheels
  • Safe, integrated frame
  • Professional design
  • Fashionable appearance
  • Controlled speed
  • Improved stability
  • Keeps balance and control


  • Sometimes the break is not removable

Final verdict

You should definitely go for Locavun adjustable light up inline skates if you want to give your precious one a fashionable, colorful, amusing, and soft experience with all the benefits!


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2PM SPORTS Cytia Adjustable Illuminating Inline Skates

2PM SPORTS Cytia Adjustable Illuminating Inline Skates might be the great skates for your girls. However, you can gift this to your color-loving boy also!

2PM SPORTS Cytia Adjustable Illuminating Inline Skates

With four sizes of adjustability, these skates can be adjusted so you won’t have to worry about your child’s growing feet for years.

Your little one is sure to fall in love with their lovely pink design. Moreover, you can boost their confidence up in the awesome shining wheels. These rollerblades offer 8 wheels illuminating and colorful lights while skating. Moreover, wheels are designed as a self-generated power system; even no battery is needed!

2PM SPORTS Cytia Adjustable Illuminating Inline Skates offers a whole 4 segments for you to adjust; every 0.2 inch has its own size. The shoe of these skates will be the exact fit as the kid’s feet grow, and you will find your angel feeling more comfortable than ever before!

This pair of skates help your loved one enjoy a smooth, quiet ride with high-quality ABEC-7 bearings, 82A polyurethane wheels, an aluminum frame, and a rubber(TPR) stopper.

Moreover, triple protection, including laces, 45° Strap, and high-strength buckle, are sure to provide safe ankle support and protect your adored one along the way.

These comfortable pairs of skates will help them improve their skating skills along the way to becoming an expert. The soft boot of 2PM SPORTS Cytia Skates will keep your child’s feet comfortable. In addition, the buckle, strap, and laces will ensure that their feet are locked in, and ankles are supported.


  • Illuminating 8 wheels
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Awesome rollerblades
  • Adjustable 4 sizes
  • Premium performance
  • High-quality ABEC-7 bearings
  • 82A polyurethane heels
  • Triple protection including 45° Strap, laces, and high-strength buckle
  • Aluminum frame and rubber(TPR) stopper


  • Non-durable

Final Verdict

2PM SPORTS Cytia Inline Skates is definitely a pair of roller skates you’ll be happy to hold on to. It is wallet-friendly with extraordinary performance and style for a smooth ride. Wait to see your child rolling in the rink and telling you how much they love this new pair of skates!


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Rollerblade Microblade Adjustable Inline Skate

Rollerblade Microblade Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate offers an easy-to-use, push-button mechanism that allows the skate to expand for growing feet. You can just push the silver tab up while pulling or pushing on the toe box. You can also adjust the skate to any of the sizes marked on the toe cap.

Rollerblade Microblade Adjustable Inline Skate

These rollerblades are designed to correctly position the foot for proper balance in three size options: 11J-1, 2-5, and 5-8.

The well-padded lining and engineered mesh of this pair of skates comfort the moment the skates are put on. Its strategically placed and designed padding elevates the skate performance so kids can have a more enjoyable skate experience.

The engineered mesh adds breathability, sock-like comfort and allows the upper to wrap around the feet for a secure fit. Moreover, its ample padding provides support for the kid.

The streamlined design of the Microblade is ideal for kids. Its lightweight structure ensures the skates are not too heavy. The low balance profile keeps children closer to the ground for a lower center of gravity to improve stability, balance, and control. 

In addition, the integrated buckle, strap, and lace closure system secure the feet and lock in the ankles for optimum support with comfort ensuring a smooth ride.

It’s 72mm, and SG3 bearings provide a great blend of speed and control. Mounted in the low balance shell/frame, Rollerblade Microblade Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate wheels offer a lower center of gravity for making it easier to balance and turn for newer skaters.

Additionally, the SG3 bearings have a controlled speed for beginners. As a result, the wheels will not spin too quickly but can also be pushed a little faster as the child’s skills develop day by day.


  • Good fit, stable, and control in a high-quality skate
  • Supportive boot liner
  • Durable integrated frame
  • Well-padded lining
  • Strategically placed and designed padding
  • Breathable and improved fit
  • Streamlined design
  • Lightweight structure
  • A great blend of speed and control
  • Lower center of gravity by the wheels


  • Non-durable wheel bearings
  • It can be a bit uncomfortable

Final Verdict

Rollerblade Microblade Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate can be the right choice for you if you’re looking for a very well-fit inline skate for your little bud!


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PETUOL Kids Adjustable Inline Skates

PETUOL Kids Adjustable Inline Skates has adjustable 3 sizes and 3 different lengths, which is more intimate for your growing kids. The three sizes are: suitable for little children (11J-1); medium (2-4) for big children, Large (4-7) for youth. In addition, different unisex size designs are available, and each size is adjustable, so it is a good fit as kid’s feet grow.

PETUOL Kids Adjustable Inline Skates

PETUOL Adjustable Inline Skates’ high-quality ABEC-7 chrome steel bearings offer your child a safe, smooth and quiet ride on the reinforced aluminum frame. 

Additionally, the inside of the boot is soft and comfortable, breathable, and durable. In contrast, the outside of the boot head is equipped with a thick plastic pad to protect children’s toes.

The illuminating 8 wheels of these skates help your kid gain confidence with such a fashionable design. 8 illuminated wheels that will light up automatically when skating; no battery needed! The light-up wheels design will offer more fun for kids to go out to exercise.

In addition to that, its flexible polyurethane wheels will surely make your prince or princess a shining star with the most remarkable light wheel. As the wheels are designed as a self-generating system, you need no battery to operate them!

These rollerblades include memory buckle design, Velcro strap, and polyester laces. A simple system that allows getting in and out of the skate quickly and smoothly, even your little kid can do it himself!


  • Soft and comfortable inside the boot
  • Breathable and durable outside boot
  • Stylish design
  • 8 illuminating wheels
  • Flexible wheels made of polyurethane
  • Memory buckle design
  • Velcro strap
  • Polyester laces


  • Screws on the wheels keep falling off

Final Verdict

The attractive design and alluring lights of PETUOL Adjustable Inline Skates will genuinely let your kid fall in love at first sight. It can be the perfect gift for your kid to go out to exercise and have fun.


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 JUSUEN Inline Skates Adjustable for Kids

JUSUEN Inline Skates Adjustable for Kids are impressively easy and convenient. There is only 1 push button to adjust different sizes, which ensures years of fun. You don’t need to worry about your kid’s growing foot anymore!

JUSUEN Inline Skates Adjustable for Kids

JUSUEN Inline Skates Adjustable for Kids provides you with a marvelous flashing light that offers more fun for kids to play outside. The colorful Led lights inside the wheels ultimately work with self-generating power. The bright color of skates will make your kid stare at first sight and make them everyone’s center of attention! 

High-quality aluminum frame and durable polyurethane(PU) wheels with ABEC 7 bearings of these rollerblades can be used indoors or outdoors. Moreover, its soft and breathable interior protects the kids’ ankles. The triple protection measures of JUSUEN Inline Skates will make your dear one feel free while skating.

The beautiful color box packaging of these rollerblades can be the most demanding gift.

Its high elasticity and wear-resistant rubber PU wheels offer great comfort and an outstanding experience. Flashing eight wheels and the magnetic core glows to make your child look more dazzling.

Moreover, the grip is firm, and it can cushion the shock when encountering potholes which might mitigate your tensions!

The half-enclosed shoe body design is more suitable for children’s feet, and it is more comfortable and does not grind the feet. Thickened and widened aluminum alloy weighing safety brackets offer your kid a smooth ride. It does not easily rust, resists pressure, does not deflect the edge, and refuses to break.

The one-piece tool holder specially designed for beginners and intermediate skaters can provide sufficient support for the baby’s feet during skating.

Triple safety reinforcement helps to improve strength. The ankle and leg buckles are reinforced, safe, strong, not easy to loosen, and can easily be fixed to provide more support.


  • Convenient to use
  • Cool skates with light
  • High-quality configuration
  • Soft and breathable interior products
  • Triple protection measures
  • Beautiful color bok packaging
  • High elasticity and wear-resistant rubber PU wheels
  • Firm grip and can cushion the shock
  • Easy to rust and refuses to break
  • Resists pressure
  • It does not deflect the edge
  • One-piece tool holder
  • Reinforced and strong ankle and leg buckles


  • Bad latch

Final Verdict

Being proficient in design and strict in craftsmanship, JUSUEN Inline Skates Adjustable for Kids can be the most significant support to your child.


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JIFAR Youth Children’s Inline Skates for Kids

JIFAR Youth Children’s Inline Skates have 2 different Unisex sizes (small -12J-2 US and medium -2-5 US). Also, you can choose the color according to your kids’ preferences.

JIFAR Youth Children's Inline Skates for Kids

You need to choose the correct size via checking the enclosed size chart picture. You also need to adjust the length of the boot by the push button before wearing it.

JIFAR Youth Children’s Inline Skates is immensely convenient to operate. Kids can use it for many years, even though their feet are growing up.

These rollerblades offer to illuminate 8 wheels, colorful lights inside the wheels with self-generating power. The wheels of JIFAR Skates will flash as bright as a lightning bolt in the dark when your kids are rolling.

The frame of JIFAR Youth Children’s Inline Skates is made from aluminum alloy, and 82A PU smooth wheels. Its soft liner provides good sweat absorbent ability, and extra padding in the front prevents the kid’s toes from hurting.

The soft, thickened liner is designed for a smooth ride with strategically shaped and placed pads. This feature cradles the feet in comfort and reduces foot fatigue for longer and more pleasant skating.

Ample cushioning in both the tongue and the liner of these rollerblades create a plush feel and ensure your children’s feet are protected in every stride, push and forward flex.

High-speed ABEC 7 bearings are made of premium carbon steel, providing a more smooth, quiet, and confident ride. The sideward support of the roller skates for kids will ensure proper ankle support and energy transfer to learn how to skate better or simply improve existing skills.


  • Colorful 8 wheels
  • Top-level configuration
  • Sweat absorbent ability
  • Soft and thickened liner
  • Extra padding on the liner
  • Strategically shaped and placed pads
  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • Ample cushioning in both the liner and the tongue
  • A plush feel and ensures the feet are protected
  • Smooth, quiet, and confident ride
  • Proper ankle support


  • Straps might break

Final Verdict

You should buy JIFAR Youth Children’s Skates if you want a soft and smooth ride for your child. Your growing little kid will love these new pairs of skates that are both adjustable and will last for many skate seasons!


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Sulifeel Arigena Adjustable Light Up Inline Roller Skates

Sulifeel Arigena Adjustable Light Up Inline Roller Skates comes in 4 Sizes and adjustable boot. It can be a perfect choice for growing children and free you from the worry of getting another pair so soon.

Sulifeel Arigena Adjustable Light up Inline Roller Skates

With three sizes of adjustability, these skates can be adjusted so you won’t have to worry about your child’s growing feet for years.

These rollerblades are hugely easy and convenient to use. Only one button to adjust the size and find the exact fit!

All 8 wheels illuminating give safe self-generating power wheels without any battery to make your child look more splendid and fantastic!

With its high configuration, Sulifeel Arigena Adjustable Light up Inline Skates provides you with a polished ride on the aluminum frame, 82A PU wheels, speed ABEC-7 bearings, and TPR/Rubber brake. Its premium performance and special light up bonus surely ensure a smooth ride!

The skates with unique upper design are partly made of leather and exquisite pattern design, making your child the coolest kid on the street and significantly increasing children’s confidence.

The soft boots will keep your kids’ feet comfortable; the buckle, strap, and laces ensure that their feet are locked in and ankles are supported.


  • 4 size adjustable boot
  • Full LED 8 wheels with dazzling red light
  • Greatest configuration
  • Durable with support
  • Reinforced aluminum frame
  • 82A PU wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • TPR/Rubber brake
  • Unique upper design
  • Soft boots


  • Ankles might hurt
  • Size issue

Final Verdict

You will be happy to see your child rolling in the rink and telling you how much they love this new pair of Sulifeel inline skates. You can absolutely go for this if you want something wallet-friendly for your adorable one!


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Kuxuan Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids

Aside from being visually appealing with the light up feature, Kuxuan skates allow your kids to get some exercise and have fun while doing it!

Kuxuan Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids

These skates have an aluminum frame, which means they won’t rust with time. You can just wipe it down with a moist towel to keep it in good condition.

Inline skates like these are a great fit for both you and your children. These inline skates are just the right size to fit your feet and provide a great skating experience. Superb padding on the skates is sure to impress. Comfortable skating is made possible by this feature, which alleviates the strain on your feet.

They can be easily sized. We understand that it’s inconvenient to keep buying new shoes. Consequently, it can expand up to four sizes for many years of fun and amusements. You’ll be able to utilize them for a long time with your developing feet. So they never go out of style. Remember to check the sizing guide before purchasing the product to ensure you get the right fit.

Illuminated wheels are the coolest feature. When they’re rolling, they’re beaming. This means that the illuminating wheels don’t require batteries, making them a great companion for a long time. This is a great way to get kids interested in skating.

This pair of inline skates is sure to make you swoon over its high level of performance. One of a kind in terms of both appearance and ride quality. The polyurethane wheels are the ideal for riding both indoors and out. They can withstand use on even the roughest of roads.

The skates’ ABEC-7 bearings keep them together firmly. Rotating the wheels every four weeks can help extend the life of these inline skates. The Allen key can be used to rotate the wheels. In order to maintain a smooth and comfortable ride, it is recommended that you lubricate the bearings every four weeks.

After purchasing these inline skates, your children will shout with joy and excitement. There is a three-pronged mechanism in place to safeguard you from any and all bumps. So it contains a 45° strap, cuff buckles and laces in the safety system. They are simple to use. The laces are simple to tie, even for young children.


  • Fits beautifully
  • Light upwheels
  • Easy to balance
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Eye-catchingdesign and colors
  • Triple secure enclosure
  • The quality of the materials used is exceptional
  • Adjustable in a flash
  • Expands up to four times its original size
  • Bearings with an ABEC-7 precision rating


  • Narrow design
  • Not suitable for polished surfaces

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Buying Guide for The Best Inline Skates for Kids

You need to have clear ideas and knowledge of some things while buying kids skates so that you know which kids skate might work perfectly for your kids.

In this buying guide, you will find everything you need to know about buying the kids inline skates. We’ve accumulated together all the necessary information for you so that you don’t have to ask away here and there and enjoy your shopping with your loved one!


Types of Inline Skates

There are different types of kids’ skates in the market. We’ll talk about the three most common types of kid’s inline skates so that you need to know which one to buy for inline skating for your small bud!

        i.   Recreational Skates

It is the most common inline skate for kids out in the market. It is focused on comfort and stability with a relaxed fit that requires little to no break-in time.

Recreational skate is speedier than roller skate but more controlled than some of the other types. Kids recreational inline skates are great for beginners and can be used indoors or outdoors.

      ii.   Inline Hockey Skates

Hockey skates are designed for playing hockey. Kids inline hockey skates are designed for quick point a to point b speed, with easy and quick cornering.

Inline hockey skates are significantly speedier than recreational inline skates and are also better at making sharp turns. These skates work better for kids with some inline skating training.

    iii.   Aggressive Skates

Aggressive inline skates are built for skating obstacles and what you’ll see kids wearing at the skate park. These skates are durable and well-padded but are smaller than the above two types of skates.

Aggressive skates offer a plastic notch between the wheels called an h-block, giving an area to grind obstacles. Kids’ aggressive skates are built with additional padding and durable plastic to deal with the abuse of aggressive skating.


Skill Range

To enjoy their skating, you need a skate for your kid according to their abilities. Most kid’s inline skates are offered only in beginner, intermediate, and sometimes advanced intermediate. 

There are not too many advanced to expert level kid’s skates. At a younger age, it’s simply unnecessary, as many of the muscles used to flex a stiffer, higher-end skate have yet to develop fully. While choosing a skate skill range, be sure to think of how often your child is skating, which ability level they are at, and which level they aspire to.


Size Adjustability

Sizing is an essential part of picking an inline skate for your child. As you may know, a kid’s feet grow very quickly, which makes getting a skate a tricky ordeal. Therefore, it’s better to find an adjustable skate for the kids.

The adjustable skates allow you to adjust the size of the skate in some cases up to four sizes, and it’s effortless to do. While deciding on an adjustable skate, you want to start with a size close to where your child is now. As an example, if your child wears a size 11, you would like to select a skate that is sized 11-1. If your child is a size 1, you will choose a 1-4 or 2-5 skate to be safe and to get maximum use.



Bearings are a vital part of skates. When it comes to kids’ inline skates, you want the bearings to roll smooth and fast, still not too fast.

Bearings will allow for some control of speed that is important for beginner and intermediate skaters.

Standard Steel Bearings vs. Swiss Bearings

Recreational skates typically have standard bearings that are made of steel. For this reason, standard bearings are strong and found in inline skates, roller skates, and skateboards. In addition, they are affordable and require care and cleaning.

On the other hand, Swiss bearings are the best type of bearing. They don’t require much care and are made of titanium or ceramic.  However, they are not usually used in recreational skates and are typically preferred by advanced skaters. They also have a bit higher price than steel bearings.

ABEC Rating System

ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. The ABEC rating system is the most commonly used rating system for bearings. The higher the rating of the bearing is, the better efficiency and speed it will provide.


Wheel Size

The kids’ inline skate wheels typically run in size between 70-79mm. These skate wheels are found on recreational skates. Children are just learning how to skate and are much smaller than adults; therefore, they don’t need the big speed skating wheels.

The wheels are between 50-59mm on aggressive skates, which is much smaller as the aggressive skaters are less interested in acceleration and far more interested in control for performing jumps and tricks.


Wheel Hardness

For kid’s skates, it’s unnecessary to cover wheel hardness. Most of the kid’s inline skates will come with an 80A rated wheel that makes them great for indoor and outdoor skating. The 80A hardness gives the children the durability they need for skating outdoors. Still, it can be worked indoors without being slippery.


Comfort and Security

You need to choose the materials, liners soft and comfortable so that your kid doesn’t get hurt in the process of skating. Moreover, you also need to check the brakes, hard shells, and security protocols so that the skating experience of your little one should be safe and sound!



We know that you will go for what is best for your child. Offering your child inline skates makes them able to get fond of skating. Inline skating will help your kid to build strong bones, joints, and muscles. Kids who exercise regularly can help sleep better and have stronger immune systems. In addition to that, skating helps to make a child mentally and socially strong.

You can write to us for more information. Also, send your comments and recommendations (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).

Don’t waste time! Go buy your loving kid the perfect inline skate with the help of this article!



Are inline skates safe for kids?

Ans: Yes, inline skates are perfectly safe for kids. However, you need to find safe and secured designed skates for your kids according to their age, skill, and size.

Can a 6 year old kid rollerblade?

Ans: Most 6 year olds (school-age children) are certainly old enough to inline skate and rollerblade.

How do you choose inline skates for kids?

Ans: You need to select the perfect skate type, size, bearings, and wheels in order to choose inline skates for kids.

How should one decide the size of inline skates for kids?

Ans: While deciding on an adjustable skate, you want to start with a size close to where your child is now. As an example, if your child wears a size 11, you would want to select a skate that is sized 11-1, and if your child is a size 1, you will select a 1-4 or 2-5 skate to be safe and to get maximum use.

Which brand of inline skates is best?

Ans: There are many good brands of skates on the market. You need to choose from the features and configuration of which one to choose. This article might help you to choose from the brands!

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