18 Best Roller Skate Wheels for Smoother Skating: Detailed Reviews and Comprehensive Buying Guide

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Roller skates have a fabulous fashion statement, and the best roller skate wheels play a big part in that statement. It has always been associated with the 80’s disco and hip-hop culture. Roller skates have been used in many a movie. These movies have either become pop-culture reference points or cult classics. Roller skates have become synonymous with coolness.

Roller skating has great health benefits as well. Studies show an hour of roller skating burns 330 calories. People prefer skating over jogging. Especially during this pandemic when healthy living has become somewhat hard, what with the shutdowns and everything, skating offers you a quick burning of calories while having fun.

Association of the Roller skates with the word “cool” can be amplified with modifications to the Roller skate. You can find roller skate wheels online. Stick around, and hopefully, you will find the best roller skate wheels for you.


18 Best Roller Skate Wheels: Reviews

Let’s learn more about some of the finest outdoor roller skate wheels.


RollerBones Team Logo 101A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

RollerBones Team wheels come in a set of 8 wheels. These wheels give your skate an artistic look for your recreational use.

RollerBones Team Logo 101A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

RollerBones wheels are medium-hard; this allows you to skate indoors and outdoors where you can skate with what kind of Roller Skate wheels depends on the wheel’s hardness.

This wheel comes in 6 different colors – Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White, and Purple. You can choose your color and get the look you desire.

RollerBones come in two different sizes, 57mm and 62mm.


  • Great for skating outdoors
  • Good indoor wheels
  • Wheel hardness satisfactory
  • Available in several colors


  • Sometimes bearings won’t fit

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8 Piece LED Light up Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Skate Wheels with Skate Roller Bearings 32 x 58 mm

These wheels, too, come in an eight piece pack. This features flashy LED lights that light up at night.

Each wheel comes with two bearings, four replacement bearings, one wheel core, and one mounting wrench.


8 Piece LED Light up Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Skate Wheels

This wheel features a silicone made double row skate wheel. Silicone is durable and long-lasting. The light-up Roller skate silicone wheel is a premium quality wheel.

The wheel has 82A hardness; you can use this set to skate indoors. Surfaces of polished concrete, wood, tiles, these wheels offer you a lasting grip.

These wheels come in 32 x 58 mm size. It is suited to four-wheel skates or quad skates and skateboards. These wheels are not suitable for inline skating; inline skating requires narrow wheels.

These indoor skate wheels roll smoothly on indoor surfaces, coated surfaces. These wheels are not very suitable for outdoor use.

Now, for the funkiest part, that is, the lights. These quad wheels feature luminous LED lights that light up when you skate and only get brighter with your speed.

These indoor skate wheels come in colors of Blue light, Greenlight, Colorful lights on Black wheels, Multicolor light, Pink, purple light, Red Blue, Green Light with White Wheel, Red Light, Snowflake Blue Light, and White Light.


  • Comes with extra, strong, high-quality bearing
  • Great for indoors
  • Funky lights
  • Comes with a mounting wrench


  • Light malfunctions often

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CLAS FOX 78A Indoor or Outdoor 65x35mm Quad Roller Skate Wheels 8 Pcs

CLAS FOX wheels are one of the finest outdoor wheels. These outdoor skate wheels come in 8 piece packs.

CLAS FOX 78A Indoor or Outdoor 65x35mm Quad Roller Skate Wheels 8 Pcs

These are taller wheels compared to the one we mentioned before. These awesome quad outdoor skate wheels are made of High-Rebound Polyurethane 78A. 78A PU is very durable for rough surfaces like streets and pavement. But CLAS FOX roller skating outdoors wheels are also suitable for smooth waxed surfaces too.

The size of these wheels is 65mm. It is suitable for beginners. CLAS FOX wheels offer you extra grip and balance.

This all-terrain wheel can skate in parks, pools, streets, sticky floors, roller rink floors, pavement, and other smooth surfaces.

This particular roller skate wheelset comes in five different colors. Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow with white core, and yellow with a yellow core.

These wheels are the perfect choice for gifts.


  • For sticky floors
  • Available in various colors
  • Outdoor skate wheels
  • Durable materials
  • Larger wheels
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Finishing is not good

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Mafffoliverr Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Light Up, with Bearings Outdoor, Installed 4 Pack

Mafffoliverr Roller skate wheels come with a four-piece pack.

These wheels are 32x58mm in height and come in various colors. These roller skate wheels are light-up wheels. But it does not require a battery; it lights up with the centrifugal force of the wheels.

mafffoliverr Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Light Up, with Bearings Outdoor, Installed 4 Pack

This skate has 608 Bearing, and there are ten-pack skate bearings, and five-pack wheel cores are given free with this product.

The wheel is an 82A durable urethane wheel that gives you an extra, durable grip. These wheels are better for outside use. You can use these wheels for recreational and artistic skating also for competitive skating.

The 82A Mafffoliverr Roller Skate wheel is perfect for outdoor skating; the wheel is harder than indoor skating wheels. But you can use these wheels for skating indoor as well.

This set of awesome wheels can be used in quad skates, but this is not suitable for inline skates.

For smooth riding, this mafffoliverr Wheel is better than most wheels.


  • Luminous, but does not use battery
  • Durable 82A wheels
  • For Recreational and artistic skating
  • Aluminium hubs
  • Aluminum Core
  • Comes with extra Aluminum Core
  • Comes with extra bearings for skate bearings snap


  • Some products have poor finishing

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Hyper Cannibal Wheels

Hyper Cannibal wheels are the perfect roller skate wheels for speed skating. It has 62mm tall wheeled with 42mm wide squared lip wheels. These quad skate wheels are designed as speed skates.

Hyper Cannibal Wheels - roller skate wheels

It features an aluminium hub that is very strong but lightweight. It ensures speed and agility.

This speed skate comes in packs of eight.


  • Made for speed
  • Strong and tall wheels
  • Aluminum Core
  • Great of skating indoors


  • Some products tend to slide on the bearings

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NICODASHEN Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Light Up, 8 Pack with Bearings

NICODASHEN Roller Skate derby wheels come in an eight-piece pack. These luminous roller skate wheels are powered by centrifugal force. No battery is needed. NICODASHEN roller skate wheels are made with Polyurethane polymer synthetic material. It is extremely durable and long-lasting.


These hybrid wheels can be used for both indoor and outdoor skating. These wheels can withstand friction with asphalt and rocks. NICODASHEN Roller Skate Wheels are used for amateur skating, but it appeals in competitive derby skating. These derby wheels are not for jam skating.

These wheels provide you a smooth ride experience; it is the perfect roller skate wheels for beginners and professionals.

The derby wheels are 32mmx58mm in size, perfect for quad roller skates and skateboards. These wheels have rounded lips. NICODASHEN Roller Skate Wheels roll smoothly with your skate.


  • Lights up with movement
  • Made with Polyurethane polymer synthetic material
  • Comes with extra bearings and core
  • Durable 82A wheels


  • Some products may not light up

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Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Light Up, with Bearings Outdoor, Installed 4 Pack

This 32mm x 58mm wheel is a great outdoor roller skate for amateurs. This wheel is very hard, with 82A

Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Light Up, with Bearings Outdoor

This roller skate wheel is very durable and strong, made with premium quality urethane, and gives you a very good grip over a variety of surfaces. It is an outdoor roller skate wheel, but it can be used indoors on occasion with very good results.

This wheel is luminous and stylish. Perfect gift material for those you love.


  • Outdoor roller skate wheel
  • High-Quality urethane
  • Luminous
  • Durable wheels


  • Only one available size

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skonhed 8 Piece Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Light Up, with Bearings

This set features hard wheels for your roller skate boots and roller skateboards. Skonhed’s luminous skate wheels are great for outdoor skating. These awesome wheels are Made with urethane, very durable, 82A hard.

skonhed 8 Piece Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Light Up,with Bearings

You can use these wheels for rink skating, sidewalk or pavement skating, or any other outdoor or indoor skating spot. Indoor surfaces like rubberized gym floors or polished concretes are no problem for these wheels.

These luminous double row skate wheels come with several free gifts for the buyer, including-

  • 8 x luminous roller skate wheels in blue, which flash at night
  • 1 x mounting wrench
  • 20 x 608 Bearings and 10 x roller skate wheel cores. Each wheel comes with two pieces 608 bearings and one-piece wheel core, and four pieces replacement 608 bearings, two pieces replacement wheel cores

Skonhedspeed wheels are designed for maximum speed and stability. These wheels have a solid grip on a variety of surfaces.


  • Luminous but efficient
  • Durable
  • Speed wheels
  • Comes with spare parts
  • All-purpose


  • Sometimes the lights don’t work

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RollerBones Art Elite 103A Competition Roller Skate Wheels (Set of 8)

This wheel is for artistic skating. The wheels are very strong and sturdy.

RollerBones Art Elite 103A Competition Roller Skate Wheels (Set of 8)

RollerBones designed this particular set of roller skate wheels for artistic skating. It is very hard; a 100A range wheel that can withstand the stress of the artistic genre of skating that requires such strength.

The wheel is narrow and thus allows more agile movements.

RollerBones come in four colors.


  • Very hard
  • Durable
  • Smooth to touch
  • For artistic skating


  • For advanced skaters

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Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

This US-made outdoor wheel is available in black, pink, purple, and red colors. Sure-Grip is a rocky, rough terrain- outdoor heavy duty skating wheel. These wheels are soft; 78a hardness ensures soothing rides that roll smoothly. The breaks are of excellent quality and give you a power stop. Sure-grip roller skate wheels are the perfect jam skating wheels for you.

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

These wheels give you smooth rides on dedicated skating surfaces and even on rocky hills. These are derby skate wheels. Expert skaters use Sure-grip skating wheels for long-distance freestyle skating.

These wheels come with hollow cores; it is really easy to install. The wheels are 65mm in size.


  • Soft and smooth ride
  • Wheel hardness 78A
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Hollow cores
  • Comes in an 8pcs pack
  • Long-distance wheels


  • Bearing snug fit, harder to fit
  • Colors often vary

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Bont Skates | Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheel | Indoor Quad Skating | Set of 4

Bont Roller Derby Skate Wheel is prepared with Ultra High-Grade Urethane; it has extreme wear and grip properties. The material is premium quality urethane; it is durable and stable in long time use.

Bont Skates | Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheel | Indoor Quad Skating | Set of 4

This quality roller skate wheel ensures a quality ride on indoor surfaces. It allows for high-speed cornering on the roller rink.

The hub is made of lightweight polycarbonate, and the CAD affiliated design gives it a rigid structure.

Bont Skates come in 38mmx59mm, different colors with a different hardness of Blue 88A, Purple 92A, Red 95A, and Black 98A. These roller derby skate wheels offer speed skaters to enjoy smooth riding on any indoor surface, rubberized gym surfaces, and polished concrete surfaces.

BONT Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheel comes in sets of four wheels. These roller derby skates wheels come with size and an accurate durometer.


  • Best for derby skates
  • Different wheel hardness
  • Smooth ride
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Comes in a 4pcs pack
  • Premium design
  • Wheels for roller derby skates


  • Has a hollow core
  • Purchase instruction phrased badly

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Atom Pulse Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Atom Pulse is perhaps the most-fashionable outdoor skating wheel available on the market. It comes in 65mm sizes, in two colors.

Atom Pulse Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Atom skates have 78A hardness. It allows you to skate on any outdoor surface. Sidewalk, boardwalk, asphalt, nothing is impossible for this roller skate.

It has a hollow base. This skate outdoors wheel is perfect for competitive and artistic skating.

The wheel has no luminosity, but it is transparent.

This particular wheel is the perfect blend of simplicity and style. Atom skates Pulse quad roller wheels are the highest-rated and reviewed product by amateur and professional skaters alike.


  • Hollow-core
  • Outdoor skate wheel
  • Smooth ride
  • Premium design


  • Only one size is available

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Atom Poison Savant Skate Wheels

Atom Poison savant skate is a 59mmx38mm outdoor skate wheel. It comes in packs of 4.

Atom Poison Savant Skate

This all-terrain wheel is ideal for outdoor tracks. It has a core of 45mm, 5mm tire, and the wheels weigh 68 grams. These lighter wheels can work wonders in outside tracks.

This wheel has a urethane lip. This gives Atom wheel an awesome grip on the surface.

Atom Skating wheel is primarily a skateboard wheel, but this works perfectly for roller skates as well.


  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Superb for outside skating
  • Short wheel
  • Premium design


  • Only one size is available

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Nezylaf 8 Piece Light up Roller Skate Wheels

This wheel comes in 8 piece packs. Each piece has six LED lights installed.  Each wheel has two pieces of 608 bearings and a wheel core. You will get a mounting wrench with each set.

Nezylaf 8 Piece Light up Roller Skate Wheels

It is perfect for indoor skates. Sports tiles, wooden floors, concrete are the areas where Nezylaf works best.

The wheels have 608RS high-speed rotating bearings. This bearing is noiseless because of the quality bearings. The 78A hardness wheel has a size of 58mm x 32 mm.

Six LED lights add a certain flair to your skating experience.


  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Apt for indoor skating
  • Free mounting wrench
  • Noiseless design


  • Only one size is available

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RollerBones Team Logo 98A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

This second RollerBones Wheel is the ultimate symbol of sophistication and grace. These wheels come in 8 pieces set. These quad wheels are medium-hard, high rebound indoor wheels for recreational and artistic skating.

RollerBones Team Logo 98A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

These wheels are ideal for indoors, and you don’t have to worry about the price. It is affordable.

RollerBones 98A skate wheels will give you an amazing grip on rink floors. These are competition quality wheels for smooth and agile skating.

These wheels are available in 57 mm and 62 mm sizes. You can get them in five different colors of your choice.


  • Great for indoor skating
  • Great recreational and artistic skating wheels
  • Gives amazing grip


  • Better suited for outdoor skating

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ILMU Roller Skate Wheels

These light up, LED quad skate roller wheels to come in four options. You have a set of four black wheels with luminous LED lights, a set of four blue wheels with LED lights, a multicolor wheelset of four wheels with LED, and a white set of four wheels with LED. These sets are very affordable and long-lasting.

ILMU Roller Skate Wheels

The wheels are made with polyurethane polymer. The material is durable and synthetic. It makes the wheels wear-resistant and gives it a long-serving life.

This material takes care of the friction problem and makes roller skating more easy and more fun.

The wheels feature premium quality 608 Bearings; this makes the wheel move more easily and gives you fluidity of motion. These wheels are very durable and useful on outdoor and indoor surfaces alike, you can use these wheels for derby skating, recreational skating and artistic skating.

The wheels are 32 mm x 58 mm is size and 82A in durometer. It is perfect for skating rinks, fields, and concrete and rubber gym floors alike.

The wheels come with 8 packs 608 bearings, 4 pack cores for the four wheels.

If you are not satisfied ILMU will give you your money back.


  • Indoor and outdoor wheels
  • Polyurethane polymer synthetic wheels
  • Comes with 8 pack 608 bearing and 4 pack cores
  • Available in many colors, and luminous lights


  • Some products have malfunctioning LED lights

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TOBWOLF Outdoor/Indoor Quad Roller Skate Wheels

TOBWOLF Roller skate wheels are premium quality roller skate wheels for your indoor and outdoor roller skating needs.

TOBWOLF Outdoor-Indoor Quad Roller Skate Wheels

TOBWOLF features premium quality polyurethane material made wheels that are 58 mm in diameter and 32 mm in width for your roller skating pleasure.

The wheel is 82A, so you can easily use this wheelset for your indoor and outdoor roller skating needs. The wheels allow you a fantastic grip and maneuverability. You don’t have to compromise with your agility and fluidity with this wheel.

The wheel gives you balance and grip. The softness allows you to skate on rough surfaces, cracks and rocks. The wheels have ABEC9 bearings that have an inner diameter of 8 mm and an outer diameter of 22 mm.

TOBWOLF roller skate wheels are the excellent for your outdoor and indoor roller skate adventures, because of the premium quality of their build.

It comes in a set of 8 pieces. This is one set is all you need for your quad skate boots. You have 9 color options to suit your boot. You have black, blue, cute pink, cyan, hot pink, red, sky blue, violet and white.

These replacement roller skate wheels are #1 in the bestseller list.


  • Indoor and outdoor wheels
  • High-Quality polyurethane
  • #1 in the bestseller list
  • Available in different color
  • Toe stops included


  • Not for people who value money over class

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Tanzfrosch Roller Skate Wheels

The wonderful glowing LED lights on the Tanzfrosch roller skate wheels can illuminate the world around you. These LED wheels will light up as you skate, making the exterior color shimmer wonderfully and spotlight your every turn. Just think about all of the incredible photos and videos you’ll be able to take with them!

Tanzfrosch Roller Skate Wheels

This eight-pack set of roller skate wheels measuring 32 millimeters by 58 millimeters can be used for double row skating as well as skateboarding. In addition to that, a mounting wrench is included for use during the installation process.

This set of Tanzfrosch Roller Skate Wheels has a hardness rating of 82A. These wheels were built with polyurethane polymer material by the manufacturer. Additionally, there is shock absorption provided by Polyurethane. These materials are resistant to wear and do not cause slipping. In addition to that, they have a good resilience to pressure.

Skating is made easier and more relaxing with these wheels thanks to all of their features. They are appropriate for use on a variety of surfaces, such as those found indoors, outdoors, on asphalt roads, and in parks.

The bearings on these wheels are very strong and long-lasting. You will be able to glide without making any noise when you’re using these 608RS high-speed spinning bearings. They give a rotating speed that is both smooth and quick, in addition to increased durability.

These incredible wheels have been formulated with a one-of-a-kind anti-stick compound that reduces friction and enables a quick, uniform, and frictionless slide over the entire circumference.

These vibrant and eye-catching wheels are illuminated with a combination of red, blue, and green lights. When the wheels start turning, the lights turn on by themselves spontaneously. Therefore, the faster you skate, the brighter they will become.

These wheels are incredibly well-liked with skaters of every imaginable kind. You will have the opportunity to choose from seven different vibrant color options, including multicolor, black, blue, pink, purple, red, and yellow.

to move around freely.


  • Looks absolutely stunning with the lights
  • High-quality and durable construction materials
  • Easy to install
  • Non-slip and wear resistant
  • PU shock absorption technology
  • Non-slip and wear resistant
  • Suitable for both roller skates and skateboards
  • Excellent for any surface
  • Provides fast and smooth gliding
  • High speed bearings allow noise free riding
  • Available in a broad array of striking colors


  • Users reported issues with online orders
  • Not suitable for expert skaters

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Roller Skate Wheels Buyer’s Guide: What You Need to Consider

There are a few technicalities you need to be familiar with if you are a roller skate enthusiast. Armed with the knowledge, you’ll know what you are getting exactly, and you can call a bluff by any seller.

Here is a shortlist of ten things you will need to know before buying the right kind of wheel or roller skate, for that matter.


Wheel Diameter, What is It Good For

Skate wheels are measured in millimeters in diameter. So, what exactly does it mean, and why does it matter?

A taller diameter wheel accelerates slowly. A large wheel takes longer to get to speed. Wheel’s tallness also affects the roll time and top speed, stability, and weight.

Let’s take at each of these matters and see how that matters-


A smaller diameter wheel has a higher rate of acceleration because it takes less time to get it to complete a full turn or a “revolution.” Taller wheels do not have that privilege; it takes much more time and effort to get a taller wheel to accelerate.

Top Speed

A taller wheel or a larger wheel takes more time to accelerate, but it can hold that speed more easily than a smaller wheel. This is counter-intuitive, but the revolutions of tall wheels are easier to achieve. It takes less energy to keep it at full speed. But smaller wheels slow down pretty fast. If you are looking for a calorie-burning type of exercise, get a skate or wheel with a smaller diameter. Any skater who uses skates to travel long distances prefer taller wheels.

Taller wheels are more for outdoor use than for indoor use.


Smaller wheels keep your center of gravity lower than a taller wheel. Because you are closer to the ground, you get more stability from a smaller wheel.

Wheel Weight

Wheel Weight on (Will Wheaton?) brochures or advertisement is an important detail to look at. Naturally, smaller diameter wheels weigh less than a taller diameter wheel.  There is less material in the smaller wheel than in the larger wheel.

Here is a table for you:

Use Diameter Brand
Artistic, Freestyle 45mm Micnaron
Derby, Speed Jam, Artistic 58mm 8 Piece LED Light up Roller Skate Wheels, skonhed
Derby, Speed, Jam 65mm Micnaron, Sure-Grip, Atom Pulse
Outdoor, Long distance 70mm CLAS FOX, AOWISH 4

Wheel Hardness

Roller skates hardness is also the most important consideration while buying a skate or a wheel. Every wheel comes with that information, but what does it mean? Why does it matter?

The “A value” determines what surface is suitable for that particular wheel. A softer wheel is better for outside use or on a slippery floor. Softer wheels have a better grip and give you a smoother ride on a rough, uneven surface. More grips make softer wheels the go-to wheels for slippery surfaces. On roads, pavements or asphalt, you need a softer wheel.

Because softer wheels have better grip, it is the wheel of choice for beginners. Softer wheels hand you more stickiness to the skating surface.

A lower level of “A” means the wheels are softer.

Harder wheels are better for indoor, & speed skating. Harder wheels get fewer grips, thus allowing people to skate faster. Artistic skaters, speed skaters, and indoor skaters prefer harder skates. Lesser grip means more speed. And spin too.

A higher level of “A” means the wheel is harder.

“A” Scale Description
78A-80A Softest wheel out there, good for skating in concrete or asphalt
85A Can be used both indoors and outdoors, gives you grip and control
86A-89A Made for really slippery floors, wooden floors
90A-93A Medium hard wheels that give less grip, on surface polished concrete
94A-96A Good for stickier floor, hard
97A-103A Hardest used in- rubberized gym floor. Roller skate rink,

Wheel Width

Roller skate wheels have a different variety of widths. Let’s get the obvious one out, and low width wheels are generally used in inline roller skates. And wider wheels are used in quad skates.

The width of the wheel means how much of the wheel comes in contact with the surface. Along with the softness factor, width also has an effect on the performance. And performance depends on selecting the right width for desired skating style.

Contact Path

The contact path is different from the width. The width of a wheel is determined by measuring from one side of the wheel to the other. It accounts for any curve, bevels, etc.

The contact path is the part of the width that makes contact with the surface.

Wider contact path wheels have more grip and are generally stable. But they have less agility; they cannot make sudden turns. A narrow contact path means a wheel is less stable but can make quick movements.

This calls for a table-

Skill level  Wheel Width Description
Beginner skaters 44mm Super wide wheels, gives more grip and stability, less agile
Beginner/Intermediate skaters 38mm Slightly free than 44mm, allows for more movement
Intermediate/Expert skaters 35mm Light, gives more freedom to move
Intermediate skaters 31mm Very light, very agile, least stable


Lips are the edges of the wheels that are being used. Lips are the way the contact path is different from the width. A squared lip means the whole of the width is the contact path. Rounded lips translate to having a smaller contact path, but more width.

Squared lips give more grip and stability, it a less low level of agility. It is for beginners.

Rounded lips are more agile and less stable. But it makes movement easier and less exhausting.

Rounded lips are used for outdoor skating and trick skates. Less grip gives you the freedom to move more freely. But those are less stable.

Squared lips are more common for artistic skating wheels. Squared lips are outdoor wheels.

However, the spectrum is huge, and the most efficient roller skate wheels mix both traits. They are safe and agile, and stable.  Once someone achieves mastery of the skate, they can experiment with these things. For beginners, the higher with and contact path is a trusted friend and helping “hand.”

Wheel Hubs

Hubs are the center part of the roller skate wheels. It is the center where the wheel and the bearing meet. It is harder than the rest of the wheel, and it has to be durable and sturdy. Hubs are also called core.

There are three types of core in roller skate wheels.

1. Aluminum Core

Aluminum cores are the strongest and durable wheel cores. These cores allow less traction and guarantee your speed. As aluminum is a strong metal, it doesn’t stress much under normal pressure. The aluminum core is better for roller skate wheels. Heavy aluminum core helps the wheel roll more easily with your effort because the aluminum core is more sturdy and rigid. There is no traction between your wheel and the aluminum core, and therefore you don’t lose any speed. Aluminum cores are outdoor wheels.

2. Nylon Core

Nylon cores are lighter and softer. Unlike aluminum core, nylon cores are not known for their ability to generate speed. The overall shape of the wheel does not depend on the nylon core as it does with the aluminum core. Nylon core gives you a slower speed. The softer nylon core is less rigid and often gets bent by pressure. It transfers less power to the wheel while rolling because of the softness.

3. Hollow Core

Like nylon and aluminum core, the hollow core is also a kind of core for roller skate wheels. These cores are lighter (than aluminum core) and give you better speed than the nylon core.


Some wheels come with tread; others do not. What is the deal here?

Treads are the small ribs on the roller skate wheel’s surface. These treads are very tiny, and most people think these treads somehow affect the riding capacity of the wheel. The logic is that treads give you moregrip. It is not true.

Treads can help you stabilize the wheels. But gripping depends on the material of the wheel and the heat your weight puts on the wheel. Treads can help only as much as stabilizing you on the skate. Gripping is something else altogether.

Any Wheel is a Good Wheel as Long as It Rolls!

No, that is not true. A premium quality wheel can save you a lot of effort, energy, time, and money. If you select the wrong pair, it will cost you, maybe as a new pair of skating shoes. Spending a little more on a wheel is a good investment. A good pair of wheels cost you around $70, but it saves you a whole lot more than that.

Taking Care of Roller Skate Wheels

Roller skate wheels aren’t that much in need of care. But of course, there are certain things that you can do that can make your roller skate wheel’s health better and last longer. These are a few small things that you can do by taking out a minute or two from your day.

  • Roll your roller skate wheels by hand- roll your roller skate wheels by hand almost every day, before and after every ride. Checking your skate before riding is somewhat similar to checking your car engine. You may not find anything, but in case there is something wrong, this might be handy. See if there is any unease to roll the wheel. If there is no unease, you are good to go. But if there is, you need to find out what the cause is.
  • Does it wobble- Check for any wobble in rolling the roller skate wheels. Wobbles usually mean wear or loose screws. That is easily fixable.
  • Look at the edges- if the edges are worn, there is something wrong. Check why that happened. Usually, it is friction with something that is causing this. You may need new wheels.
  • Check the bearings- bearings are the most important part of a roller skate wheel. If the bearing is worn out, you will have a hard time accelerating. And keeping up the speed. Some lubricants will do you a world of good. There are many types of bearings, aluminum bearings, ceramic bearings etc., each has its uses.
  • Look out for wear and tear on the wheel surface- wear and tear on the wheel contact path means you are doing something this wheel was not meant to do. You need to change the wheel and get something according to your need.
  • Clean dirt from the truck and the body- never let the dust settle on the metal part of your skate. Always clean the truck and body. Dirt will rust the metal and may cause accidents. If you are storing the skates for some time, pack them and keep them somewhere clean.
  • Remove wheel to clean- remove your wheel regularly to check for any grease on the axel. Grease will attract dirt, and dirt will rust away from your skate eventually. Cleaning your wheel and axel is necessary every once in a while. Total cleaning of the wheel, body, axel and regular cleaning of the dust is an absolute necessity for the best service from your dear skate.

Cleaning and maintaining your dear skate is a great experience. Many professional skaters clean their skates themselves because there is a bond between the two, a sibling-like bond. Much more than that, a bond where life and death depend on the trust and care for each other but in a Platonic way.



Now that we have found out all the important things and several excellent roller skate wheels, indoor wheels and outdoor wheels; you can go and buy the right roller skate wheels by yourself. But remember, if you commit to safety and try things out for yourself, you might find something out for yourself, something that was not apparent to us. Every person is different. You might end up finding the perfect roller skate wheels for yourself and tell us about it (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).

And always remember, wear protective gear, wear helmets, commit to safety while riding.



What are the best roller skate wheels?

Ans: Roller skate wheels’ performance depends on where you want to skate. There are indoor skates, and there are outdoor skates. There are certain types of indoor skates, and there are certain types of outdoor skates. A general rule of thumb is wider diameter skates are more stable than narrow roller skate wheels. Narrow wheels are faster and more agile than thicker wheels.

What is the difference between inline skates and quad skates?

Ans: Inline skates have the wheels set up in a row, while quad skates have the wheels in a 2×2 setup.
Quad skates are the older, more true to the original version of skates. These skates give you more balance and room to move your ankle. It has a brake mechanism on the toe area: the toe stops.
These skates can be easily customized. Speed racing, jam skating, derby racing are the areas where quad skate excels at.
Inline skates are cool too. They can achieve speeds easily, but it takes more skill to maintain the balance on an inline skate. Inline skates can be used in both indoor and outdoor. An inline skate provides balance; they have sturdy safety for your ankle.

What roller skate wheels are ideal for indoors?

Ans: Harder and narrower roller skate wheels are the most suitable for indoor skating.

What type of roller skate wheels is good for the outdoors?

Ans: Softer, thicker roller skate wheels are befitting for outdoor skating. CLAS FOX is easily the finest wheels for outdoor skates candidate for that title.

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