Peet Advantage Boot Dryer Review: The Best Ski Boot Dryer

Peet Advantage Boot Dryer Review

Let’s be frank; wearing wet ski boots is never enjoyable. It’s a wonderful sensation to be able to go out into the snow with completely dry and fresh boots. If you enjoy activities such as fishing, hunting, running, camping, or, in this case, skiing, you will understand what we are referring to.

An excellent ski boot dryer must be able to handle everything. It is critical to maintain your footwear free of moisture; yet, this is only one aspect of the problem. In addition, the device must be capable of preventing mold growth, eliminating odors, and drying a variety of goods.

Therefore, it is time to invest in the best ski boot dryer. Your boots will be completely dry in no time. The best part is that they will remain in pristine shape. And now, we’re introducing you to the Peet Advantage Boot Dryer, which is one of the most popular ski boot dryers on the market.



Gene Peet was the one who launched the boot dryer craze all by himself, simply because he didn’t like walking around with wet shoes. He invented the first boot dryer, but his main purpose was to dry his shoes, not launch an entire industry. In the end, after making a couple of them for family and friends, he decided to go ahead and start what is now known as the Peet Boot Dryer Corporation.

The Peet Advantage Boot Dryer is one of the many excellent products available from Peet. It is an amazing product for use with ski boots of any kind. With the Peet Advantage Boot Dryer, you can not only dry all of your shoes in quick time, but you can also dry your hats, helmets, gloves, and anything else that you can put on its attachments. If you go skiing regularly, it is unquestionably a blessing.

Let’s get to know the Peet Advantage Boot Dryer a bit better.


Drying Method

Airflow and heat are used to dry ski boots. Many boot dryers include a strong fan that pushes air through the exhaust and into your footwear or clothing. This method is termed “forced air” and is generally the fastest and most successful means of drying your ski boots. Alternatively, some dryers just heat the air and let the hot air naturally rise and flow on its own. While this technique is still effective, it can take much longer to dry your boots properly.

The Peet Advantage Boot Dryer comes with a fan that helps it in the drying process. It removes damp, sweat, and odor from your ski boots. It keeps your feet comfy, healthy, and dry.

The interior of your ski boots still may have some dampness due to chilly weather, regardless of them being water-resistant. However, don’t get the mistaken notion that the Peet Advantage Boot Dryer is meant solely for winter. You may use them in summer too for other shoes.

Peet Advantage Boot Dryer


When wet, the ski boots might get smelly, and just drying them won’t do.  You should determine if the dryer offers deodorizing features so that it can neutralize the odor.

Furthermore, dryers with deodorizing features can help decrease bacteria growth so that the boots will be pleasant for your feet and toes.

The Peet Advantage Boot Dryer features a powerful odor fighter also. You don’t need to purchase those foot powder sprays anymore, which is fantastic since most skiers never enjoy them anyway. Moisture in or out of the boots is never beneficial; it merely develops bacteria, fungi, and needless stench. So, it is an excellent answer for a healthier foot too.


Heating Type

To properly dry ski boots, the sort of heat used by the dryer must be considered. There are a few distinct approaches to consider, including the heat level and how the dryer generates heat.

It is likely that the best ski boot dryers will be equipped with either a forced-air drying system or a convection drying system.

When compared to standard ski boot dryers, which rely solely on heat to remove moisture, the Peet Advantage Boot Dryer utilizes air to evaporate moisture rapidly. Apart from that, there are dials that allow you to control the temperature.

You can also set a timer to switch off the dryer at a predetermined interval of time. If you forget to turn off your dryer, this auto-off timer can come in handy for your convenience. The best part is that it will never cause your ski boots to overheat. You may rest confident that it will not harm the material of your ski boots.



When purchasing a dryer for your ski boots, the capacity is really crucial. The reason for this is that you want a system that is able to dry multiple items at the same time.

This is particularly realistic if you have a large group of skiers in your family. After a day on the slopes, it is inevitable that everyone’s boots will be soaked. They will all want them to be dried as soon as possible so that they are set to go the next day!

The Peet Advantage Boot Dryer can dry two pairs of boots at the same time. Four revolutionary ports, each equipped with cutting-edge technology, will dry your boots and gloves quickly.

In addition, this dryer is strong enough to support the weight of any ski boots while in use. Even your gloves and caps can be dried in the dryer.


Dry Time

One of the most crucial components of a ski boot dryer is obviously how quickly and thoroughly it dries your boots so you can head back out on the slopes in comfort.

Because of the intense airflow and 105-degree heat, the Peet Advantage Boot Dryer dries boots faster, with most footwear being totally dry and warm in 1 to 4 hours.


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Skiing is frequently associated with travel. Skiers who travel frequently find it necessary to have a boot dryer that they can take with them on their ski trips. Portable ski boot dryers are frequently less expensive, but they take longer to dry boots since they have less power.

The Peet Advantage Boot Dryer is lightweight and compact, making it easy to store in the trunk of your car. With a weight of about 6 pounds, it’s very easy to stow the dryer in your bag, and you won’t even notice it’s there.



The Peet Advantage Boot Drier is a multi-purpose ski dryer that can dry not just ski boots but also gloves, mitts, and shoes.

It may also be used to dry a wide range of textiles, from leather and vinyl to neoprene and synthetics.


Power Efficiency

The Peet’s power efficiency was another component we appreciated about its performance. As long as the dryer uses as little power as possible, there’s no reason to worry about running up a high utility bill by leaving it on all day.



The Peet Advantage Boot Dryer is constructed to last, and the company is confident that it’ll continue to do so for many years. PEET provides a 5-year warranty, compared to other manufacturers’ one- or two-year warranties. Within 10 days of purchase, you must register your product.



For more than 50 years, PEET has been manufacturing boot dryers. Using the Peet Advantage Boot Dryer ensures that your ski boots are always toasty and dry, no matter how many instances you use them.

Additionally, this dryer has gotten the highest possible rating on Amazon. It has received the seal of appreciation from Amazon. For more information on how it works, check out the reviews. The timer is a big hit among users.

By reading our comprehensive guide on Ski Boot Dryers, you can learn about more amazing options and how to grab the best one.


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