Review of Chicago Skates Bullet Men’s Speed Roller Skate

Review of Chicago Skates Bullet Men's Speed Roller Skate

Roller skates are the future of short-distance transportation. This fun time activity is revived in this COVID pandemic, not just for its efficiency but also for its health benefits. Roller skates were the iconic sportswear of the disco era, and it has got a tag of being ‘cool.’

If you are looking for a good roller skate to start skating or rekindle the old skating flame, you will need a good pair of roller-skating boots. Selecting the proper roller-skating boots is complicated if you don’t know what to look for. And there are a lot of brands pitching for your attention.

Suppose you have experience in roller-skating or have researched it. In that case, you will have heard or read of the Chicago Roller Skate company. This company has a century of reputation and expertise in producing excellent quality roller skates, both for professional and personal use. Another giant National Sporting Goods Company bought and renamed this company ‘Chicago’ and continued upholding its reputation.

Today we will review Chicago’s Chicago Skate Bullet B100 roller skate.

Chicago Skates is a very basic roller skate. It is perfect for all-around use. You can use it to learn to skate. Or, if you want an excellent skating boot, Bullet B100 will not let you down. Initially, this particular model was designed for racing events and purposes. Still, it caught on the public demand, making it the all-around, multi-purpose roller skate. This skate is a timeless classic. Adored and celebrated for its look and use.

It has a pair of 62mm Urethane wheels for high speed. B100 features a large wheel that makes it easier for you to gain your desired momentum with ease. The wheels give you good friction, so you will not slip accidentally. The wheels have tiny ribs made on them that ensure extra grip to the surface you are skating on, making it difficult to slip. The wheels are solid and durable. Bullet B100 wheel gives you extra stability and control. But that does not mean there is no room for a bit of flair.

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The quality of the wheel is premium; that much is certain.

Bullet B100 is made with an excellent quality brake. The large brake makes it easier for instant stop. B100’s brake pad is very durable and long-lasting. Because it is a large brake, you don’t have to work hard to stop.

Moving upward, Bullet B100 has double-action polycarbonate trucks. These trucks are incredibly durable. Polycarbonate can withstand the pressure of 20,000 feet of water before being damaged. These trucks are adjustable in height and length as you please. The truck is attached to the wheel with an ABEC 1 precision speed bearing. ABEC 1 is the most durable bearing there is. It gives your skate a long-life guarantee. The axel used in Bullet B100 is premium quality fixed axels. It provides your skate ultimate control and stability in skating.

Other specifications are available for your consideration.

The boot is made of durable vinyl. It comes with straps and laces for extra protection, so it doesn’t accidentally come off. This double-layered security of the boots keeps your mind free to focus on skating needs. The boots are very comfortable, safe, and secure. Making Bullet B100 the best skating boot at a reasonable price.

The boots feature padded security for your ankle and inners. It has a low cut that gives you the freedom to move your feet movements. High-cut boots often hinder your movement, making it difficult to skate. These premium quality low-cut boots give you that extra freedom to move as you please while knowing your feet are safe inside the vinyl-covered laced and strapped boot of Bullet B100.

The boot has a padded collar with a heel pull loop. Meaning it gives your feet protection in the most vulnerable places. The loop helps you store the boot more easily and conveniently.

Bullet B100 is available in many sizes, almost all the sizes that are possible. All of which ensure the reputation and goodwill of the Chicago Roller Skate Company and NSG.

This athletic-style roller skate gives you extra freedom and stability to skate.

Chicago Skates Bullet Men’s Speed Roller Skate is manoeuvrable.

This product is available for men and women.

Bullet B100 is most the highest-rated roller skate in the USA. It attracts new skaters, old skaters, female skaters, and male skaters alike.

The reputation of this product is constant.

This skater provides a great fit, and it is true to its size. People commended their consistency in size and quality control. The fit is not too tight to squeeze your feet, and it is not too loose, too—the perfect fit for an ideal roller skate.

This skater has a particular style statement. It reminds people of the good old times, but it does not look outdated as a fashion statement. It creates sentiments and crazes at the same time.

Bullet B100 provides superior comfort. Parents bought this skate for their children and discover the quality has not changed at all.

The design is beautiful and yet simple. It has an aura of excellence to it.

The vinyl design is durable and sleek. Bullet B100 trucks come in colors of black and silver. B100 polycarbonate and aluminum trucks last seasons.


Skaters recommend Chicago Bullet B100 skate for basic, beginner, and indoor use.


Pros Cons
Great design Brake is poor
Classic look Not good for speeding
Very stable
Excellent wheels
Durable truck and bearing
Great wheels
Reputed makers
Great reviews

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