Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet Review: One of the Best Snowboard Helmets for Peak Performance within Your Budget

Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet Review

Except for those participating in serious competition, no one used to wear a ski or snowboard helmet back in the day. However, times have changed, and most skiers now appreciate the importance of protecting their brains while schussing down icy slopes. Ski helmets, on the other hand, have progressed in leaps and bounds. They’re smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than ever before, plus they provide more protection.

Every manufacturer is attempting to distinguish itself from the competition through innovative features and technology, which can make choosing between different models a little difficult. More advanced models can provide additional insulation and comfort features worth the investment, but many low-cost helmets are available that prioritize simplicity and functionality over style.

Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, a trustworthy helmet is a vital part of your equipment. It is important to choose a ski helmet that is comfortable, adaptable, and provides enough protection from both impact and rotational forces. With that in mind, we’re going to explore one of the most popular snowboard helmets now available on the market: the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet.



Wildhorn, which was established in 2015, is a member of the new generation of outdoor companies. Its products are reasonably priced, distinctive, and easily available. It is a great honor for Wildhorn to supply the US Ski Team and Ashley Caldwell with its products. Ashley has the title of World Freestyle Aerials Champion for 2017. For casual skiing and snowboarding, she prefers the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet.

When you get your Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet, the first thing you’ll notice is its simple but exquisite design. After a few days of wearing it, it becomes more comfortable, similar to how a nice pair of high-quality shoes grows more comfortable after a few hours of wear. On the scale, it weighs only 18 ounces, which is significantly less than the weight of the majority of rival products.

Intrigued? Let’s get to know the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet a bit better.


Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet


In-mould and hard-shell construction are the two most common styles of snowsports helmet construction. There are also variations, such as employing a combination of the two materials or a carbon-fiber casing.

The Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet is constructed using an In-Mold construction method. Because of the in-mould construction, which combines a durable polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet’s impact-absorbing EPS foam inner, the helmet has excellent durability without adding unnecessary weight.

Snowboard helmets made in a single molding process allow the makers to design superior ventilation systems into the helmets they make. This procedure results in a helmet that is extremely lightweight and more pleasant to wear.




When you’re wearing an uncomfortable helmet, it’s not much fun to slide and ride. A helmet that is too uncomfortable to wear will most likely end up stored in a pile of gear rather than on your head. Wearing something that is comfy increases your likelihood of doing so. The molding, shape, padding, and fit of the helmet all contribute to the overall comfort of the helmet wearer.

In an ideal world, a comfortable helmet would be simple to adjust to create a perfect fit, and then it would be forgotten once you were enjoying the pleasures of riding.

Few helmets can compete with the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet when it comes to ultimate comfort. The ultra-plush inside liner gives the best possible level of comfort and thermal insulation.

The earpads are compatible with audio devices. On hotter ski days, they can also be taken off completely. Also available are Wildhorn’s new Alta Bluetooth helmet-compatible earphones, which are worth checking out as well.

Also included is Wildhorn’s unique FTA (Fine Tune Adjustment) system, which allows for micro-adjustments to ensure a perfect fit while riding a snowboard or skiing. An adjustable ratchet mechanism on the rear allows you to customize the fit to your liking.



When it comes to a ski helmet, style is just as important as fit. If you don’t like how something looks, you might not wear it, which is counterproductive.

Lots of ski and snowboard helmets are cumbersome, heavy, and uncomfortably large. Wildhorn precisely created the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet to provide the best ergonomic fit and protection available on the market, allowing you to shred the mountains in style and comfort rather than feeling like a dashboard bobblehead.

Lightweight and packed with features, this low-profile helmet is 25 percent lighter than most competitive models on the market. With all of these features, the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet provide unrivaled performance, safety, comfort, and style for skiers and snowboarders of all skills.


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Size and Fit

The helmet you try on should be securely and snugly fitted to your head when you first put it on. To ensure no undesirable gaps between the helmet lining and the top of your head, position the helmet above your eyebrows, and tighten the chinstrap.

Make sure that the back of your helmet does not push against the back of your neck as you wear it. It may be worthwhile to try on the helmet and goggles together to ensure that they are a good fit.

It is possible to get a bespoke fit with the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet since it is compatible with different ski goggles and head shapes. It is also available in sizes for men, women, and children.

You can use Wildhorn’s instructions to figure out what size Drift you need. To provide a secure fit, each Drift is equipped with an integrated FTA (Fine Tune Adjustment) knob that can be customized to your preferences.



Keeping you cool and minimizing head sweat is the helmet’s ventilation. Helmets with vents and the option to detach the earpieces are two different types of ventilation systems to choose from. Vents that open and close provide for the maximum regulation, although having any vents at all will aid in pulling air through the helmet.

The Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet is equipped with Wildhorn’s VNT technology, a patented temperature control ventilation system that can be adjusted. Temperature climate adjustment for your noggin is achieved via a combination of direct and indirect airflow and fully customizable vents.

There are 13 fully adjustable vents on the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet, which gives you complete control over your riding experience. Simply open the vents when you want to cool down and close them to stay warm.



With the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet, you can feel secure on the slopes while keeping your brain healthy. An in-mold architecture, created using innovative manufacturing techniques, allows the inner EPS foam to absorb the stress of a collision. At the same time, the outside PC shell serves as a protective shell for the inner EPS foam. It complies with ASTM F2040 and EN1077 specifications.


Options and Warranty

Small, medium and large are the sizes available for the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet. It is also available in 9 enticing colors: Arctic White, Crimson, Glacier Blue, Graphite, Midnight Blue, Olive, Stealth, Stone Gray, and Velvet.

Wildhorn is dedicated to offering good client experiences and believes in the quality of its products. Free return policy is in place if returned within 60 days of the purchase date, with some conditions.



The Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet boasts many features that many inexpensive helmets lack, like adjustable ventilation and fine-tune adjustment systems. The replaceable ear padding provides warmth where you need it most on chilly and snowy days, and the liner is comfy and plush.

For less than $100, it’s a terrific and comfortable option. You’ll adore it if you’re on a budget yet still want comfort and performance.

If you’re looking for more great snowboard helmet alternatives and guidance on how to choose the ideal one, check out our in-depth buying guide.


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