BURTON Gore Tex Gloves Review: One of The Best Snowboard Gloves

BURTON Gore Tex Gloves

Over the course of our snowboarding journey, we’ve experimented with a wide variety of gloves and mittens in order to keep our hands warm and dry while ripping down the mountain.

You’ll immediately see how important it is to have a good set of gloves or mitts that are impervious to moisture. Most snowboarders will consider having cold, wet hands in sub-zero weather to be an unbearable finale to their trip.

Even so, the price difference between a low-end leather glove and a high-end Gore-Tex system is not that substantial when compared to other types of apparel, such as jackets and pants. As a result, investing in a good set of gloves/mitts, such as Burton Gore-Tex Gloves, is an obvious choice.



Everything that Burton does has its origins in the mountains. From making the most of every journey to chasing snow all over the world, they’ve been pushing the envelope to innovate and transform the way people enjoy the outdoors since the beginning of time.

When it comes to snowboarding gloves, the Burton Gore-Tex is hard to beat at this pricing point. It has a slew of cool features and is an industry leader when it comes to snowboarding gloves.

The Gore-Tex offers above-average warmth, touchscreen-sensitive fingers, a wide fit to accommodate a variety of wearers, and a pair of liner gloves is provided separately.

Now, let’s get a closer look at this stunning pair.



The Burton Gore-Tex Gloves incorporate DRYRIDE two-layer fabric and Gore warm technology to provide a dry and breathable level of performance.

Clearly, these gloves are most suited to colder weather when a pocket can be used to store a handwarmer. Because of the Thermacore insulation, it shouldn’t come to that until it’s extremely cold, and a combination of liner and shell normally retains heat better than integrated gloves.

When you buy the Gore-Tex gloves, you also get a pair of entirely removable liner gloves. This is an attractive feature that increases the warmth when the liners are used. The liner also provides additional adaptability (such as not wearing the liners on spring/warmer days), as it’s useful to have the liner on colder days when you detach the outer gloves for specific tasks.



These Burton gloves have good ergonomics and moderate dexterity. While they were competent performers, they did not particularly impress us. We never thought that these gloves inhibited fine motor skill exercises or tasks. However, they were not comparable to several of the other versions.

We discovered that the Outdoor Research Revolution and the Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II provided superior dexterity, with the Revolution being the best of the three.

BURTON Gore Tex Gloves Review


The brushed Microfiber Fixed Lining is included in these gloves. Because of the special breathability capabilities of microfiber, it is great for removing heat-robbing sweat from your body.

The 4-Way Stretch DRYRIDE Thermex Liner is detachable for more warmth and adaptability. Burton’s removable fleece liners have remarkable breathability and quick-drying characteristics to transport moisture away from your skin and out through the outer shell fabric. This keeps your hands dry from the inside out.


Water Resistance

The Gore-Tex by Burton, as the name says, uses a Gore-Tex insert for weather resistance and receives an above-average 8 out of 10. This gives excellent overall water resistance for use in near-freezing or colder weather when you’re out and about all day.

It keeps your hands somewhat dry. The gloves performed admirably in the side-by-side bucket tests conducted by the experts. It’s worth mentioning that, when compared to the majority of models in its price range, it did exceptionally well in this category.



The Burton Gore-Tex gloves performed well in expert tests, with above-average durability. However, they aren’t remarkable.

After a few days of resort riding and backcountry exploration, the palms will be showing some premature symptoms of wear. The DWR on the shell’s outside (which increases the weather resistance) isn’t as great as it is on many other high-end models.



The Burton Gore-Tex gloves have a wide variety of sizes, and a wrist strap and a toggle on the gaiter make it easy to find the perfect fit. There are six sizes available to choose from- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.

If you live in a place where it’s cold enough to freeze your fingers off, you’ll be grateful for their extra insulation.


Color Options

The Burton Gore Tex gloves are available in a whopping nine different colors and textile combinations. The color choices include Flame Scarlet, True Black, True Black New, Barren Camo, Bog Heather, Bog Heather New, Denim, Worn Camo New, and Denim New.

You will be captivated by the visual appeal of these gloves, which come in a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and fabrics.

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Palm and Fingertips

The palm of the hand on these gloves, as well as all five fingers, are fully touchscreen compatible. The palm is also exceptionally grippy, so whether you’re clutching your snowboard pole or riding the living daylights out of a grab, you’ll be in good shape.

The shell of these Burton gloves has touchscreen compatible fingertips on the fingers. As you can see, this is an attractive feature that may be sufficient to compensate for any modest variances in performance observed across the board.

Another aspect that made this glove stand out was that the touchscreen function worked on all five of the fingers, which was a nice bonus. It’s important to note that the inner glove that comes with the package is not touchscreen sensitive.



At a terrific price, the Burton Gore-Tex Gloves are a great all-around ski and snowboard glove option for any winter sport. They are warm enough for the majority of ski conditions and weather resistant enough for the remainder.


Value for the Price

This glove offers an excellent value at $70, considering the high level of performance it provides.

The fact that this glove is included with a pair of liner gloves makes it stand out among hundreds of other options in the $75 price range. It provides excellent warmth, dexterity, and weather resistance, and it comes with a pair of liner gloves is another plus.


Final Thoughts

A pair of gloves isn’t likely to elicit the same level of enthusiasm as a snowboard. Still, they have the ability to make a significant impact on the quality of your experience and performance.

All things considered, the Burton Gore Tex Gloves are a decent, durable pair of cold-weather snowboarding gloves. In comparison to a lot of the competitors, the Burton Gore Tex gloves are pretty much at the top of the price scale. Still, you get a lot more features, more comfort, and a lot more durability, which makes them a great high-performance snowboard glove overall.

The Burton Gore-Tex glove is a fantastic snowboarding companion. We believe that the included liner gloves and touchscreen-sensitive fingertips are both noteworthy additions to this Burton creation. These features might easily be the deciding factor for some users when picking between the best snowboard gloves on the market.

If you want to explore more the other fantastic options for snowboard gloves available and how to select the best pair for your specific requirements and preferences, you can read our complete buying guide, which will make your shopping experience easier and exciting.

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